2 Basic Types of Window Films for Privacy - What to Know
2 Basic Types of Window Films for Privacy - What to Know

2 Basic Types of Window Films for Privacy – What to Know

Every homeowner wants to have some privacy at home. You may be more in particular with the full privacy of your bathrooms and bedrooms. As these parts of your home have windows, you want them to be covered. The most logical course of action is to install window blinds or drapes. While they prevent individuals outside from peeking into your room, you won’t be able to have a view outside and allow the natural light in. There is a better alternative, however—window films.

Here’s what you need to know more about window films and home window tinting.


The reflective properties of window films

What’s great about window tinting is how these films have reflective properties that make attaining privacy possible. These window films can naturally and subtly reflect light. As a bonus, they can also reflect heat to reduce energy consumption and costs at home. Know, however, that the reflective properties of window films vary based on the performance level of your home window tinting. There are varying levels of privacy and a reflective appearance that you can choose from.


Neutral window film for subtle privacy

The first option is the neutral window film type for subtle privacy. Know that even the lightest window films can have a subtle reflection. For this reason, the inside of your room is hardly noticeable from the outside, so you won’t have to worry about the prying eyes of nosy neighbours or burglars. Yet, your windows still allow you to take a look at the outside view. If you’re wondering how these window films work, they aren’t like mirrors or aluminium foils. Modern window films are actually more reflective than just glass. However, other home window tinting options are highly reflective, which are best for one-way mirrored privacy.


Decorative window film for complete privacy

The second option is the decorative window film type for complete privacy. This window film offers a high level of privacy for bathroom windows, closet windows, or entry side windows. Decorative window films are used and installed by professionals and provide complete privacy without compromising the natural light coming in. These decorative films are a better alternative for window coverings and far better, more cost-effective solutions for your home.



Residential window tinting can be your best solution if you want to have some form of privacy at home. These window films can be installed in your bathroom, bedroom, and other parts of your home. Whether it’s a neutral window film or a decorative window film, you can have either a subtle or complete privacy you hope to achieve for your home.

Window films for privacy are worth all the hype in the window department these days. But apart from privacy, there are other benefits that you can get from window tintings, such as energy use reduction, lower energy costs, security, and even aesthetic value.

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