3 Easy Steps to Safely Clean Your Solar Window Films - Our Guide
3 Easy Steps to Safely Clean Your Solar Window Films - Our Guide

3 Easy Steps to Safely Clean Your Solar Window Films – Our Guide

Solar window films are effective in making your home a more comfortable place to live in as it blocks the harmful UV rays, gives you privacy, and even reduces indoor heat and excessive brightness during the summer. Additionally, they can give your humble abode a brand new look.

Similar to how you take care of brand new items, you will want to keep your newly installed solar windows clean and crystal clear. While they do need to be periodically cleaned, you must follow certain rules to clean them properly without damaging them.

In this article, we will share three easy steps to safely clean your solar window films:


1. Wait

You read that right; don’t reach for your cleaning materials right away, especially if the solar window film was only recently installed. Keep in mind that you need to wait for at least 30 days so that the films can cure and settle in. Additionally, there may not be much to clean during this period, so take a breather for the first month because cleaning right away can affect the fit and appearance of the film.

If you are bothered about fogginess or little bubbles that are starting to form on the window, fret not. This is normal and is likely caused by a small amount of moisture left under the film during its installation, and this should disappear in a few weeks. If it does not disappear after three months, however, that’s the time to get in touch with your solar window film installer.


2. Have the right cleaning materials

When caring for your solar windows, you must be cautious with the cleaning products and equipment you use to avoid damaging the film. For example, you must avoid using abrasive tools and cleaners, such as scouring pads, brushes, rough paper towels, and newspapers as well as baking soda because these can scratch and cut the film.

It’s best to use soft and lint-free towels like washable and reusable microfiber cloths. However, don’t use fabric softener when washing these as it can leave a smudge on your windows that can be hard (and frustrating) to remove.

Another smart option is to invest in a high-quality window cleaning scrubber that is specifically made and designed to clean windows, as well as those with films. At the same time, make sure that the scrubber you are getting does not have an abrasive layer or border to avoid unknowingly scratching the film.


3. Proceed to clean the windows

After you have let the first 30-day period pass and you have gathered all the right cleaning materials, it’s time to clean your windows!

The first step is to spray your soapy solution on the window surface thoroughly and spread it using a damp window scrubber or microfiber towel. Then, gently press on the areas with stubborn stains or fingerprints to remove them safely without damaging the film.

After you’re satisfied, rinse the solution from the window with water and repeat as much as necessary to make sure the soapy solution is completely rinsed off. After that, remove the water with a squeegee. In doing so, remember to always start from the top and work your way down, and to wipe the squeegee dry and clean every time. Lastly, use a separate and dry lint-free cloth to wipe off any remaining water in the margins and corners of your window.



Following these general instructions can help you clean your solar window films safely. However, if you do not have the time (or the confidence) to wash the windows by yourself, you can always seek help from your window tinting installer.

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