3 Factors to Consider When Installing Films for French Doors - What to Know
3 Factors to Consider When Installing Films for French Doors - What to Know

3 Factors to Consider When Installing Films for French Doors – What to Know

Have you seen a traditional-looking set of double windows, where both windows swing open either inwards or outwards? These are called French Doors and Windows, a very visually-pleasing type of window that became popular in the 17th century and continue to exist in many houses up to this day.

If you have French Doors and Windows, chances are you’ve thought about installing window films. However, home window tinting for French windows and Doors can be quite a challenge, as they have elaborate designs and the ability to allow a huge amount of natural lights in.

Fret not, as we’ve got some valuable window tinting tips for you. Here are three factors to consider when installing window films on your French Doors and Windows:

1. Installation cost and time

When looking for films for your French Doors and Windows, you have to factor in the installation itself. And when it comes to this, you have to consider two major things, time and cost:

  • Installation time:

    Installing films or tints on French windows may take time due to the size of the window glass, as compared to regular windows. As you can see, French windows consist of individual panels separating the glass. These require individually cut films to be installed on each glass division, thereby increasing the installation time.


  • Installation cost:

    As installing window tinting onto French windows takes time, the labour cost can increase as well. Know that the longer the installation takes, the higher the installation cost will be. Hence, choose an installer that can deliver on time while charging a reasonable price.



2. Reputation and experience of installer/manufacturer

As mentioned above, home window tinting for French windows can be more complicated than standard windows. You may need an expert to avoid any damages on your French windows and doors. You may also need a professional installer to maintain the aesthetics and functionality of your French windows.

For this reason, it’s best to check the reputation and experience of installers or manufacturers when scouting for professionals. Apart from getting recommendations from friends or family, you have to conduct research and check online reviews. That is to ensure that you hire the right installer/manufacturer for your French window and Doors tinting project.


3. The quality of window films

Lastly—and most importantly, you have to consider the quality of window films that you’re going to invest in for your French Doors and Windows. As you can see, there is a wide range of window films available in the market, and there are many suppliers that can provide you with your window needs.

However, you have to find window tints that suit your French windows and Doors as well, ones that are made of quality materials and that can last for as long as possible. Ultimately, high-quality window film can protect your family and furniture all while enhancing the visual appeal of your home.



The installation of window films for your French windows and doors can be pretty straightforward. However, to make the installation successful, you have to consider the three factors outlined above: installation cost and timeline, the experience of the installer/manufacturer, and the quality of window films. All these can make a great deal of difference in the window tinting of your French windows.

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