3 Reasons to Use Window Films vs Traditional Shades

While the sun does much good by providing you with light and warmth, it also has some nasty consequences to go along with it. For example, though the sunlight might be great at keeping your home warm, it might get a little too hot during the summer instead. Because of this, you might be wondering how you can limit how much sunlight is entering your home. Generally, there are two ways you can go about this: window film or shades.

Window Films Vs. Shades

If you must choose between films and shades, know that films are generally the better choice, although there are times when you cannot use window films. Here are the scenarios when you cannot use it:

  • When your window’s warranty will be voided if you install window films
  • When your windows weren’t designed to absorb extra heat
  • When you don’t have ownership over the windows, let alone the home

If you are in any of the circumstances listed above, you should avoid adding window films. Other than that, window tints are generally the better choice here, thanks to the myriad of other benefits they provide.

In this article, we will give you three reasons you should be using window films over traditional shades:

1. For Enhanced Privacy

While shades do an excellent job of stopping anyone from peeking inside your home, it also prevents you from looking outside. This is one of the main reasons window films are a better solution. Not only do they keep prying eyes out, but they allow you to see your home’s surroundings from the inside as well.

2. For Improved Home Security

If you opt for window films that are built for security, you’ll find that they’re much thicker than the typical films you might be used to. While they won’t do much in terms of keeping your home cool, it does strengthen the glass it is applied to.

If someone ever decided to smash in your windows, the film will keep the window as intact as possible, ensuring that the glass doesn’t shatter into a million pieces. This also means that during certain weather conditions, your windows will be able to withstand debris and even strong winds, keeping your belongings and yourself inside the home safe and secure.

3. For Reduced Energy Bills

During the summer, your home might get so hot that you may leave the air conditioner running all day and night. In the winter, you might have the heater running instead. Over time, this can accumulate into a high energy bill, something that no homeowner wants to deal with.

Although a window film is a hefty investment, it pays back its cost quickly in terms of how much energy it helps to save. During the summer, the film will ensure that heat is stopped at the windows, keeping your home cool and negating the need to turn on the AC. In winter, the films will act as insulation, keeping the heat inside the house and the cold air out, meaning that you can leave the heater off for extended periods.

Final words

Window films are excellent at keeping reducing the amount of light entering your home, especially the UV rays that can harm you. They provide various benefits as well, such as enhanced security, privacy, and reduced energy bills. Window films are also a great way to redesign your windows, changing their style to give your home a fresher look.

Before you go ahead and start applying window tints, however, ensure that the windows can withstand the heat. Contact the window manufacturers about your plans and find out whether your project is feasible. Also, hire professionals to install the films for you. They’ll make sure that the films are installed correctly, meaning that they’ll be much more effective and will last for as long as possible.

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