3 Things to Consider in Choosing Window Decals
3 Things to Consider in Choosing Window Decals

3 Things to Consider in Choosing Window Decals

Window decals are an easy way to spruce up a dull window pane. Whether you’re putting it on a window at home or a window in a commercial space, they can elevate your aesthetic. But before buying decals, what are the things that you need to consider?


The Type of Decal

Not many people know that the word decal is an umbrella term for designs printed on specialty paper that sticks to surfaces. There are now many decal types that can be used on windows for varied purposes.

  • Sticker

Stickers have a printed image on one side and adhesive on the other. They are the most common type of decal as they are the most readily available in the market. However, a sticker’s downside is that its stickiness has a shelf life. Although it may start strong, its adhesive degrades over time. 

High temperatures usually cause the glue to soften, which leads to a broken bond between the sticker and the surface. Meanwhile, lower temperatures can make the material brittle. Since a sticker’s adhesive is behind the design, it should be placed on the outer side of the window to see it.

  • Cling

Usually made of plastic, cling sticks to surfaces through static. Unlike stickers, it is installed from the inside of the window, which helps protect the material from environmental factors such as sunlight and rain. As a result, the material stays on the surface longer than stickers. 

In addition, cling is easy to remove and place anywhere since it does not leave adhesive residues. They’re also reusable, making them the best decal to use during seasonal occasions, such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Its only downside is that the static does not handle multiple uses very well, making it less durable than other decals.

  • Decal

As we know, decals are made of vinyl, which can be adhesive from either the front or back. Decals can have different strengths, such as semi-permanent, which needs heat for removal and uses a weaker adhesive. 

Therefore, decals are best to use in external settings. However, keep in mind that they are not reusable, making them perfect for one-time deals or brand promotions.


The Transparency Level

Aside from the material and how it sticks to surfaces, it is also essential to consider the transparency of the window decal. In this context, clarity refers to how lights penetrate the material. Some decals block out sunlight, and some can be used to tint a window slightly.

  • Opaque

Opaque decals utilise materials that don’t let much light through. Using this type of decal creates a poster-like effect, leaving the window blocked as long as it is on the surface. Because of this, opaque decals are best to use during summer or hot climates. 

In addition, it can block out the ultraviolet rays from penetrating through your window. However, keep in mind that this decal’s poor application may make a building seem too dark.

  • Clear

If you’re looking for more laid-back, fun, and colourful ways to jazz up your window, clear decals might be what you’re looking for. As they are available in various colours, clear decals have a greater transparency level than opaque decals. Using this promotes good lighting and better control. They can create a welcoming atmosphere that’s good for business.

  • Perforated

If you can’t decide between opaque or transparent decals, why not get both for the price of one? Perforated decals offer versatility to users since they can be half opaque and half transparent. One side can have colourful, bright graphics, and the other can have dark colours. However, the view through a perforated decal is only one-way. Only the people from the opposite side can see through the transparent part, but not the people on the other side.

  • Double-Sided

If you’re planning to install decals with graphics showing on both sides of the window, double-sided decals are perfect. They are versatile as they can be transparent or opaque depending on your needs. But since it requires much more than the standard types, it also involves custom printing and can be pretty expensive. Although you’re looking for something that costs less, you can simply print out two decals with a mirrored-out design to place on each side of the window.


The Cut

The last thing you would need to consider in choosing your decals is their cut. Again, there are two options: contour and halo.

  • Contour

A contour follows the outline of the design with no excess vinyl. In effect, this gives off a more seamless look as if the graphics were printed directly on the glass.

  • Halo

On the other hand, a halo cut leaves a small space between the outline of the graphics and the paper used to create a visible border around the decal. In effect, it seems like the pictures pop out of the window, giving it a more comic appearance.



Although decals are primarily for aesthetic purposes, keep in mind that there are various purposes for the different types of decals. Ensure that you know exactly what you want and need. When it’s time to pick out the best decal, you’ll know exactly what to ask for.

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