3 Ways Window Film Contributes to an Energy-Saving Home
3 Ways Window Film Contributes to an Energy-Saving Home

3 Ways Window Film Contributes to an Energy-Saving Home

Windows play a pivotal role in the look and feel of any home, but it can do more than just let people enjoy the view of the great outdoors. The window treatment you choose can contribute to your home’s temperature control, which can impact your comfort and energy consumption in more ways than one. 

Poor insulation can add 25 percent to your total cooling and heating costs, but adding window tints can address this problem by boosting your insulation. Seeing as window tints can do more than enhance your home’s curb appeal, here’s how it can benefit your home and cut back your utility costs down the line: 


Benefit #1: Window Tint Keeps the Heat During Winter 

Boilers in every neighbourhood are working harder during the colder months as heat escapes, which can drive your home’s energy consumption by a whopping 25 to 30 percent. This means you’ll be greeting the new year with a spike in your energy bills, so why not give yourself the gift of lowering your monthly expenses? 

Applying window tints can help trap heat indoors by limiting cold transmission through the glass, allowing your living space to stay toasty and comfortable throughout the holiday season. 


Benefit #2: Window Tint Keeps the Heat Out During Summer 

Window tints can maintain the warmth indoors when it’s a winter wonderland outside, but it can also keep your space cool when the sun is out all summer. These films can block 99 percent of harmful UV rays, along with the heat that comes along with the solar light. 

This means you don’t need to rely on the air conditioner to beat the heat, allowing you to reduce your energy consumption, extend your AC unit’s lifespan, and save money for more vacation trips during summer break!


Benefit #3: Window Tints Protect your Carpet and Furnishing from Fading 

People know that sunbathing under clear skies can eventually lead to sunburns when done for long periods, and your furniture can receive the same damaging effects when it’s left exposed under the sun. 

The combination of visible light and heat can wreak havoc on your furnishing, resulting in discolouration. Instead of covering up your carpet and furniture, you can provide a higher level of protection by installing window films. 


The Bottom Line: Exploring the Benefits of Window Film and How it can Add Value to your Home

Window tints are a money-saving investment that can increase your home’s form and function. Seeing as it can block 99 percent of UV radiation, it can improve your home’s temperature control, insulation, and protect your furniture without having to block your view. 


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