3 Window Tinting Myths That Are Far From the Truth
3 Window Tinting Myths That Are Far From the Truth

3 Window Tinting Myths That Are Far From the Truth

One factor that affects the liveability of your home is lighting. The right lighting can help make you more comfortable and productive, on top of the safety and security that it can provide. Adjustable lighting fixtures, for instance, are a great way to take control of the lighting around your house.

Unfortunately, these fixtures come at quite a cost that many homeowners shy away from. Window tints are a practical alternative, but since these are not adjustable, making the right choice is critical.

To add to the complexity, there are many false assumptions and preconceived notions surrounding window tints. If you are considering installing window tints to create the perfect environment in your home, you need to be aware of these myths to make a sound decision.


Myth 1: Window tints make it challenging to clean windows

Some people believe that window tints prevent you from cleaning your window panes effectively. Some might even go as far as saying you need special chemicals to get the job done. In reality, you can clean tinted windows just as you would any other type of glass, but you might have to be a little gentler to avoid scratching the film.

The only thing you will need to keep in mind is that you should avoid cleaning the windows at all within the first month of installation. That is because the material is still curing, and cleaning it then can disturb the tint and damage the installation.


Myth 2: It makes your home too dark

From the outside, window tints can make it seem like a house is too dark. This might have been true years ago, but the technology behind window films has come a long way.

Window tints of today do not necessarily block light. Instead, it blocks the harmful radiation from the sun, some of which can damage your home. This means that you still enjoy plenty of light entering the house without having to deal with the risks.

With that said, some tints do, in fact, block light and make a house darker. However, that might be a good thing, depending on what you are trying to achieve.


Myth 3: No one can break through your windows

There is a common belief that window tints can protect a home from any break-ins. While window tint will help deter outsiders from invading your property, it will not stop them if they are determined to get inside your home.

What the tint will do, instead, is help keep the glass intact in case someone breaks it. This added protection prevents the glass from flying everywhere, and it could be enough to discourage an intruder from gaining full access to your property.



With these three myths out of the way, we hope we have cleared your mind of some of the concerns that might be stopping you from installing window tints in your home.

With that said, window tints come with plenty of advantages. For instance, it adds a layer of insulation to your windows, which helps you maintain a more comfortable environment in your home. The same insulation lets you cut down on electricity and heating costs, which will translate to considerable savings in the long run. Finally, it will also stop harmful UV rays from entering the home, protecting your furniture from fading.

When you consider all these benefits, it becomes clear that window tints are an excellent addition to your home that you should consider. NuVision Solutions is a supplier of 3M window films. If you’re interested in home window tinting in Melbourne, get in touch with us today!