4 Important Benefits of Window Tinting for Businesses
4 Important Benefits of Window Tinting for Businesses

4 Important Benefits of Window Tinting for Businesses

As the ozone layer thins, more and more UV will permeate into the atmosphere. This not only has drastic effects on many materials, but it has alarming implications related to health. All over the world, the incidence of skin cancer has gone up by frightening margins. UV is now so pervasive that not even time spent indoors can protect from it. So long as there are windows, there’s likely some UV bouncing about. 

While you could apply a protective layer of sunscreen and close the curtains, this is no way to work or live. Humans need sunlight as it activates the production of Vitamin D in their bodies. Without UV rays, sunlight would be perfectly healthy. This does leave us with one solution: window tinting.

If you remain sceptical of window tinting, read on as we talk about some of its benefits!


1 – Size and layout are not issues

No two commercial buildings are alike. Each will have different layouts, different rooms, and different needs. Luckily, window tint works on windows of all sizes. You could protect your employees in their cubicles, tint the windows of executive offices, and provide relief from sunlight and glare in your reception areas. Wherever you have windows, tint can help regulate or mitigate the suns impact on the environment. 


2 – It protects your property

We mentioned before how harmful UV rays are to human skin, but they are also incredibly damaging to plenty of materials. Paint and varnish, for example, fade more quickly in the sunlight precisely because of exposure to UV rays. Even plastic can become stale and crumble quickly with extended exposure. By tinting your windows, you offer protection to your property and fixtures at all times. 


3 – Power costs can be reduced

Close to half of the heat from the sun that we experience is actually due to infrared radiation vibrating molecules in the air. While IR is not directly harmful, it can pass through glass. It won’t matter how thick your windows are; if the light is not reduced in some way, the air molecules in your office will vibrate and produce heat. 

By reducing the permeation of light and UV rays into your office, you would have greater control over your ambient temperatures. You would not have to work your air conditioning system as hard to achieve comfortable temperatures in the office. In the long run, this results in lower power consumption. 


4 – It lowers the risk of skin disease

We’ve made this point already, but there is understating the value of this. Over 2000 Australians die from skin cancer every year. Two out of three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer before the age of 70. Over 100 Australians are treated for skin-related conditions every hour. These and other related conditions cost over $700 million in healthcare fees every year. 

There is no overstating the necessity of protecting yourself and your employees from UV radiation, especially since Australia has the highest rates of sun-related diseases. 


Final thoughts

When it comes to the health and safety of your employees, window tinting is one of your best options. Not only is it the key to preventing skin cancer, but you might just prolong the lifespan of your fixtures and lower your power costs by having tints installed. The beauty is that this option is relatively inexpensive; the gains, comparatively, are impressive. 

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