5 Effective Tips to Keep Your Window Films Clean & Clear
5 Effective Tips to Keep Your Window Films Clean & Clear

5 Effective Tips to Keep Your Window Films Clean & Clear

No one wants a dirty window, yet no one wants it scratched and all fogged up at the same time.

So, if you have window films installed, make sure you take care of them. Yes, they will enhance your home or office. However, once they start getting scratched up and loose at the edges, they lose their appeal and functionality. Lucky for you, taking care of solar and decorative window film is quite simple and easy, and all you need are a few tools, and your windows will look as amazing as the first day they were installed!

In this article, we will share five tips to keep your window films clean and clear:


Use Soft Materials

A privacy window film can easily get scratched, so make sure to use the right cleaning materials. It would be best to avoid paper towels or abrasive sponges. Instead, try using a rubber squeegee, a soft sponge, or a clean microfibre cloth. If you do not have these materials, you can simply use the softest cloth that you have available at home. However, try cleaning the corners first and check if it will scratch the film before you start wiping the entire pane.


Stick to Glass Cleaners

Another way of damaging your window film is by using heavy-duty cleaners. When choosing which one to use, avoid those that contain ammonia since this can ruin the window tint. Instead, go for gentle glass cleaners that come in spray bottles. It will not ruin your window film, and it is much easier to use. Another great option is dishwashing liquid soap diluted in water. 

Pro-tip: Do not soak your windows. Just rinse or wipe it off immediately because soap can leave streaks on your film!


Be Mindful of the Edges

When cleaning your windows, make sure to follow the cut lines of the film. Wash horizontally when you are cleaning the top and bottom of the window, and then do it vertically on the sides. This will prevent your window tint film from coming off from the edges. Do this, and your windows will keep on looking good for a long time!


Dry Immediately

Keep in mind that you must not leave your windows soaking wet and let the sun do the drying because there are two things that may happen. One, this may leave water spots and stains on your window. And two, water can easily get underneath the film and cause bubbling. Just get your rubber squeegee or a dry soft cloth and wipe in the same direction as the seams!


Maintain It Properly

Window films are quite low maintenance, but you still need to take some steps to make sure they stay in place. For starters, clean them regularly but do not apply too much pressure to avoid scratching and tearing. It is also best if you don’t use the same towel on both sides. In fact, the towel you use outdoors may collect some dirt, making it gritty, and if you use the same towel indoors, this may cause some scratches. Lastly, do not pop air bubbles. Once there is a hole in the middle of your window film, soap and water can easily enter it!



Cleaning window films may seem like a significant task at first, but it becomes easier once you know the right steps. Just remember to follow the simple do’s and don’ts that we’ve shared above so that you can keep your window film looking clear and clean for years to come!

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