Affordable Solutions to Burglar Proof Your Property - Our Guide
Affordable Solutions to Burglar Proof Your Property - Our Guide

Affordable Solutions to Burglar Proof Your Property – Our Guide

It’s not enough that your home and office look good. You need to make your place secure, too. An estimated 2.5 per cent of households in Australia experienced at least one break-in between 2016 and 2017, and if you want to avoid being part of the statistic, you need to take your property’s security very seriously.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution for your home or office protection, below are some of our suggestions. Each one won’t necessarily cost you much, but they’re highly effective nonetheless.


Add a window lock

Windows are an access point for any burglar, and they should be one of your priorities when improving your property’s security. Replace your standard locks with an upgraded one. Your local hardware store should have an easy-to-install window lock that is also tamper-resistant.

Expert burglars nowadays might have mastered the access to standard window locks, so don’t make it any easier for them. Additionally, make sure you apply the same upgrade to your sliding doors as well.


Add spiky plants around the house

This isn’t anything new. For several years, spiny shrubs and trees have been used as a defensive barrier. Thorny plants scattered around your property perimeter can serve as a deterrent to any thief. Their goal is to go in and out of a house quickly, and seeing spiky plants can discourage them from entering. Moreover, once they enter and get pricked by any of these plants, they might leave their DNA or other evidence that you can use against them.

Decorate your home or office with protective plants such as rose bushes, blackberry bushes, cacti, holly trees, and Globe Centaurea. Besides acting as your defence against break-ins, they can serve as beautiful decor around your space as well.


Add an alarm sign

An alarm system can be pretty expensive, but a sign display that says your office or home is protected by one is fairly cheap. You can ask a neighbour if they have an extra one they don’t need, or you could just print one out yourself. Place it somewhere on your property where it’s visible. It’s a simple and clever way to deter thieves from entering your property.


Get multiple door locks and deadbolts

 A thief won’t break-in unprepared. They would have some idea of how to break open your door, so don’t make the experience simple for them. You can do this by adding multiple locks and deadbolts to your front and back entryways. Additionally, you can supplement these with a more advanced security system such as a keypad lock.


Get a dog 

Burglars don’t want attention. If you have a noisy dog barking every night in your house, then it can surely discourage thieves from breaking in. Besides having a cute security guard, you’d have a loyal playmate to cuddle with.


Add safety and security window films on your windows and glass doors

Another simple way of increasing security in your property is by adding security window films on your window glasses. Window films are not only made to protect your house from the entry of harmful UV rays, but they can also act as a security system on their own in two ways. One, they prevent outsiders from seeing the insides of your office and home. Two, they can turn the fragile glass of your windows and doors into stronger surfaces, making it difficult for intruders to shatter them and get in.

Let’s say a burglar throws a rock at your windows and your window glass is covered with a security film. It might get cracked, but the entire glass will remain intact. However, this will only work if the film is high-quality, so make sure you get your security film tints from trusted suppliers.



Getting security systems for homes and offices is an effective way to protect any property from intrusion. While these systems can sometimes be expensive, the good news is that you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune to give yourself a similar level of security. With the affordable suggestions above, you can give your place enough security to prevent burglars from breaking in.

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