All You Need To Know About Office Window Tinting - A Guide
All You Need To Know About Office Window Tinting - A Guide

All You Need To Know About Office Window Tinting – A Guide

An office building is a place where people grow in their careers together. A challenging part of running a business is maintaining employee productivity. One way that their productivity can be affected is the building itself. If it’s not conducive, they may have a hard time focusing on their work.

Offices with big windows, especially those on the higher floors, tend to let in a lot of external elements, such as:

  • Sun glare, which makes it hard to see the computer screens
  • Heat, which makes the office itself uncomfortable to work in
  • Cold, which can make your heating bills go higher
  • UV radiation, which affects the skin of the employees and also affects the office equipment and furnishings 


If your windows are the source of the problem, one way to solve it is by having them tinted. As such, here’s everything you need to know and consider when deciding on getting your office window tinted. 


The Benefits of Office Window Tinting

If you have your office windows tinted, you and everyone in the office building can enjoy the following benefits:

  • No hot spots, which allows for a more comfortable workspace
  • Reduced utility costs
  • Reduced glare from external sunlight
  • Most UV radiation is blocked, which protects the skin and reduces the fading of furnishings
  • Lesser maintenance costs


Choosing Your Window Tint

There are many factors to consider when choosing the tinting option for your windows. These include:

  • The type of glass on your windows
  • The direction your windows are facing (north, south, east or west)
  • Window coverings and external shading, if you have any


There are various window glass types, including head toughened, double glazed, laminated, tinted and low-e glass. All glass types differ so it is important to check which tint works best for your window glass. Professional window tinters can help analyze the glass type and its thickness using their laser tools. 

Most tint films come with a 10- to 15-year warranty. On the other hand, external films are specifically designed to withstand the weather conditions of Melbourne and come with a 5- to 7-year warranty.


Window Tinting Costs

There are two main factors that are taken into account when quoting a price for window tinting in commercial office buildings:

  1. The type of film you intend to use. There are two main kinds of window tints: the first is solar heat rejection film, which on an average costs about $60 per square metre. The other kind is premium year-round insulating film, which on average costs about $160 per square metre.
  2. The level of difficulty of the installation. This includes how the windows will be accessed, the size of the windows, the cleaning required, the glass type and the frame type. The average installation fee is around $25 per square metre.


Whatever the case, a professional window tinting company will be able to do the job.



Office window tinting is something that must not be overlooked. If your employees are uncomfortable in the workplace, it may cause them to become unproductive, which in turn affects the overall performance of the company. 

NuVision Solutions prides itself on the fact that it is one of the leading providers of commercial window tinting in Melbourne. If you think your office windows need to be installed with tinting film, give us a call today!