3M Di-Noc is one of the most versatile applications of films created, replicating the look and feel of raw materials to provide a high quality low cost option for architectural finishes.

WOOD GRAIN – Wood Grain Finishes are come in a wide range of different styles and textures, ranging from Oak, Teak, Cedar and many more.

METAL FINISHES- Metallic finishes are available in a variety of finishes from etched surfaces to stainless steel.

MARBLE FINISHES – Marble Finishes replicate all type of Marble applications in a wide variety of colors.

STONE- Stone application of finishes are brilliant for use in bathrooms and mimicking the look of Lime Stone, Sandstone and may more.

STUCCO- Stucco is available in hundreds of colors ranging from high gloss to low matte and many more options.

LEATHER- Leathers are available in many types and styles of leathers and colours.

CARBON FIBER- Carbon Fiber finishes are perfect for interior design work and also motor vehicles.

To view the full range or 3M Di-Noc finishes visit their website. 3M Di-Noc Finishes