Benefits of Ceramic Window Film Blog
Benefits of Ceramic Window Film Blog

Benefits Of Ceramic Window Film

Window tinting services have been around since 1966, and it has evolved much since then. Window films were easily torn and susceptible to heat damage, and in some iterations, the metallic material reflected the reception for various electronic devices in the building. These were the reasons why ceramic films were so popular when it came about, and unlike its competitors, they persist until today.

It is a lot more durable than regular tinting, eliminates the chances of heat UV rays from entering the premises and it does not hinder the reception for various electronic devices. It can be placed on any type of window and ceramic tint is not opaque as one would believe and due to its durability, it’s perfect as a window film. The film itself is made with tiny nanoparticles that are ceramic-based. Due to the size of these particles, the ceramic itself is not visible, leaving a transparent window film for better visibility during the day and even at night.

Benefits Of Ceramic Window Film

It may appear to be similar to the normal film, but the ceramic film has a few extra benefits that make it a worthwhile installation for commercial properties. The coloring of the ceramic film does not fade or bubble over time, so your buildings aesthetic appeal will remain intact.

 This will lessen your monthly utility bill as you won’t need your HVAC to run for extended periods of time as the film will help keep the interior of your building cool.

 Ceramic window films are impervious to bubbling up or color changes in extreme heat, unlike cheap regular films. Additionally, they are also able to block up to 90% of infrared light. Infrared lights are invisible to the human eye but we feel it every day as the radiating heat. While these infrared rays may be able to penetrate any windows in the building, with ceramic tinting approximately 10% of infrared light is able to enter the building. This will help you save cost on your energy bills, as well as making the interior space cooler during the summer months.

Ceramic tints will also prevent up to 99% of UV rays. keeping your skin protected from harmful UV rays which cause skin cancer and other skin diseases. Additionally, it has no metallic particle that might prevent your wifi or phone signals from passing through. You will be able to use your electronic devices anywhere in your house without having to worry about the connection.

Another benefit of ceramic tint is that in the event of extreme weather or anything that could cause damage to your property’s windows, the glass will not shatter. Glass that has ceramic tint on it will break, but it will not shatter, creating a safer work environment for your employees as well as your customers.

 When Should Ceramic Window Film Be Used?

On top of all of the security and health benefits, ceramic tints will also provide your home with a sleek look that you can’t get with a cheap film. The colour won’t fade and the adhesive will stick true for years to come. For your next home improvement project, you should consider having ceramic tints on your windows if you haven’t done it already.

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