Why You Should Upgrade Your Business Using Window Graphics

When it comes to your business’ commercial space, are you confident you’re maximising every bit of it? An unlikely way to expand your space is through your windows. It might come as a shock to you, as people don’t realise this, but windows are a great way to upgrade your business.

Because of the ample blank space they offer, you can acquire an excellent opportunity to use window graphics. For most commercial areas, floor-to-ceiling windows line their storefronts, becoming a part of the background that potential customers pass by every day.

Window graphics allow business owners to attract customers without investing in resources other than the design itself. Keep reading below to find out how they can upgrade your store.


They Can Provide Directions for Customers

From a practical point of view, window graphics can act as functional directional signage for your customers. If your shop uses multiple entrances, it is a helpful way to show customers which ones to use at the appropriate time. 

It is also an excellent chance to showcase to customers your brand’s creativity and wit through installing fun and approachable graphics that’ll make them feel welcome when visiting your store. Depending on your business’ brand, many kinds of designs can lead potential curious shoppers to your store’s front door.


They Can Boost Brand Awareness

Imagine an entire block of similar-looking buildings. It looks incredibly dull, doesn’t it? Window graphics allow your business to stand out in its commercial space and increase brand awareness. It’s an excellent way to get people excited about your company, and you can even create designs that can somewhat be interactive for them, luring them inside your store.

Part of successful marketing is getting people to know about your brand. Creative graphics on your windows are an excellent way to get your brand to stick in people’s minds and remember you long after leaving the vicinity of your business.

Increasing your brand awareness also helps in making your location more memorable. The more people are familiar with your brand, the more they’re likely to recall it as well. On a practical level, having window graphics to emphasise your location lets you keep signages at eye level, making it more accessible for people walking or driving by.


They Let You Save on Marketing Costs

Window graphics are an excellent way to save on marketing costs. Multiple promotional tactics can eventually add up to be a considerable expense over time, especially when you aren’t receiving the return on investment you expect. In the first place, you can only consider an ad successful if it leads to revenue exceeding what you spent on it.

Having graphics on your windows that do the marketing for you can prove to be a worthy move. It’s an option that works long term, and it lets your business stand out from all the others.

It’s also an excellent way to promote any sales your business might be offering. It’s eye-catching and unique, which is bound to bring in eager customers looking for a good deal. This alone can benefit your business greatly.



When upgrading your business, it’s essential to think outside the box. Window graphics give you that leg up to stand out against the competition while giving your customers a clear idea of what your business is all about. For this kind of investment, it’s crucial to hire services from a professional company you know you can trust.

NuVision Solutions is the leading company offering custom window graphics in Melbourne, Australia. Visit our website now to see all the services we provide!


Vital Qualities of a Tint Film Company to Keep in Mind

Window films come with numerous advantages, which are all important for high-quality lifestyles. Its benefits include UV protection, heat reduction, and energy efficiency, among others. It’s understandable to want top tint films, and getting them starts from hiring the right installer. 

Read on to learn more about the vital qualities to look for in a tint film company.


It Offers Pricing That’s Fair

When a company is doing well, it will have a good profit earned through honest means. Services that are being offered much lower than the standard may seem like a steal, but it’s likely too good to be true. The same should be said, however, of exorbitant prices. Make sure to do your research as to what the generally accepted rates for these service providers are.


It Has a Team That’s Knowledgeable about Films

Window service providers need to understand an area’s weather conditions quite well so they can suggest which window films suit their clients’ needs ideally. If the area has severe storms annually, for example, security window films are the best option. Any debris from the likes of harsh gale can be withstood by automotive window films, giving your home extra protection. That means that when you hire a window service provider specifically for residential purposes, they need to have full knowledge of films. That way, only the best installation techniques and ideal products will be used for your home.


It Is Open to Your Needs and Specifications

Unfortunately, some tint film companies may have in-house experts that can’t really hold open conversations well. Every person aiming to get window tint film has different needs; it’s key to find someone open to working closely with you. Needless to say, it’s a two-way street: know how you want things done and have a full understanding of your needs. Be sure to speak up and make sure that you and the provider are on the same page.


It Has Longevity and a Good Reputation

Window film installations require more than just, well, installation. The expertise that goes into it should include knowledge about just how clean and dry the glass surface should be. Processes involving the squeegee and labyrinthine should not be entrusted to just anyone, either. Having air pockets on window film will not only compromise its ability to do its job, but look rather unsightly. There are already standards within the industry; pick a tint film company that’s been around for a long time and knows what they’re doing full on.



Window tint film is important for both commercial and residential spaces. It not only adds an extra layer of privacy for your homes and buildings, but also improves your properties’ security. Hiring a good tint film company should include taking several factors into consideration. Make sure to find a company that has longevity, a good reputation and good knowledge of films. They should also offer fair pricing, good communication, and excellent customer service.

Need to get window tinting in Melbourne? Contact NuVision Solutions today! We’re the leading 3M window film supplier and installer within Greater Melbourne.

A DIY Question – Can You Install Window Film on Your Own

House window tinting can add a different look and function to your windows. Aside from its different protective properties, it can also provide stylistic effects and privacy.

Depending on your needs, you may be able to apply some of these tints yourself. However, in some cases, you might need the skills of professionals. We will present the facts on tint installation; then, you can decide on a course of action.

Doing Own Installations versus Professional Installations

You can do film installations at home if you’ve had previous experience installing them. It is particularly recommended for small and simple window jobs, such as single room bedroom windows. Privacy window film, for example, is easy to install.

With professional film installers, you get clean, properly installed film on your windows. It will also save the homeowner time and energy. Professionals also have better knowledge of the best film options for your home.

Best of all, professional installers will come with guarantees and warranties that cover any faults, factory defects, or incorrect installations. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the finished work.

Why Get Window Tints for Your Home?


1. Sunlight and Temperature Control

Many houses today use tints on windows for both function and design. These special window films provide protection from glare and sunlight. It helps with reduced lighting to aid the eyes for better vision against light overexposure. It also helps prevent the sunlight from bleaching your furniture and other fixtures.

Sun-facing houses experience harmful periods between 10 AM to 3 PM. These times have the most intense light and heat levels. In cold weather, films can keep the house warm despite cold temperatures outside. 

Professionals can recommend the best types depending on your needs, whether you need greater UV blocking or better temperature control.

2. Design and Security Features

Special tints can stylise your exteriors and interiors. You can choose from fogged style tints to even stained glass window film for a grand effect and colourful light refractions inside the home. Decorative window film can also block whole or partial views for different levels of privacy.

Other films provide protection for residential windows. It can range from anti-graffiti film to special security film with outside impact protection. These films hold broken glass particles and handle protection from outside adverse weather conditions, impacts, accidents, and violence. This extra layer of security provides the same heavy-duty protection found in stores, banks, and malls.

You might think that to save a little more, you can opt to install the tints by yourself. However, professionals can point you to better options and also do a better job. The cost is definitely worth it if you are thinking about your money’s worth.


Final Notes

Window film tints are a great addition to your home. These films can protect your house from intense sunlight and glare. They also provide temperature control, privacy, and security. Their different designs can also decorate your windows.

For all things window tint film-related, your best choice is NuVision Solutions. We provide all types of commercial and house window tinting in Melbourne. We have over 30 years of experience providing exceptional supplies and services in the business. Give us a ring now for installation!

Anti-graffiti Window Films – Benefits and Installation

If you’re a business owner, you likely own or lease a brick-and-mortar establishment. Even if it’s only for warehousing, it’s a space that you’re responsible for. You’re tasked with cleaning and maintenance, along with replacements, should the need arise. Unfortunately, most brick and mortar stores suffer from an inevitable attack from local troublemakers—graffiti. Stores in high foot traffic areas, particularly those outfitted with a ton of glass window displays, are particularly vulnerable to vandalism.

Thankfully, new changes come with advancements, and the need to deter graffiti vandalism has given rise to the anti-graffiti film. It is a window film designed to protect your glass from the troublemakers, ensuring that your establishment is well protected. 

It may sound new to your ears, so keep reading to learn more about it: 


How Does Anti-graffiti Film Work?

These films are transparent, which is why your customers will not be able to tell them apart from the glass and windows. You can still enjoy total views of the outside and vice versa, as well as invite ample sunshine in. This ensures that any display you wish customers to see remains unobstructed, but your glass will now stay safe and sound from any form of vandalism—including scratching and graffiti. 

They are also effortless to install, as they are cut to fit your windows down to the last pane. They come with an adhesive side that directly falls onto the glass, to be then wiped down to ensure that everything adheres to the surface. It can be likened to signs and decals, but this time it’s a window accessory designed to protect. 


The Benefits of Anti-graffiti Film

1 – You Save on Costs 

Local troublemakers likely use permanent markers and spray paint to make graffiti, which can only be removed through hazardous chemical solvents and blades. Unfortunately, the use of these tools can be laborious at best and damaging at worst. For this reason, they can be costly, especially once they begin damaging your glass. 

With the help of anti-graffiti film, you can effectively protect your expensive window glass—as you only need to peel off the peel for replacement should any form of vandalism occur. 


2 – You Protect Your Glass 

As previously mentioned, anti-graffiti films ensure that your glass remains safe—and not just from markets and paint. You also ensure that any form of scarring or scratches do not happen to your glass surfaces, as the film will absorb any discolouration, etching, and even gouging. You’re sure to extend the lifespan of your window displays!


3 – You Prevent Troublemakers from Doing More Damage 

Your business is likely safe from vandals, but who’s to say they won’t strike again? Thankfully, the presence of an anti-graffiti film can deter them from targeting your store. If they see that you can quickly bounce back from the damage, they’ll leave you alone. 

Subsequently, deter other vandals from doing the same. In most cases, vandals empower each other, and without the presence of graffiti in the neighbourhood, they’ll likely feel powerless.



Your establishment is your bread and butter, which is why it’s essential to keep every corner of it safe—especially the delicate window displays. While vandals run amok the town, ensuring that you are protected with the anti-graffiti film is worth your money. 

If you are looking for commercial window tinting in Melbourne, NuVision Solutions offers the best in the market. We are a leading film supplier and installer, ensuring that your establishment stays well-protected from local vandalism and graffiti. Reach out to us today for more information. 

Myths about Home Window Tinting You Shouldn’t Believe

Tinted windows are one of the most popular solutions to block harmful heat and sunlight from entering the house’s interiors. But, even with its popularity and advantages, window tinting still has this poor image, resulting in various myths. These misconceptions are precisely why homeowners are still sceptical about considering tints for their windows. 

If you are planning to have a tinted window for your home, here are some of the myths you shouldn’t believe:


Myth #1: The Interior Will Look Dark with Window Tinting

While this myth is true if we are looking a few years back, window tinting has already evolved, and there’s now an advancement on how it will reflect in the interiors. Today, window tinting films can control the wavelength of the sunlight, preventing the interiors from going completely dark and depressing. 

Homeowners can now have a dark window from the outside but still reflects some light on the inside. However, the heat from the sunlight will be reduced, making window tinting a perfect solution for keeping the interiors cool while having some natural light inside. 


Myth #2: Window Tinting Is Only Ideal for Summer or Warm Climates

This statement is another misconception about window tinting because window tinting is the best insulator for glass in general. It does not just shield your interiors from the heat, but it can also keep some heat inside your home during the cold season. Window tinting can also improve energy efficiency every season because it can slow down the transfer of heat energy in and out of your home. Therefore, window tinting is not just for summer; it is ideal for every season.


Myth #3: Window Tinting Is an Ideal Protection against Burglary

While this myth is such a great benefit, not all window tinting is burglar-proof. It’s not a guarantee that it can dismiss burglars, especially that it is usually made of glass. However, there are commercial-grade films with a unique feature of making the glass challenging to break. Window tinting’s adhesive can also prevent the glass from breaking suddenly, so if there’s a threat, burglars cannot break your windows quickly. 

Again, it’s important to remember that window tinting will not make your window strong and unbreakable. Their primary purpose is to provide you with privacy and protection from direct heat and sunlight. 


Myth #4: The Window with Tints Will Be Hard to Clean

Cleaning a tinted window is just similar to cleaning a normal window. There’s no significant difference in how you will clean your tinted windows, but it is advisable not to clean them for at least one month after the installation. However, it’s still best to seek a professional’s help to avoid damaging your tinted windows during the cleaning process. 



Generally, window tinting is an excellent choice if you want privacy and protection from harmful heat and sunlight. You should not believe these false notions because you will miss out on the benefits of window tinting if you try to get these in your mind. Just ensure to work with a professional installer so that your windows will have high-quality films that can last you for a long time. 

If you are looking for professionals who will install your home window tinting, NuVision Solutions is here to help! We are the leading 3M window film supplier and installer in Greater Melbourne and part of Australia’s largest 3M distribution and installation network. Get in touch with us today!

4 Reasons Your Modern Office Needs Glass Partitions

Modern offices are made to open-plan, allowing employees to flow freely from one area to another. Open plan is a term used to describe an interior space without any partitions. These offices are a top choice for many businesses to make way for interaction and closer collaboration between workers.

Unfortunately, open floors also cause their own undoing because it sometimes fails to achieve that goal. Many workers tend to complain about open work environments as they lack privacy, which leads to low productivity. For this reason, many offices have started to make use of glass partitions.

If you’re planning on getting glass office partitions, we’re here to tell you that you should do it. However, we’re also listing down other reasons why glass partitions must be installed in your office. Read on below to learn more.


Split Ups the Office Space

Glass partitions are popular among offices because they give workers a semblance of space while retaining a primarily open-plan layout.

Depending on your specifications, glass office partitions can be built to different heights. Aside from that, they can also create rooms and other private offices. While it offers privacy, it still fosters a productive working environment instead of completely cutting people off from each other.


Allows Use of Window Film

Glass partitions look the same, but that isn’t always the case. Glass partitions mimic opaque and frosted glass, but white frosted glass offers more customisation options. Aside from that, window film is also versatile—you can even choose one that reflects your company’s brand.

On a related note, you can also write on your glass partitions, which eliminates the need for a whiteboard. Just make sure that you also use a whiteboard marker, or it will cost you to take off permanent ink. 

Regardless of how you wish for your glass partitions to function, it’s best to add a high-quality window film to them. Window film enhances design elements without sacrificing natural light and the openness of your office. They’re stylish, versatile, and efficient.


Reduces Costs

This is probably another big reason why glass partitions are extensively used in offices. Glass partitions and decorative window film are considerably more affordable than most options. Aside from that, the labour costs for installation are also consumer-friendly as well. 

Both privacy and decorative window film are incredibly affordable, particularly compared with the financial and labour costs of installing frosted glass office partitions. There is no doubt that this affordability is part of why it is used so widely within residential and commercial settings around the world.


Easy to Maintain

This applies more to window film than the glass partition itself. Window film can stay in perfect condition for a very long time. If you do run into problems with it, it’s straightforward to maintain.

The easiest way to keep window film in top condition is to keep it away from extreme temperatures. Since offices use heating and air conditioning, it’s recommended to keep them away from direct contact.

If you ever need to remove your window film, they will come off quickly with a steamer. Aside from that, it’s easy to repair window films without having to replace an entire area.



Glass partitions are a good investment because every worker will have a semblance of privacy. Aside from that, the open setting is retained because workers can still see each other, allowing for a more collaborative work environment.

NuVision Solutions provides decorative window films that can significantly benefit commercial offices. Aside from that, we also offer other services for window tinting. If you’re interested in getting one for your home or office, simply contact us today and allow us to assist you!

All You Need To Know About Office Window Tinting – A Guide

An office building is a place where people grow in their careers together. A challenging part of running a business is maintaining employee productivity. One way that their productivity can be affected is the building itself. If it’s not conducive, they may have a hard time focusing on their work.

Offices with big windows, especially those on the higher floors, tend to let in a lot of external elements, such as:

  • Sun glare, which makes it hard to see the computer screens
  • Heat, which makes the office itself uncomfortable to work in
  • Cold, which can make your heating bills go higher
  • UV radiation, which affects the skin of the employees and also affects the office equipment and furnishings 


If your windows are the source of the problem, one way to solve it is by having them tinted. As such, here’s everything you need to know and consider when deciding on getting your office window tinted. 


The Benefits of Office Window Tinting

If you have your office windows tinted, you and everyone in the office building can enjoy the following benefits:

  • No hot spots, which allows for a more comfortable workspace
  • Reduced utility costs
  • Reduced glare from external sunlight
  • Most UV radiation is blocked, which protects the skin and reduces the fading of furnishings
  • Lesser maintenance costs


Choosing Your Window Tint

There are many factors to consider when choosing the tinting option for your windows. These include:

  • The type of glass on your windows
  • The direction your windows are facing (north, south, east or west)
  • Window coverings and external shading, if you have any


There are various window glass types, including head toughened, double glazed, laminated, tinted and low-e glass. All glass types differ so it is important to check which tint works best for your window glass. Professional window tinters can help analyze the glass type and its thickness using their laser tools. 

Most tint films come with a 10- to 15-year warranty. On the other hand, external films are specifically designed to withstand the weather conditions of Melbourne and come with a 5- to 7-year warranty.


Window Tinting Costs

There are two main factors that are taken into account when quoting a price for window tinting in commercial office buildings:

  1. The type of film you intend to use. There are two main kinds of window tints: the first is solar heat rejection film, which on an average costs about $60 per square metre. The other kind is premium year-round insulating film, which on average costs about $160 per square metre.
  2. The level of difficulty of the installation. This includes how the windows will be accessed, the size of the windows, the cleaning required, the glass type and the frame type. The average installation fee is around $25 per square metre.


Whatever the case, a professional window tinting company will be able to do the job.



Office window tinting is something that must not be overlooked. If your employees are uncomfortable in the workplace, it may cause them to become unproductive, which in turn affects the overall performance of the company. 

NuVision Solutions prides itself on the fact that it is one of the leading providers of commercial window tinting in Melbourne. If you think your office windows need to be installed with tinting film, give us a call today!

7 Considerations in Choosing the Best Home Window Films

7 Considerations in Choosing the Best Home Window Films

Many homeowners install tint films on their home’s windows for various reasons. They may be looking to reduce glare, provide an added layer of privacy, or promote energy efficiency within their house. However, with the endless options of window films in the market, it’s easy to be overwhelmed and choose the wrong ones for your property. With this, it’s essential to keep these considerations in mind when shopping around for tints.

1 – Privacy and Security

For many homeowners, privacy and security are the primary reasons for installing window films. It’s best to invest in a lower percentage if you need to obscure the contents of your home. A tint percentage below 20% would be ideal, as these films will block most of the light coming into the property.

The caveat to having tinted windows is that people may still be able to peer through them at night when the lights are on. Installing textured tint films may help in addressing this issue.

2 – Glare Reduction

For those who want to install window films for their home offices, glare reduction may be a vital consideration for reducing the glare from natural light. Glare-reducing window films typically still let plenty of light through and don’t obscure the view outside of your house. They’re also most valuable in rooms wherein homeowners use computer monitors and TV screens.

3 – Insulation

For those who want to keep air-conditioning to a minimum or have large windows that tend to take in the heat of the sun, insulating window films can help with weather control. These tints can block the sun’s heat without reducing visibility. They’re also helpful in keeping rooms warm in the winter months.

4 – Longevity

Window films of lesser quality tend to fade over time, reducing their efficiency and ultimately defeating their purpose after a while. It’s best to select quality tints that resist fading even in intense sunlight. Doing so will ensure that they last longer and will require less maintenance and replacement.

5 – UV Protection

The sun produces harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays that can penetrate windows and damage the skin of a home’s residents and fade the colours of the furniture indoors. There are specialised films that block the sun’s UV rays to protect the contents of the property.

6 – Design

Some homeowners want to add textures, patterns, colours, and designs to their plain windows. Decorative window films also exist in the market, providing homes with attractive elements to complement the house’s aesthetics.

7 – Installation

Another important consideration when shopping around for window films is if the seller also offers installation services. Professional installation will ensure proper placement and efficiency of the tints, saving homeowners time, effort, and maintenance costs.

Get Professional House Window Tinting Services in Melbourne


Home window tints are often multifunctional investments that provide homes with protection, privacy, and aesthetics. With so many options in the market, choosing the right one for your property can be challenging. However, with these considerations in mind, you can find one that suits your needs more easily.

If you’re looking for residential window tinting in Melbourne, NuVision Solutions has you covered. We offer quality products from the best manufacturers, all covered by warranties to ensure your home’s protection. Get in touch with us today!


Buying Residential Window Tint – 5 Factors to Consider

Window tints can help cut down your energy bills, reduce heat, and protect you and your belongings from harmful rays of the sun. While installing them in your home seems like a luxury, they are now considered a must-have because of their benefits. To help you choose the best tint film, here are some factors to consider before buying:

1. Your Needs

Film tints come in different types, each with its own purpose. To narrow down your choices of film shades and tints, identify your needs. For example, hybrid tints that provide optimal security and safety can help improve your privacy, while ceramic tints with a clear finish can enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal. Besides your reason to have tinting, don’t forget to check your area’s tint installation rules. 

2. Your Budget

Film tints come in different price ranges, depending on their quality. Remember that you’ll get what you pay for, so before buying, set a budget first and figure out how much you are willing to spend on tinted windows. 

Avoid settling for cheap but low-quality products because you’re more likely to have them replaced sooner, making you spend more in the long run. This is why it’s better to save up for a high-quality type of window tint film that resists scratch and won’t fade easily.

3. Lifespan

Another factor to consider when shopping for home window tinting films is their lifespan. Generally, window tints can last between a year to a decade, depending on the brand and product you buy, the quality of the installation, and maintenance.

Note that the window tints will be constantly exposed to the sun’s damaging rays, so they have to be durable enough to withstand them. To ensure you pick the type that lasts for a long time, go for a reputable brand and ask the window tinting company about the durability of their products. As much as possible, go for affordable yet high-quality options. 

4. Warranty

Although your window films are durable and properly installed, you never know what functional and aesthetic issues can arise. Prepare for any problem by checking out with your provider and choosing products that come with warranties. This will protect you against any defects in the products’ during its lifespan.

5. Material

Window tints are made of different materials that affect its protective and aesthetic properties For example, carbon films are durable and don’t easily get discoloured, but they can create glare and haze. Meanwhile, ceramic films can prevent windows from developing glare, but they can fade faster. On the other hand, dyed films are cost-effective, but they can get damaged quickly and leave you needing replacement after only a short time. Each material has its pros and cons, so do your research and consult a tinting company to know your options’ advantages and disadvantages.

6. Licenses and Insurance

Licenses and insurance are important when looking for residential window tinting. Unfortunately, many homeowners tend to overlook them. Ensure to avoid this common mistake by checking the company you will be working with. Doing so prevents any potential logistical headaches down the road.



Window tints can provide different benefits that can improve your life as a homeowner. Now that many options are available, selecting the best one can get confusing. Thankfully, you will now have an easier time choosing the right type of tint for your home, thanks to this guide. To ensure you buy one that suits your needs, reach out to a trusted window tinting company.

If you need window tinting in Melbourne, turn to NuVision Solutions. We are the leading 3M window film supplier and installer in the area. Also, we only use products from reputable manufacturers and are backed by strong warranties. Contact us today to learn more about what we offer!

Which Is the Better Investment – New Windows or Window Tinting

As a homeowner, you need to invest in quality materials to ensure your house is a cost-efficient sanctuary for your family. Having the right window treatment can make a lot of difference. Radiant heat loss and solar heat gain comprise one-third of a home’s energy expenses. Each window represents a potential opportunity to save or lose money. 

Energy-efficient replacement windows can help you save money on energy costs while also making living conditions in your home more comfortable. However, entirely replacing your windows can cost a lot. If your windows are in good working condition, what is the better way of making them cost-efficient without breaking your budget?

The answer: window tints. The truth is, window tinting is now equally durable and efficient while fetching far lower costs. They pay for themselves through decreased cooling and heating expenses, with a typical return of investment (ROI) within two to three years. This option is the best choice if your home’s windows are in good condition.

Here are other reasons for opting for window tinting rather than window replacement:

Window Tints Are Less Expensive

Window replacement expenses might range from a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars or more. Although these new windows come with a manufacturer’s guarantee, replacements such as double-pane glass windows can leak in the future if the seal is damaged. The leak can cause condensation between the panes, acting as an insulator. If the leak happens while you still have a warranty, repairs or replacements come at no cost. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay for it out of your pocket.

Window tinting, as previously mentioned, is a fraction of the expense of window replacement. Today’s tints are incredibly high-tech, with improved UV protection and clarity, so they deliver comparable energy savings to window replacements without paying expensive upfront costs. 

Window Tints Can Cover Many Windows

Some homes have many windows to encourage natural airflow and be cost-efficient by maximising natural lighting. In this situation, replacement may not be an ideal solution. Even if you have to tint many windows, let’s say more than 100 panes of glass, you will be able to do it for a fraction of the expense of replacing them altogether. 

Furthermore, window tints reject 95 to 99 per cent of UV rays and more than 50 per cent of solar heat gain, making your home interiors feel considerably more pleasant. You can maximise passive solar energy, especially ceramic window tints, leading to lower electricity bills. 

Window tints block the sun’s harmful rays while allowing natural light to pass through. This keeps your indoor light usage at a minimum. For this reason, tints are a more cost-efficient and eco-friendly home improvement option than having old windows replaced.


Window Tints Don’t Change Your Home Structure

Every home has a unique narrative attached to it. But some homes don’t just come with a story. They are part of history. If your home is a historic structure, making drastic changes or replacements may be difficult to implement since it would violate municipal preservation requirements. 

In this scenario, window tints are excellent options that can protect the windows without detracting from the appearance of a historic structure. Only when your present windows are in bad condition, cannot operate correctly, or become a threat should you consider replacing them.



While a freshly installed window may be more visually appealing, applying window tint instead costs much less than replacements. Window tinting is also eco-friendlier and by far much more cost-effective. All you need to do now is find a great company to install them for you! 

NuVision Solutions has been providing quality window tinting in Australia for over thirty years. Our focus is to provide personalised service and expert knowledge and advice in installing residential window tinting, graphics and signage, and safety & security films. We are the leading 3M Window Film supplier and Installer in Greater Melbourne, with the largest 3M distribution and installation network in Australia. Contact us for your window tint needs!