Thinking of Tinting Your Windows – Here Are Some FAQs

For the past three decades, Nuvision Solutions has been providing Melbourne homes and businesses with top-quality window tinting products and services. During our time in the industry, we’ve answered many questions people have had about 3M Window Film in Melbourne. 

Our goal is to provide effective information and advice to everyone, from architects to homeowners, when choosing the best home and office window tinting for their specific use. That’s why we’re here today to help answer a few FAQs you probably have if you’re considering this type of window treatment. Let’s get started!


Can I apply window film on any surface?

Yes! Window film is a highly adaptable product with unlimited features. It secures your privacy inside and is tested to be a more feasible solution compared to heavy blinds, fabric curtains, and bulky shutters. Depending on the film you choose, you can ensure natural light is still able to pass through, meaning visibility isn’t compromised while you’re protected from harmful UV rays.

Aside from being economical, home and office window tinting using our 3M Window Film is guaranteed to last longer when installed inside as it is not exposed to harsh elements such as rain, sun, wind, and grime. 


What is the best window film to install in damp areas?

Damp zones at home or in the office, such as bathrooms, are smart areas to apply window film. Throughout the year, windows facing north and west are exposed to UV rays, and as such, our reliable window films continue to perform. Whether applied inside or outside, they are able to filter the light while staying durable even in damp areas. 


What will happen if I apply the window film outside?

Balconies and swimming pools apply our 3M Window Film outside as they offer supreme privacy. When you’re swimming, window tints on glass balustrades can reduce the UV rays penetrating your skin. They are attached to glass pool fences and glass balustrades and are guaranteed to last for a long time. Although exposed outside, our 3M Window Film is specifically made for the challenging Australian climate. It is highly durable and UV resistant. Cleaning is a breeze as water mixed with soap can keep it looking brand new. 


Is it possible to apply window film seamlessly?

The peeling, bubbled window tints you may have seen in the past point to two things: poor quality of product and poor quality of installation. Luckily, with us, you’ll have neither. 3M Window Film is designed to be installed seamlessly. Professional installers know how to get all of the air bubbles out and ensure a close edge so that you don’t sacrifice visual appeal.


How can I attach large window films to wide windows?

Window films are available in a wide range of types and sizes. Larger windows may require multiple sheets of tint specifically cut out to fit them seamlessly. It’s recommended that you work with experts like us when tinting large windows. This is the best way to ensure your windows aren’t marred by sloppy edges and bubbled tint.


What are the other benefits of window film to my home?

There are plenty of reasons window films improve your quality of life at home! It reduces glare and relieves eyestrain, protects your skin from UV rays, and even extends the lifespan of your belongings. 



Tinted windows are an investment that will be with your home for quite some time, so it’s important to make sure you’re making an informed decision. That’s why we want to provide you with all the information we can.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and seek residential window tints, contact Nuvision Solutions for a consultation. We’re based in Melbourne and excited to serve you!

Situations Wherein Having Window Tint Can Be a Lifesaver

The most common way that people use window tint is by way of decoration. Aside from vehicles, it’s also found in both residential spaces and even offices. While enhancing aesthetics is their popular purpose, there are also ways that residential window tinting in Melbourne can quite literally save lives. 


When and how can window tinting make a difference in saving lives?

Automobile Safety

For the most part, people that hijack vehicles or steal from inside them seek convenient targets. That’s why cars and automobiles in general are preferred, since valuables are likely inside. When the windows are the standard type that pretty much render things see-through, the slightest hint of anything valuable is risky. 

Smartphones, tablets, even luxury bags can be a major trigger. If there’s window tint installed on a vehicle, it will help in keeping negative elements and criminal minds from seeing whatever’s inside. That means there will be far less of a proverbial target painted on the automobile.


Most people travel through automobiles on a daily basis. Additionally, people also sit by large windows for long periods of time. What both of those things have in common is long-standing exposure to the sun in some form. When that is overlooked for some time, that means there’s a huge possibility of cancerous cells developing. This is commonly known as melanoma, also referred to as basically skin cancer. 

Ultraviolet (UV) rays can lead to serious problems such as the aforementioned cancer. Window tint will help considerably in the avoidance of any melanoma developing down the line.

Natural Disasters

Disasters such as earthquakes, cyclones and tornadoes can’t really be avoided. Of course, the next best thing is protection, not just while they’re happening but also the aftereffects. Windows have a high tendency of not just breaking but fully shattering. Buildings in disaster-prone areas are particularly at risk. 

Window tint is a great way for helping both residences and commercial spaces not have to deal with glass shards when hit by natural disasters. Broken glass tends to be held together by window tint, so window tint is indeed a worthy investment.


This one may seem a little obvious, especially with home window tinting. It’s still worth mentioning, however. Robberies and burglaries are generally quite prevalent. When the windows of a home are tinted, it helps to keep unpleasant people from looking into your home. Window tint also adds another layer of protection in terms of the window versus intruders. That makes getting it installed not just a good idea, but a downright necessity.



On the surface, most people would assume that window tint does nothing more than highlighting the aesthetic choices in a home, office or car. However, there are actually instances wherein having window tint installed can mean the difference between safety and danger, downright saving lives in the process. This is because it can help prevent melanoma, theft in a home or office, keep shards of glass from scattering when windows break and keep criminal elements from breaking into a vehicle to steal from it.

Need to get residential window tinting in Melbourne? NuVision Solutions has you covered. We are the leading 3M Window film supplier and installer in Greater Melbourne. Contact us today!

Window Tint Films for Child Care Centres – What You Must Know

Running a child care centre means looking after the welfare of kids under your care and their parents’ best interests. However, what is most concerning is most facilities still have breakable glass window panes, which can be a hazard during playtime and other activities. The problem is most would argue that it’s a way for kids to enjoy natural light to boost their mood throughout the day. Therefore, it would be best to have the ideal compromise: having window film tint installed. 

When you think about window tinting, you may often see this as a feature in offices to serve as a shield from harsh UV rays, prevent injuries caused by shattered glass, and ensure privacy while still giving access to the outside world. These are the same intended benefits for tinting in child care centres. The problem is these kinds of insulating material may look too dull or even inappropriate for a kid-friendly setting. To find the right balance between security and decorative window tinting, consider this article as your guide. 


Why Is Security Window Tint Film the Most Preferred for Child Care Centres? 

Despite the look and feel of security or privacy window tinting, it does meet a few standards that ensure children’s safety while ensuring fraudulent individuals cannot spy on kids. The latest standard says any glazed area that is child-accessible in a centre-like setting must use grade A safety glass, especially if required by the Building Code of Australia. 

Particularly, what they are after is at least below one metre about the floor level or 0.75 metres if your centre was approved before the first of June 2014. Thus, the safety and security films would be the most effective because they can prevent glass panes from breaking up into tiny shards, significantly reducing accident risk. Just ensure you find the right measurements and study material for your window to meet the safety standards. You can do so by consulting with a professional commercial window film tint supplier. 


Why Is Decorative Window Tinting and Other Related Solutions Important in a Child Care Setting? 

Aside from access to sunlight, you may not be convinced that your child care centre needs decorative window tinting since it’s purely for aesthetic purposes. You may also think it’s an unnecessary expense that doesn’t really add value to the child care experience. 

In reality, there are some perceived benefits for colourful, visually appealing areas. According to Sciencing, children’s exposure to bright colours can help kids differentiate various elements from one another. Thus, it would be best to find the right compromise with your window tinting. 

The best way to take advantage of window tinting is to go for more customised options that merge the best features of different window tint films for your convenience. Alternatively, you can go for custom window decals with brightly coloured, kid-friendly graphics using custom window decals placed onto your security and safety film to meet all your needs. 



When choosing window tint film for child care centres, you may have to follow a few guidelines and address both the teachers’ and parents’ concerns. Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of the different security and decorative tinting you can have. Meanwhile, if you want to ensure you source the most cost-efficient, high-quality products, consider getting them from a reputable supplier like us.

NuVision Solutions can provide you with the most high-quality 3M window film Melbourne has to offer. We also have custom window decals and various options perfect for your child care centre. Browse through our range of film solutions and contact our team to help you pick out the best one for your needs and preferences.

5 Window Film Misconceptions Every Plant Parent Should Know

Window films are a type of window treatment to reduce the amount of solar heat transmitted through the glass and windows. It has multiple benefits to homes and businesses. However, plant moms and dads often have a different take on window films. 

Most plants require plenty of sunlight to thrive. In an effort to keep our house plants healthy and happy, we may try to place them under the best light conditions. While window treatments help to make our homes more comfortable for us, we may not think it does the same for our plants. There’s good news, here. A lot of the myths we may have believed are actually false, and window tints actually can make for healthy and happy plants!

Read on to find out about five window tinting myths that plant parents should keep in mind.


Myth 1. Window films will darken your homes and office 

One of the most common concerns of owners and businesses is the amount of light passing through the window. Some people believe that window films will reduce the amount of light passing through, causing the room to be too dark. However, you have to understand that high-quality window films are designed to block UV rays from the run, so only the healthy sunlight can come in. 

Installing window films doesn’t necessarily mean that your home or office will be dark. If you choose the appropriate treatment, the film will simply block the harmful rays. Hence, you can get all the benefits of daylighting and help you reduce on electricity bills. At the same time, your plants will still get the light they need!


Myth 2. Your houseplants won’t get enough sunlight from window films

This is true for cheap and DIY window tinting. Poor quality films can dim the sunlight, but don’t block the unhealthy ones. This is not the case for professional films. 

Window films block UV rays, but they allow the red and blue light spectrums to come through. These spectrums are used by plants to grow. In fact, window films save plants from wilting as a result of overexposure to UV rays. Since most indoor plants prefer filtered light, you are cultivating the same landscape for them. If you’re still worried about the health of your plants, speak to your local nursery. 


Myth 3. Window films can break your windows  

Before installing window films, installers come to your home or office to check your product manufacturer and specification. With this, they can match your window film products to avoid cracks, breaks or damages to your windows. It’s always smart to work with a professional window installer to ensure that you are given nothing but the best. 


Myth 4. You won’t be able to clean your windows after installing a window film

Windows can be cleaned after they are covered with window film. While they may require some time to set after application, you shouldn’t have a problem cleaning them once the film has cured. The constant advances in the industry means that better and more durable window treatments are being produced all the time, and you shouldn’t have a problem locating a high-quality option for your home. 

Do take note that you must not use abrasive cloths and cleaners when cleaning your windows. Your window film installers will give you instructions on how to properly clean your windows. With the right products and cleaning method, you won’t have to worry about damages or cracks. Regular cleaning will ensure that your windows remain in good condition and your plants are able to receive all the light they need!


Myth 5. Window films deteriorate quickly 

All window treatments depreciate over time, but quality products that are professionally installed can last over a decade. Cheap window films and unprofessional installation will result in cracked and bubbled windows. Professional installation makes all the difference. When purchasing window film, look for a provider that can offer both the product and installation services. This ensures your window treatments are installed professionally and will last for a long time.



Window treatments are an excellent way to upgrade your home. However, some houseplant owners experience some concern over how films will affect the lighting situation and whether it will complicate cleaning processes. Fortunately, many of these myths are simply untrue. Tints and films can add value to your home without taking away from the delightful afternoon light you want to enjoy. Simply make sure you choose the right treatment and work with professional providers!

Are you looking for residential window tinting services? NuVision Solutions is here to lend a hand! As one of the leading providers of window tints in Melbourne, Australia, we want to help you upgrade your home. Contact us today!

4 Ways You Can Protect Your Pets from Harmful UV Rays

Most people know how helpful and destructive the sun can be. Too much sun exposure can lead to skin problems, eye injuries, and early signs of aging. If you have a pet, you know that the sun’s ultraviolet radiation can also bring them harm. Even when staying indoors, UV rays can enter the house and cause all the same effects to you, your family, and pets. If you are looking for ways to protect your household—particularly your pets—here are some tips you can explore. 


Pets at Risk

All pets, regardless of colour, breed, and size, are at risk of sun damage. However, some pets have a higher chance. These are light-skinned pets, those with short, shaved, or no hair at all. Those with underlying health conditions are especially at risk. If your pet belongs to any of the categories mentioned, make sure to provide them with extra protection.


Tip 1: Apply a Pet-Friendly Sunscreen

Like humans, dogs, cats, and other pets are also prone to skin cancer, sunburns, and other skin issues. If you want to give them added protection, you can find a safe sunscreen specifically meant for animals as recommended and approved by your veterinarian. In fact, you should consult with them first to know what product is best. There are particular pet sunscreens that are safe even if they lick them.

Apply the sunscreen when the sun is the strongest (usually between 10 am to 2 pm) and reapply throughout the day. Make sure to apply the sunscreen to exposed areas, such as the face, ears, lips, belly, and groin. Read through the product instructions and follow them appropriately.


Tip 2: Let Them Wear Protection

Protective clothing is another way you can increase their resistance to UV rays. Whether you plan to go out or stay indoors, it is best if you limit your exposure to the sun. For example, there are dog shirts, rash guards, or safety jackets with UPF protection. Coverage is one way to lessen direct exposure to UV rays. The most important thing to remember, though, is not to force your pet to wear anything that could cause them irritation or discomfort.


Tip 3: Avoid Going Out During the Sun’s Peak Hours

You can also prevent skin damage to your pets to avoid the sun when it is intense. It depends on your location, but the sun’s heat peaks from 10 am to 4 pm. Avoid going outdoors during these hours, and consider scheduling your dog’s activities around it, especially during summertime. 


Tip 4: Install Solar Window Film at Home

During peak sunny hours, your pet should stay indoors. However, UV rays are still present everywhere. The best thing you can do to limit exposure to them is by installing window tint film at home. Window film works by still letting in the light inside your home but with less heat and harmful rays. They also block up to 99% of harmful UV rays, depending on the type of window film you get. Aside from protecting you and your pet, it could also help protect your furnishings. 



Pets are family, and they have health concerns too. They can get hurt, be dehydrated, and get sunburnt without the ability to voice their concerns. Whether it is summertime, autumn, or wintertime, UV rays do not go away. Make sure you also do your part as a fur parent and keep your pets protected always.

Are you looking for quality home window tinting? NuVision Solutions is the leading 3M window film supplier and installer in Greater Melbourne, and we can help you. We always give our clients personalised service and supply them with the protection that they need. Contact us today to learn more about it.

4 Damaging Effects of UV Rays on Your Body—What to Know

While the sun is beneficial to the planet and its inhabitants in many ways, excessive exposure to its radiation can be very detrimental to the body. Not only does it cause sunburn, but it can also lead to skin cancer, photoaging, and eye damage. That’s why you’ll do what it takes to protect yourself from ultraviolet (UV) rays. Unfortunately, you can get impacted even at the comforts of your home, as it’s easy for the sun’s heat and UV rays to enter your space through your windows. 

In this article, we will share the four damaging effects of UV rays that you must know about:

1. Sunburn

It’s easy to get a sunburn when exposed to the sun for a long period of time and on a frequent basis. The chances are that you’ll see yourself having red, swollen, and burned skin. This can easily happen even in the comforts of your home, where your skin is directly exposed to the sun through your windows. While some people want to get tan skin, a few others may find this very alarming, and their skin can begin to peel off after a few days. Sunburn may be common and happen at different levels, but it will certainly be a concern if you get one at home—it’s time to have window tinting!

2. Skin cancer

Having sunburn is one matter, and ending up with skin cancer is another. Unfortunately, even sunburn can escalate to skin cancer when you constantly expose yourself to the sun, particularly its harmful UV rays. In fact, various researches show that common forms of skin cancer can be directly linked to UV rays, which include squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma and melanoma. As such, you must limit your exposure to the sun. Even at home, be sure to install window tints that block the sun’s UV rays from affecting your well-being!

3. Photoaging

There is nothing more heart-wrenching than experiencing photoaging, as you don’t want to start looking old even from a young age. The chances are that you begin having brown spots, wrinkles, and a loss of elasticity on your skin. This is because the sun’s UV rays can destroy the collagen and skin tissues in your body. Sure, you may use high-quality skincare products, such as sunblock to protect your skin from UV rays and heat. But if your windows allow the radiation to get into your home, you should consider installing window tints to maintain your youthful appearance!

4. Eye damage

Aside from the skin, did you know that the sun’s UV rays can also damage the delicate tissues in your eyes? If left constantly exposed to the radiation, your eyes can develop cataracts or, worse, blindness. 

To protect your eyes at home, be sure to have window tints. Here at NuVision Solutions, our ultimate goal is to provide a personalised service to every project undertaken through our window tinting service. When it comes to installing window tinting throughout Melbourne, we provide expert knowledge and advice. 



At this point, we’ve covered the four damaging effects of UV rays—sunburn, skin cancer, photoaging, and eye damage. The rays can easily get into your home through your windows and affect you and your family. This is why you must do what it takes to protect yourself and the entire household, and resorting to window tinting is the key!

NuVision Solutions is a part of the largest distribution and installation network in Australia. If you need a supplier and installer of 3M window films in Melbourne for your window tinting, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

5 Reasons Why Your Office Needs Decorative Window Films

Glass has gained a lot of popularity lately as a major design trend for offices, and with good reason. Replacing walls with glass is a great way to introduce natural light, especially if your office is located up to 40 feet deeper into a building. You’re probably familiar already with the many practical benefits of office window tinting, but window films can offer much more than that. Here are some of the benefits of decorative window film that you can look into for your next office redesigning.


Enhancing Office Aesthetics

You can never go wrong with a plain glass window in an office. However, plain glass can come across as too plain or even boring at times. If you put decorative window film on any of the glass surfaces in your office, you can effectively enhance its aesthetic appeal by a mile. You can customise your space with unique designs like prints, patterns, and designs that imitate the look of textured glass. Decorative window films can be easily applied and removed and are relatively inexpensive, giving you the flexibility to change styles whenever you want to.


Adding Colour to Your Windows

If you’re going for a more laid back, contemporary look for an office, putting colour on your windows can be a great way to change up the look of your space. You can put coloured office window tinting and play with how natural light is projected into your office. Decorative films with tint also serve as a barrier from UV rays, giving your office a subtle makeover as well as some protection.


Increasing the Level of Privacy

Installing decorative window film on your glass panes is also an effective way to provide some privacy for employees, especially if you put them around conference rooms or personal offices. Frosted, tinted, or even coloured window films in varying opacity levels are some of the options you can choose from. They offer an outstanding balance of privacy while still allowing some natural light to pass through inside your office interior.


Promoting Energy-Efficiency

Of course, any decorative solution that can save you money is a lot better than something that is purely decorative. Window films are a great example of a cosmetic solution that also offers savings by significantly reducing your energy bills. This is possible because of the film’s ability to repel heat from the sun and conserving heat during cold weather. You don’t have to crank up your HVAC settings because of your window film’s insulation properties.


Creating a More Professional-Looking Office

Decorative films always give off a luxurious and stylish appearance, giving your office a more professional aesthetic. It can even imitate the look of etched glass that’s almost as good as the real thing. You all know how expensive it is to commission a custom etched glass. With decorative film, you can achieve the same effect with some flexibility and at an affordable price.



Decorative window film can transform the way your office looks quickly and easily. If you already have existing glass fixtures, you can do a quick office makeover without actually renovating anything. This offers a lot of benefits to commercial spaces that you can only get from window films.

Trust NuVision Solutions to provide you with all your window tinting needs. From residential to commercial tinting solutions, our team has it all. We’ve been servicing the Greater Melbourne and Victoria area for more than 30 years. Contact us today to learn more about our window film solutions.

A Tinted Home – How Window Films Can improve your in home lifestyle

No house is perfect. You may be okay with the overall look of your home, but once you live in it long enough, you will notice slight imperfections and annoyances. Eventually, though, they’ll pile up higher and higher until you can no longer take it—until you are no longer happy.

Not being able to be happy in your own home is a bad sign. If you remain in a place that gives you negative vibes, it can affect your mood and possibly your physical and mental health. Living in a comfortable and joyful place is essential if you want to live a good life. 

Does this mean you have to move out? Not exactly. There are much simpler and easier things you can do to bring back the joy in your home.


Window Tinting for a Happier Home

It can be difficult to achieve overall satisfaction when you don’t know what part of your house needs changing. The first step in making a change is figuring out what needs to be done. Assess your home and observe which areas of the house need a bit of improvement or sprucing up—it could be your tattered door, mouldy attic, empty yard, or bare windows.

Bare windows? Yes, you read that right. Your windows may be the last thing you would ever consider since they seem quite unimportant, but contrary to what you think, your bare windows have significantly been affecting the quality of your home life.


The Negative Effects of Bare Windows

You most probably haven’t noticed it, but leaving the windows of your house bare could be one of the leading causes why you don’t feel as happy living in your home. Below are some of the adverse effects bare windows can have on your house:

  • Uncomfortably hot summers and freezing cold winters
  • Lack of privacy
  • Annoying glare during the afternoons
  • Worn out furniture.


If all of these signs apply to you, then it’s time to do something about this problem! Curtains and blinds aren’t enough to get you out of this predicament. This situation calls for home window tinting.


The Benefits Of Home Window Tinting

If you’re looking to add value and comfort to your home, house tinting is perfect for you! You don’t need to have any renovations or major changes to your house—tinting the windows of your home is enough to affect your home life for the better. Here are a few reasons why you should consider home window tinting:

1. Adds Curb Appeal

Applying window films to your home’s windows can dramatically increase your curb appeal. Decorative window films can add a bit of pizzaz to your home, giving a nice aesthetic and transforming your windows from bland to a masterpiece. 

2. Provides Privacy And Security

You no longer have to feel uneasy whenever you’re near your windows! Tinted window films add a layer of security to your home so you can comfortably relax in any room of the house. Window films prevent people from peeking in, but you can still see the view outside.

3. Protects You From Harmful Sun Rays

Prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays affects not only you but also your electronics, fabrics, and furnishings. It’s best to have films applied to your windows if you want to stay protected from the sun and to maintain the condition of your furniture and furnishings.



If you want to have a happy home life, have your windows tinted! Just remember to reach out to a trusted and reputable window tinting company in Melbourne that offers a wide variety of designs and choices to fit your needs. Not all window tints are made equally, so the company must be able to supply high-quality window films that will last for many years.

Let NuVision Solutions handle all your home window tinting needs! We are the leading 3M Window Film supplier and Installer in Greater Melbourne that aims to provide expert knowledge and advice when it comes to installing window tinting, safety & security films, graphics and signage. Connect with us today to learn more about what we can offer!

Benefits of Investing in 3M Window Film for Your Home Office

Due to the global pandemic, you may have been forced to work from home and build a home office setup tailored to your needs and preferences. However, you may feel that you cannot function properly because of the overall environment of your living space. One of the things that can be bothering you is the lack of appropriate home window tinting. 

If you want to transform your home into a legitimate office space for your convenience, you need commercial-grade solutions, like 3M window film. But since this may be your first time investing in something like this, you may be interested in learning more about its investable perks. As such, feel free to use this article as your guide to better appreciate this high-quality tint solution.

1. Enhances the view from your home window and provides reliable security 

Having visual access to your surroundings, especially the outdoors, can help you rest your eyes and have peace of mind before going back to work. You may even be tempted to open your windows to do this. The problem is it can be a safety risk and health hazard. For instance, you can let harsh sunlight, debris from strong winds, and intruders in. That’s why you need 3M window tinting, like any tints from the Night Vision Series and the Scotchshield™ Safety & Security Window Film.

With these tinted windows, you can shield yourself from outside elements and fraudulent individuals. The best part is you still get to see the view outside for your convenience. Just ensure you get the appropriate window film and explore your options with your house tinting service provider. This way, you can address any crucial needs by looking for your preferred security and safety features. 

2. Guards against the sun’s glare and intense heat 

Even if you need a healthy dose of sunlight to boost your wellbeing, you can be exposed to it too much, leading to medical complications like skin cancer. You can even be distracted by the glare and heat, which results in reduced productivity at your home office. Luckily, most window film tints have layers of protection against sunlight and UVB rays. You just need to know which home window tinting is ideal for your setting. 

For instance, you may need 3M™ Sun Control Window Film’s Prestige Series, which is made with anti-glare and heat protection. It can even help you reduce energy costs for heating and cooling since you don’t need to turn up the thermostat to keep cool or warm. As a result, you can stay comfortable and focused on your work. 

3. Protects your furniture, floor, and wall from damage caused by harsh sun rays and heat

Purchasing various furnishings and remodelling your home to create the perfect office space is an excellent investment on your part, especially since you either don’t know how long the pandemic will last or may prefer working from home. The problem is you may have furniture, flooring, and walls that are sensitive to humidity, drastic changes in temperature, and sunlight. 

To address these issues, you need 3M™ Sun Control Window Films. They can block up to 99.9 per cent of sunlight, giving you the power to change the thermostat modifications to a more favourable setting. 



3M window films are the best in the market for house tinting, especially for house offices. In fact, they are even known as commercial options for most corporate infrastructures. It means you can be assured of quality and value for money. Find tinting experts in your area to get your space tinted! 

Are you looking for the best 3M window film Melbourne has to offer? We at NuVision Solutions can provide you with that. We have 30 years of experience and specialise in residential and commercial window tinting to ensure you get more out of your space while protecting yourself in the process. Think about getting the windows of your home office and other rooms tinted with us today!

The Differences Between Regular & Ceramic Window Tint

Window tinting has evolved throughout the years. While a majority of products used to be dyed or metallised, newer tinting products have been introduced that have drastically changed the market. But does newer always mean better? 

To answer this question, we’ll be breaking down the differences between regular tint and ceramic window tint. To get a better understanding of these products, we’ll also be comparing their advantages and disadvantages. If this is something that you want to know more about, read on as we discuss the differences between regular and ceramic window tint!


Regular Window Tint

Regular window tinting is mostly used to protect a space from the sun and hide the interiors of that given space. The window tint film is dyed to specific graduations to make them darker. These usually come in shades of browns, greys, and sometimes even black. However, it is possible to add more colour to them if that’s what the customer wants. One important thing to note here is that while this type provides some form of protection from the sun, UV rays will still be able to penetrate it and cause the space’s interior temperatures to rise.

This type of tinting also comes with a scratch-resistant coating. It is added to protect the window film from damage. While it is effective for most settings, the coating is quite susceptible to hard or sharp objects that make contact with the window. 

Regular window tint is by far the more affordable option between the two. But the trade-off here is that it won’t be as sturdy as the ceramic window tint (more on this later). You may also have to have it re-tinted in case the coating gets scratched over time. 


Ceramic Window Tint

Ceramic window tinting is considered to be one of the best options for window tinting. What’s surprising about this is that it makes use of the same material as the regular window tint. Yet, it possesses one key difference: the coating. Ceramic options are coated with ceramic particles made possible through the use of nano-ceramic technology. 

When it comes to privacy, this is very similar to regular window tint. In fact, where ceramic window tint sets itself apart is how well it can protect your interiors from the sun. Instead of just blocking the sun, these tints reflect the sun and the heat. And while metallic window tint can do this, that type tends to interfere with cellular and Wi-Fi reception.

The ceramic coating also makes this option incredibly resistant to scratches. These tints even make the windows sturdier, which offer a huge advantage for all types of buildings. While it might initially be more expensive, it’s far less likely to break and need replacement than the regular window tint. 



Ceramic window tint does have clear advantages over regular options, but it won’t always be the best option. The best product will depend on your needs and available resources. While ceramic ones might be better for commercial and office spaces, it might be more practical to go with regular window tint for residential spaces. Hopefully, this brief discussion will help you make an informed decision about which window tint to go with!

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