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Exterior Shade Systems Vs Window Tinting

It’s wonderful to be able to enjoy natural sunlight at work. Not only does it give you that daily dose of vitamin D but it boosts your mood. There are so many great things about sunlight. However, there are also some not-so-great things such as glare on your laptop screen, fading on your furniture, and more. It’s important for sunlight to be controlled within commercial facilities. The people indoors should be able to enjoy the beautiful light that it offers without sacrificing comfort and energy-efficiency.

The heat that penetrates your windows can account for up to a third of your cooling costs. To reduce energy bills while increasing comfort, a growing number of businesses are considering two options: low-e window film or exterior shade systems. If you’re considering the two as well, here is a run-down of both:

Exterior Shade Systems

Exterior shade systems do just what you’d think. They provide exterior shade and try to keep sunlight from penetrating windows. These systems often involve overhangs, vertical fins, exterior blinds, and even automated systems that you can control depending on the weather outside.

These systems offer advantages that are quite similar to those of window film. Since they try to keep heat from penetrating the windows, they contribute to reducing energy use and therefore utility bills. The shade that the system provides will reduce glare while still allowing people to enjoy the view if they wish.

Although exterior shades systems can be useful, they are also rather difficult to install, particularly if you are looking to install it into an existing building. Furthermore, they will never completely prevent solar heat gain. A fixed overhang may be able to block the sunlight at certain angles but fail to do so at others. Exterior shade systems also require quite a bit of maintenance. They may also increase energy bills during the winter because they’ll be blocking the sunlight when it is wanted.

Low-E Window Film

Most businesses opt to install low-e window film. Not only is it able to contribute to energy efficiency, but it eases glare and keeps furniture, carpeting, and other furnishings from being damaged by the sun. Window film can also block up to 99.9% of UV rays while insulating the window.

Unlike exterior shade systems, window film reduces energy use throughout the year. It reduces solar heat gain during the warmer months and also reduces thermal loss during colder months.

Window film doesn’t obstruct the view to the outdoors. Since it is applied directly onto the interior of the window, it also doesn’t get as dirty and dusty. It won’t require as much maintenance. You’ll often find that all it takes is a small change to a tint-friendly window cleaning solution.

As if that wasn’t enough, window film can easily be applied to existing buildings. They improve the insulating capacity of normal windows by up to a whopping 92%! This is regardless of whether you have single-pane, double-pane, or even triple-pane windows.

There’s no doubt about it. Although exterior shade systems can be great, low-e window film takes the cake when it comes to energy efficiency.

Nuvision Solutions are experts in commercial window tint that reduces the heat in your office, which provides a better working environment for your employees. Get in touch today to see how we can help!


Benefits of Commercial Window Tints

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to create the most productive and comfortable environment for your employees.

This is good for both your employees and for your business as well. By applying window films to your building, everyone who uses the property can reap the same benefits. While you may think that window films are expensive, but when you calculate how much you will be saving from just the energy efficiency and longevity factors alone, it’s easy to see why window tinting is the logical choice for any business.


Window film is a thin laminate layer installed on either the interior or exterior of a window surface. There are many different types of films you can choose from: opaque, transparent, tinted and textured. No matter what aesthetic looks you’re going for, you can be sure that there are window films out there that will fit your needs. Combine this with the fact that most of them come with a 10-15 year commercial warranty, your investment is guaranteed to be a good one.


Aside from the unmatched comfort, window films also provide a commercial building with the necessary safety, privacy, and a way to cut down on your energy spendings.


Some window films are able to lower the temperature by 9 degrees Celsius. This will save you a ton of money each year, as the AC won’t have to work as hard. This will reduce both your energy cost, but also your commercial carbon emission. The films will pay for itself, as long as you choose the right product and have it installed by professionals.


Sun glare and hot spots are a major annoyance in an office space. Not only that it’s a huge discomfort and a waste of energy, but it will also significantly reduce productivity and put the health of your employees at risk. Screen glares can be very, very bright, and if your employees have to keep their eyes on it for hours at a time, it will start to damage their vision. Not only that, but UV rays are also the leading cause of skin cancer. Window films can get rid of all of these issues, as it blocks out the reflection. Additionally, high-quality window films can block up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays. The workspace will feel more comfortable and your employees can stay healthy and productive.


The reduced visibility can deter burglars from breaking into the building. You can also get a security film that protects your windows from breaking and shattering. This can protect your property in case of a break-in, as the glass shards won’t fly into the building, harming you or your employees. This anti-shatter property also works well in the case of harsh storms and strong winds as well. Plus, you can enjoy the added privacy, as you will protect yourself from the wondering eyes of the passers-by.


Window films come in a variety of different aesthetic options. This means that no matter what decoration theme you’re going for, there’s a film that will complement that theme well. This helps to attract more customers, and it builds a better customer experience.

If you think that your business can benefit from window tinting, give your local window service a call. They can help you to decide which product is the best for your specifications and conditions, and it’s installed by the most proficient professionals. Plus, you will get a product with a long warranty,

If you’re looking for a commercial window tint partner, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

5 Reasons to get a Window Tint this Summer

Summer is a great time for your family. Your kids are out of school so all of you can take a trip to the beach and camping together! However, you need to be aware of the risk of excessive exposure to invisible UV rays. That’s why you use sunscreens, but what about when you’re at home? If your home windows aren’t tinted yet, then this summer might be a good time for it. Let’s see why.

Help Prevent Cancer

Excessive sun exposure can result in the development of skin cancer in family members of all ages. The most dangerous thing about it is that you might not even know that it’s happening, as you’re just enjoying the warmth. Window films can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays that come through the window, drastically reducing the risk of skin cancer and other skin diseases from sun exposure.

 Reduce Glare

 Summertime is the time that families gather together to enjoy their favourite TV shows during the day, but the fun can’t be had if the only thing on screen is the huge, bright sun. Not only that it’s not enjoyable to watch, but intense screen glare can also be harmful to the eyesight, especially for young children. Window films can reduce the amount of light that enters and gets reflected on glassy and shiny surfaces in your home. You can enjoy your time together as a family without having to worry about ruining your eyesight!

 Protect Furniture and Flooring from Fading

 Furniture needs protection from the sun too. Materials like leather, wood, and plastic can be prone to light and heat damage, as they can become warped, discoloured, faded, or cracked. You could close your curtains to block out the sun, but if your curtain is too thick, then your room might become too dark. It’s already a chore to take care of your home appliance, you don’t need more of it. Tinting your windows can help you to keep your furniture looking neat and clean without requiring extra care.

Reduce Energy Consumption and Costs 

The windows are where the heat from the outside comes in from, and they don’t leave. Your AC will need to work extra hard during these months to get rid of this heat and replace it with cool air. If you’ve ever had to pay a large electric bill during the summer months, then you know that it’s painful to spend your money like that. Window films help block out the heat reducing the workload of your AC, as well as your spendings.

 Enjoy Additional Privacy 

If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable from the prying eyes of the passersby, then you might want to consider getting your windows tinted. Window films block out the outside-in vision to a large degree, making it very difficult for people to see what’s on the other side of the window. This increases both the privacy and safety of your home, as you will deter the burglars from targeting your home. Thieves know that they are at risk when they are out at night, and they want reassurance that their risk will be rewarded. An obscure view of what’s inside the window is the opposite of a reassurance.

NuVision Solutions specialise in high-quality window film to keep your property safe – get in touch today to see how we can help.






Benefits Of Ceramic Window Film

Window tinting services have been around since 1966, and it has evolved much since then. Window films were easily torn and susceptible to heat damage, and in some iterations, the metallic material reflected the reception for various electronic devices in the building. These were the reasons why ceramic films were so popular when it came about, and unlike its competitors, they persist until today.

It is a lot more durable than regular tinting, eliminates the chances of heat UV rays from entering the premises and it does not hinder the reception for various electronic devices. It can be placed on any type of window and ceramic tint is not opaque as one would believe and due to its durability, it’s perfect as a window film. The film itself is made with tiny nanoparticles that are ceramic-based. Due to the size of these particles, the ceramic itself is not visible, leaving a transparent window film for better visibility during the day and even at night.

Benefits Of Ceramic Window Film

It may appear to be similar to the normal film, but the ceramic film has a few extra benefits that make it a worthwhile installation for commercial properties. The coloring of the ceramic film does not fade or bubble over time, so your buildings aesthetic appeal will remain intact.

 This will lessen your monthly utility bill as you won’t need your HVAC to run for extended periods of time as the film will help keep the interior of your building cool.

 Ceramic window films are impervious to bubbling up or color changes in extreme heat, unlike cheap regular films. Additionally, they are also able to block up to 90% of infrared light. Infrared lights are invisible to the human eye but we feel it every day as the radiating heat. While these infrared rays may be able to penetrate any windows in the building, with ceramic tinting approximately 10% of infrared light is able to enter the building. This will help you save cost on your energy bills, as well as making the interior space cooler during the summer months.

Ceramic tints will also prevent up to 99% of UV rays. keeping your skin protected from harmful UV rays which cause skin cancer and other skin diseases. Additionally, it has no metallic particle that might prevent your wifi or phone signals from passing through. You will be able to use your electronic devices anywhere in your house without having to worry about the connection.

Another benefit of ceramic tint is that in the event of extreme weather or anything that could cause damage to your property’s windows, the glass will not shatter. Glass that has ceramic tint on it will break, but it will not shatter, creating a safer work environment for your employees as well as your customers.

 When Should Ceramic Window Film Be Used?

On top of all of the security and health benefits, ceramic tints will also provide your home with a sleek look that you can’t get with a cheap film. The colour won’t fade and the adhesive will stick true for years to come. For your next home improvement project, you should consider having ceramic tints on your windows if you haven’t done it already.

Nuvision Solutions specialise in high-quality window film to keep your property safe – get in touch today to see how we can help. 


Safety and Security Window Film – How Safe is it?

A crime is not something anyone wants to encounter. There’s always a risk of vandalism, break-ins, weapon-related cases and other crimes that could happen to your home. The most vulnerable part of a building is usually the windows and this where security glass can help when it comes to your safety.

Cars, homes, and offices are generally the prime targets for crimes to occur. Luckily, with the advancements in plastic technology, you can flip the weakest point of your properties into a structurally sound spot that can protect you from unexpected events. The 3M’s security window film is what will achieve the level of security that you need in case of an emergency. Here’s how plastic does this.

Security glasses and films

As glass became one of the most used material in vehicles and buildings, the increasing number of glass-related injuries have become the most pressing concerns for glass manufacturers. They started investing heavily in the material’s structural integrity and molecular bondings. This resulted in the rapid advancement of safety glass. From bulletproof glass to impact and shatterproof glass, the technology has always been evolving to provide people with the most security possible. However, there are still concerns about the price and difficulties in the installment process.

This is where 3M comes in. They invented a security film that can be applied to a glass surface that holds it together, providing a frame that holds the broken glass shards from flying into people and objects behind the glass. On top of this, the glass pane acts as a container for glass shards, allowing for easy cleanup and replacements with minimal risk of injury. This will upgrade your home and business’ windows to the 16 CFR and ANSI Z97 level of federal safety code. 3M doesn’t stop there. They have incorporated micro-layer construction technology which ensures that the film is tear resistant. This ensures that the glass can withstand repeated impacts, and even make the glass pane as strong as a ballistic security door. Additionally, the 3M also provides security films for cars, as well as tinted films.

Variety to fit your needs

You can choose from a large variety of strengths for the film that will serve your needs. For example, the Ultra series is a clear film that appears almost invisible, is perfect for a shop display window. The film is 6.6 – 8.5ml which and filtrates up to 97% of UV radiation. This will ensure that your display remains crisp for longer. You can also customize your tint density and adhesives, for example, a 50% density light film which provides both obscurity, safety and thermal control and bond the film to your window frame. 3M provides a limited lifetime warranty for its products to ensure that your film will best serve you for many years to come.If you’re interested in a 3M product but isn’t sure about which one you might need, feel free to consult with our experts for free advice and quotations. We can work with any size project; from car, windows to house windows and veranda doors, or even large offices, we are equipped for any type of job.

Security films are designed to protect you and your properties without fail. If safety is on top of your priorities, getting security window film is perfect for you, NuVision Solutions specialises in window tilt & window film that is effective for security & health purposes – get in touch today to see how we can help.


How to Choose the Right Commercial Window Film

Every day, more companies choose to outfit their office windows with window film. There are so many benefits to take advantage of that business owners just can’t deny. Some of the reasons that businesses choose to apply film to their windows are because it’s cost-effective, it makes the workplace more comfortable, it enhances safety and security, and it extends the lifespan of furniture and equipment inside.

There are so many good things that commercial window tint can do for your workplace. You will be able to enjoy bright natural sunlight without having to worry about annoying glare and dangerous UV rays. The temperature of your office will be more pleasant and your windows will look amazing from the outside. You will even save money on energy bills!

There are several film colors, darkness, and styles that you can choose from. The options you have will depend on your purpose to install the film. Let’s look at a couple different types of window tint and what type of businesses they would be good for.


Is there a lot of sun in your area? If so, you probably know that the large windows that allow so much beautiful sunlight in also makes the desks nearby incredibly hot. A lot of people also experience glare in their workspaces. Because employees aren’t comfortable, they won’t be working as efficiently.

This is where solar window film comes in. This type of window tint allows that great natural light to come in, while making sure your employees aren’t bothered by glare and dangerous UV rays. They can enjoy a beautiful environment while still being comfortable in a corporate office.


This type of window film is made to keep high amounts of heat from penetrating your glass and making the interior hot. If your business requires a work environment at a cooler temperature but still wants to enjoy natural light, this is the film for you. It’s also great for companies that need to control the temperature indoors or businesses that prioritize a cool, comfortable environment.


If you’re a creative company, decorative window film is the one for you. Your company is based on aesthetics and creativity, and what better way to give off that impression than to have a stylish office building? It’s a good way to make a statement while still enjoying the practical benefits of window film. It will filter the light coming in through your windows while keeping you trendy and fresh.


This type of window film is great for companies that sell valuable goods. If you are a bank, a gallery, a jewelry store, or anything of the like, this may be the one for you. If you choose, you can get a transparent protective window film so that people can still clearly see inside the glass. However, the glass won’t break very easily and even if it does, it often won’t shatter.

This is a great way to add a level of security to your goods. It reinforces breakable windows and glass cases while still allowing great visibility. Additionally, it will keep UV rays out so the goods inside are not damaged.


Some businesses may not want to be seen at all. If that is your case, then opt for reflective window film. It keeps the temperature comfortable and the UV rays out while making sure people cannot peer inside. It also makes your windows look a lot more expensive and classy.

This is a great option for, say, a bakery that is concealing the baking process. Instead of having your employees work in a closed off dark room, allow them to enjoy natural light while still keeping operations hidden.

Whatever your purpose for getting window tint, there is sure to be one to fit your needs. You can enjoy an aesthetic, comfort, and security upgrade in a lot less than it would take to completely replace your windows. Want to know what the best option for your business would be? Contact Nuvision Solutions today!





The benefits of getting a Window Tint for your Office

I’m sure that as a business owner, you’ve seen the difference between the productivity levels of comfortable employees and the productivity levels of those in an uncomfortable environment. Therefore, as a business owner, you’d want to make sure that the workspaces of your employees are comfortable in order to foster a good working environment. What better way to boost your employees’ workspaces than with window film?

The benefits of tinting your office windows

They’re just windows. Why does it really matter if they have thin plastic sheets on them or not? Well, window film does more than just color your windows. It can greatly improve your employees’ workplace, thus increasing their productivity, and thereby raising your profits. In a comfortable environment, your team will be working harder and feeling more cared for as you’ve helped protect their health and wellbeing. Shall we take a look at a couple specific advantages?

Reduce glare on screens

By applying film on your office windows, your employees will be able to see their screens better. Glare often reduces employee productivity, even causing them to experience headaches, migraines, and the like. Help them work more comfortably with window tints.

Help temperature regulation

When your employees are in a comfortable working environment, they’ll be working more productively. Poor window insulation often means that desks near windows are uncomfortably warm, while those near air conditioners are uncomfortably cold. Window film can do wonders for the overall temperature of the office, so there won’t be too many hot or cold spots. This ensures that your employees will be comfortable, no matter where they are sitting.

Improve privacy and security

Window film is great for your privacy and security. If you choose a darker or more reflective tint color, you’ll find that it’s harder to peer into your office from the outside. This makes the inside safer and more secure, while also keeping your employees less distracted. Since it’s difficult to look in and see all the expensive equipment you have inside, burglars will be less inspired to break in as well.

Safeguard your team from UV light

Your team is just as vulnerable to harmful UV light as you are. With our protecting window film, you can keep up to 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays outside. You and your employees will then be less likely to develop dangerous skin conditions and the myriad of other things that UV light can do.

Save energy dollars

Your energy bill is probably pretty pricey each month. A business costs enough to run as it is, so why not save some energy dollars and put it to something else? With window film, your windows are better insulated and heat is not lost as quickly. You’ll be saving money while keeping your team comfortable in their workspaces.

Boost office look

Who doesn’t like an aesthetically-appealing office building? You can boost the look of your office with window film without having to renovate anything! It will make your office building look a lot more modern and chic, while also allowing you to enjoy all the practical benefits.

NuVision Solutions provide high-quality window tinting services for office buildings in Greater Melbourne & Australia – get in touch today to see how we can help!




7 Great Benefits of Getting Tinted windows for your home

Many people consider window tinting something that adds to the aesthetic value of your home, but does little else. People associate window tinting with cars, and the movie industry has built up an assumption in our mind that tinted windows are for FBI, celebrities, and the mafia. Therefore, it is often surprising for people to find out that window tinting can be done in homes and offices as well, and it has a whole host of practical benefits. Modern homes value natural light, and thus many home designs involve a lot of glass windows. This is when window tinting especially comes in handy. In this article, we will address a few major benefits of home window tinting.

Maximize your budget.

Paying a little for window film can save you a lot of money in the long run. A great feature of window tinting is its ability to reduce your energy bill at the end of the month. Solar window film limits the heat and UV rays coming into your home while still allowing you to enjoy the beautiful light. That way, your cooling system won’t have to work so hard to cool your house in the summer, and during the winter, the heat won’t escape as easily. You don’t have to buy new efficient windows for your home – all you have to do is apply film to your existing ones! Then, you can take your saved energy costs and spend it on something else.

Protect your home furnishings.

It takes time to pick out the perfect furniture that looks great and is practical too. Why waste the effort by letting it fade out with the sun? Apply window tints to make your furniture last longer. You won’t have to close the blinds to protect your furniture anymore. Go ahead and enjoy the sunlight without worrying about damaging your furniture, carpeting, artwork, flooring, and other knick knacks.

Safeguard your skin from dangerous UV rays.

On a bright sunny beach day, you’d be sure to slather on some sunscreen before hitting the water. But would you put on sunscreen before you spend a day reclining in your living room? Most people don’t fully realize how dangerous UV rays can be, even while you’re indoors. Glass does not keep these harmful rays outdoors, and it will find a way in. With window film, however, you can block up to 99.9% of dangerous UV rays, leaving you to enjoy the lovely natural light and warmth that the sun offers.

Keep glass from shattering.

There is always a chance for your windows to break, whether it is due to an attempted robbery or a baseball gone astray. Window film helps to reinforce your windows so that even if they break, it is less likely for the glass to shatter everywhere and injure the people inside. Film can be especially helpful in storm-prone locations or areas where vandalism is unsurprising.

Reduce glare.

Natural light can be absolutely lovely, and can really upgrade the look and feel of your home. That being said, it can also be annoying when you are working or binge-watching Friends. The bright light can result in a glare across your screens, which can be not only irritating, but painful for your eyes. With window film, you can have natural light without glare, so you can sob over Rachel and Ross living their best lives.


Enjoy your privacy. One of the reasons to have a home in the first place is to have a private space of your own. Sadly, your big beautiful windows may get you a little bit more company than you’d like. With window tints, you can protect the inside of your home from prying eyes, while still letting the pleasant light inside.

Earn some style points.

When all is said and done, window tints can add to your home’s aesthetic value. There are loads of practical benefits, but this one is just a bonus. If you love the look of stained glass windows but hate the price of purchasing them, window films may be the answer for you. You could even get the frosted glass effect for extra privacy as well. Many people opt for dark tints to look like high-end windows. Yes, it’s really that easy to instantly upgrade the curb appeal of your home. Who knows – if you decide to sell, it may get you a higher price!

At NuVision Solutions, we specialise in window tinting for residential & commercial properties. Contact us today to see how we can help!


The Cost of Commercial Window Tinting

The price of tinting the windows of your office building can differ, depending on a few things.

Down below, we will go over the basics so you can ensure that you aren’t being grossly overcharged for this service. If you want to cut costs even further by installing the film yourself, look to the internet to see which film is right for you.

Type of Film

 The most obvious factor that plays a part in the price of your commercial window tints is the type of film that you have chosen. Basic solar film often installed at a flat rate. This type of film is very easy to find, and it should cost anywhere from 5 to 7 dollars for a square foot. Seasoned installers may charge a little bit more, but their quality of work will definitely surpass the cheaper installers. Make sure that you inquire about a warranty. The majority of high quality films will come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Oftentimes, a residential window tint warranty will be much longer than a commercial one. Additionally, it usually only considers interior films – exterior ones are more subject to other factors like weather. If they do have a warranty, it will be significantly shorter.

Size of Windows

 Even a small office building usually has quite a bit more glass to tint compared to your home. You will have to pay more. If it is too pricey for you to handle, you could opt to install it yourself. Purchasing your own film should cost no more than 3 dollars per square foot, so you’d be saving around half of what you would be spending if a professional were installing it.

Location of Windows

If installing tints on your windows involves tall ladders, too much cleaning, or anything more than what a normal install should involve, you will probably get charged an additional fee. If you are hiring for just a few windows, inquire whether there is a minimum trip charge. At times, it is not worth it for installers to come for small jobs, so you may want to consider adding a couple more windows or asking your office neighbours whether they’d be interested in tinting their windows too.

At NuVision Solutions, we specialise in window tinting for residential & commercial properties. Contact us today to see how we can help!

Added Benefits of a Window Tint

To most people, the thought of tinted windows triggers an image of a fancy sports car. Yet, the best windows to tint are not that of your car, but rather that of your home. Tinting the windows of your home allows you to take advantage of the benefits such as reducing your monthly expenses and protecting your skin. It is certainly an enduring way for smart homeowners to spend their money.

Boosted curb appeal

Your house is an investment. Even later on in life, if you choose to rent it out or sell it, it will still be providing you with financial security. Therefore, many people choose to tint their windows to enhance the value of their homes. Tinting is a way to instantly boost the look of your house’s exterior. It also lasts a lot longer than a fresh coat of paint or great lawn landscaping, which needs constant maintenance.


Increased privacy

Part of having a house is having privacy. Window tinting allows you to protect your home, yourself, and your possessions from prying eyes. Dark window tint acts like a mirror – people outside will find it more difficult to peer inside your home. Besides giving you more personal privacy, you will also be enhancing security as your valuables are not in plain sight, discouraging thieves.


Reduced costs

As soon as the electricity bill comes around after you’ve gotten your windows tinted, you will see the savings that this decision resulted in. Cooling and heating your home can be heavy on your utility bills, and although it probably won’t be a huge sum, there will certainly be a significant difference when your tinted windows diminish the entry and exit of heat in the interiors of your home.

Less glare

Glare on your TV or laptop screen has the ability to turn a relaxing movie into an irritating activity. You may find yourself throwing a blanket over your window or installing blinds just to enjoy your late afternoon Netflix binges. Tinting your windows will let you use your screens in peace by lessening glare. Additionally, you will still get to enjoy a good amount of sunlight at reasonable levels.

Protects your property

Sun damage fades your furnishings over time. Although it may seem like no big deal at first, your curtains and favorite sofa will fade. Window tinting helps protect your property by lowering the sunlight and UV rays penetrating your window. Your carpets, furniture, and other decor will surely benefit from longer lifespans.

At NuVision Solutions, we specialise in window tinting for homes. Contact us today to see how we can help!