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3 Easy Steps to Safely Clean Your Solar Window Films – Our Guide

Solar window films are effective in making your home a more comfortable place to live in as it blocks the harmful UV rays, gives you privacy, and even reduces indoor heat and excessive brightness during the summer. Additionally, they can give your humble abode a brand new look.

Similar to how you take care of brand new items, you will want to keep your newly installed solar windows clean and crystal clear. While they do need to be periodically cleaned, you must follow certain rules to clean them properly without damaging them.

In this article, we will share three easy steps to safely clean your solar window films:


1. Wait

You read that right; don’t reach for your cleaning materials right away, especially if the solar window film was only recently installed. Keep in mind that you need to wait for at least 30 days so that the films can cure and settle in. Additionally, there may not be much to clean during this period, so take a breather for the first month because cleaning right away can affect the fit and appearance of the film.

If you are bothered about fogginess or little bubbles that are starting to form on the window, fret not. This is normal and is likely caused by a small amount of moisture left under the film during its installation, and this should disappear in a few weeks. If it does not disappear after three months, however, that’s the time to get in touch with your solar window film installer.


2. Have the right cleaning materials

When caring for your solar windows, you must be cautious with the cleaning products and equipment you use to avoid damaging the film. For example, you must avoid using abrasive tools and cleaners, such as scouring pads, brushes, rough paper towels, and newspapers as well as baking soda because these can scratch and cut the film.

It’s best to use soft and lint-free towels like washable and reusable microfiber cloths. However, don’t use fabric softener when washing these as it can leave a smudge on your windows that can be hard (and frustrating) to remove.

Another smart option is to invest in a high-quality window cleaning scrubber that is specifically made and designed to clean windows, as well as those with films. At the same time, make sure that the scrubber you are getting does not have an abrasive layer or border to avoid unknowingly scratching the film.


3. Proceed to clean the windows

After you have let the first 30-day period pass and you have gathered all the right cleaning materials, it’s time to clean your windows!

The first step is to spray your soapy solution on the window surface thoroughly and spread it using a damp window scrubber or microfiber towel. Then, gently press on the areas with stubborn stains or fingerprints to remove them safely without damaging the film.

After you’re satisfied, rinse the solution from the window with water and repeat as much as necessary to make sure the soapy solution is completely rinsed off. After that, remove the water with a squeegee. In doing so, remember to always start from the top and work your way down, and to wipe the squeegee dry and clean every time. Lastly, use a separate and dry lint-free cloth to wipe off any remaining water in the margins and corners of your window.



Following these general instructions can help you clean your solar window films safely. However, if you do not have the time (or the confidence) to wash the windows by yourself, you can always seek help from your window tinting installer.

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Home Improvement – 3 Advantages of Home Window Tinting

Most Australians are well aware of how harmful the sun’s rays can be outdoors, but did you know that it can also affect you inside your home? Natural sunlight helps you save up for energy costs in the day and give the feeling of wide spaces due to the brightness inside your rooms. However, large windows can also make your home too exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays. With home window tinting options, it allows you to increase your protection from the sun’s harmful rays and the security and value of your property.


The benefits of window tinting

Windows allow homes to have proper lighting and ventilation entry points so that homeowners can save on energy costs, especially during harsh weather conditions. However, many people also face issues with maintaining large windows, such as the scratching from debris and its tendency to break and shatter easily. Window tinting solves these issues by providing varying types of protection to shield your windows from future damage.

In this article, we will share three advantages of installing window tinting to your homes: 

1. Enhanced protection and insulation

Extended exposure to UV rays will slowly cause deterioration of your skin over time. At the same time, your furniture and carpets are also prone to losing their colour from the heat of the sun. This affects not just heavy furniture but also fragile items like artworks and books because their materials will degrade with overexposure.

Windows aren’t only exposed to the sun’s rays but also with harsh weathering conditions. This is why tinted windows can act as effective forms of insulation that trap the air inside your house. In doing so, it allows you to reduce the amount of cold and heat that enters your home, making your energy consumption for heating and cooling systems cheaper in the long run.


2. Improved security and privacy

Many modern home designs include areas for wide windows to maximise the presence of natural light to the property’s interiors, similar to greenhouse designs. However, some home buyers might be concerned about being too exposed to these design choices. Window tinting allows buildings with wide window frames to have an increased level of security and privacy.

Different tinting treatments have various safety benefits like shatter-proofing and increased durability to protect it from break-ins or debris from rainfall and dust storms. This essentially gives an added layer of security to your property.


3. Increased appeal to future home buyers

If you’re looking forward to putting your property in the real estate market, you need to make sure that the renovations you perform today can increase your property’s value in the future. Tinted windows provide an affordable solution in refurbishing your windows without spending on expensive frames to do the trick.

Creative treatments like frosted glass tints are perfect not just for your interior glass panels but also for your home’s windows. The addition of these design options will easily increase your property’s appeal towards potential buyers.



In making home installations, you need to weigh the functional and aesthetic purpose of what you’ll be adding to your property. Window tinting not only gives an improvement to your property’s design but it also prolongs your windows’ durability and lifespan.

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Safe and Securely Tinted – The Benefits of Window Tinting

While window tinting is quite common in many commercial buildings, it is often seen as a luxury rather than an essential for many residential spaces. This could be due to the fact that not many people are aware of their benefits, which extend well past providing privacy.

To give you a better idea of what window tinting can provide your space, whether it is commercial or residential, here are a few advantages that it provides that make it a worthwhile long-term investment:


1. Protecting yourself and valuables from harsh UV rays

Excessive exposure to the harmful UV rays from the sun can lead to common skin defects and diseases such as skin cancer. Window tinting helps protect you from these risks, as their design allows them to filter out these intense rays. This minimises your daily exposure, even at the peak of the day or during really intense summer weather.

Your furniture can benefit from window tinting as well, especially when you forget to shut the window curtains and inadvertently expose your appliances and furniture to harsh sunlight. Harsh sunlight can cause your furniture to fade in colour, overheat, and reduce in terms of its longevity. Some types of furniture surfaces, such as plastic and wood, can even crack or warp from overexposure.


2. Ensuring personal space privacy and security

Window tinting offers a layer of protection and privacy for your space. The shade of the window tint will obstruct the vision of any potential burglar or peeping tom. Your house may be located in a busy neighbourhood or not but window tints will nevertheless be a great safety protocol to have just in case.

Window tints also have the added benefit of minimising the chances of your space being potentially broken into. There are special window tints made to have a resilient bond with your window. This holds the structural integrity of the window and reduces severe damage when the windows are hit with blunt force. Overall glass damage and repair will also be kept to a minimum.


3. Aiding in general energy efficiency

Office window tinting is one of the energy efficiency solutions made for specific office buildings. This is because it saves office money when it’s time to pay the electricity bill. Ruling out sunlight means ruling out the heat it brings, so air-conditioned rooms with window tints will quickly become cool once the AC is turned on. You don’t even need to turn it up to its highest setting, cool air also stays longer in the room. Just imagine what it can do for a household and other residential spaces.


Conclusion: Find a commercial window tinting expert!

Window tinting has proven to be beneficial for offices, commercial space, and even households. This is because they are looking to protect their space from further deterioration and put them up as a layer of protection. You may have not been in the know about window tinting and its benefits and now may see that it is a viable option. Luckily, there are on-call window tint experts to help make your view from the window safer and overall more pleasant.

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How Can Window Films Help Address Your Migraine Problem?

Do you find yourself dealing with migraines constantly? It might just be because of the sunlight! Sunlight is one of the major causes of migraines—one that many people are, unfortunately, all too familiar with.

If you live in a home that is a tad bit too bright because of the sun and are experiencing recurring migraines as a result, you should consider having window films installed in your residential property.


Migraine and the Sun

How does the sun trigger migraines exactly? Well, first, let us talk about what a migraine is. A lot of people tend to believe that a migraine is just a headache. However, it is so much more than that. Other than the extreme pain you might feel in the head, migraines are also followed by a variety of other symptoms such as nausea.

So, what does the sun have to do with migraines? For some people, the sun and other sources of bright light can trigger the throbbing pain. The longer they are exposed to sunlight, the more frequent they will experience the painful condition. Unfortunately, for many of them, going into the house does not help either. That is because sunlight can still enter the home.

This is where window films present a practical solution. Depending on the film itself, up to 99 per cent of the UV rays from the sun are absorbed and prevented from entering your home. This helps reduce your exposure to the sun and, as a result, significantly helps in the reduction of migraine frequency within your property.


Window Film Selection

Before you go ahead and start tinting your windows, you need to do a few things first. For instance, check with your local regulations as to whether window tinting is allowed. In some places, you cannot install films that are darker than a certain percentage. Also, since there are many types of films you can pick from, selecting the right one is also vital.

With that, focus on the windows that face the east and west. That is where the sun rises and sets, respectively, and any windows exposed on those sides will allow a lot of sun in. As for the films you should be picking, choose the ones that are of the highest quality. This will ensure that most of the UV rays are blocked and that the film itself will have a longer lifetime.

If you are dealing with migraines at the workplace, you can take it up with your boss to talk about installing films. Share with him or her the benefits to be gained, such as reducing energy costs and increasing worker productivity. This will give you a much higher chance of getting your office windows tinted, allowing you to perform at work better.



Migraines can seriously hinder your ability to perform properly on a day-to-day basis. After all, a throbbing headache is not something anyone in their right minds would want to deal with.

Put the time and effort to get your property window tinted. While that might be an investment to make, know that it is going to pay itself off not only with costs saved but also in allowing you to enjoy a much happier life!

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4 Stunning Features of Ceramic Window Films for Your Home

Ceramic window film: If you’ve been living in Australia or are about to move into your next home, you may have heard about this upgrade while searching for other home improvement options in the market.

As opposed to most conventional options that are available, ceramic window film has become a sought-after fixture for many homeowners because of the immense benefits it provides. Instead of just being a window treatment option that makes a home more beautiful, this revolutionary upgrade combines form and function to achieve the best experience for any homeowner.

While this upgrade has been widely talked about, you probably have one particular question in mind: “Why should I invest in a ceramic window film?”

Although there are many reasons to invest in this upgrade, the question at hand is best answered with concrete examples than just sales talk. Generally, most ceramic window film choices in the market are multi-purpose in nature because of all the different functions that they can perform when chosen and installed correctly.

In the sections below, we will share with you four essential features and functions that can be found in ceramic window films:

1. Heat reduction

 One of the leading functions that any ceramic window film option fulfils is the all-essential purpose of heat reduction. Thanks to its highly-detailed construction and consistent development, this key upgrade can be used to dish out heat absorption capabilities that will save your home from flaring up in the midst of the Australian heat!

2. Fade prevention 

One of the most common threats that any home faces is an excessive amount of sunlight that can pierce through windows and eventually cause the finishes on various furniture and fixtures to prematurely fade. With a dependable layer of ceramic window film, you’ll be able to prevent these fade-causing UV rays from entering home and wreaking havoc on your well-loved interior!

3. Energy savings

It may sound quite impossible at first, but the touted energy-saving benefits of this window film option are definitely as true as claimed.

Aside from cutting out unwanted UV rays and controlling glare, ceramic window films also act as a great insulator that keeps the climate in your home as intact as possible even as external conditions rage on. By keeping a firm hold on how warm or cold your home should be, you can take out a significant amount of stress off of your HVAC system, leading to significant reductions in your energy bills!

4. Safety

Above all else, what truly makes ceramic window films stand out from the rest of its alternatives is that it does a superior job in ensuring the safety of any household. Having this product on each of your windows can save you thousands of dollars in the long run because it acts as a break-proof layer and a barrier against peering eyes from the outdoors!



Sometimes, it doesn’t take a fortune to give your home the very protection and comfort that you need. In fact, all it takes is a layer of protection in the form of ceramic window films! As outlined above, you stand to benefit from heat reduction, fade prevention, every savings, and safety.

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Affordable Solutions to Burglar Proof Your Property – Our Guide

It’s not enough that your home and office look good. You need to make your place secure, too. An estimated 2.5 per cent of households in Australia experienced at least one break-in between 2016 and 2017, and if you want to avoid being part of the statistic, you need to take your property’s security very seriously.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution for your home or office protection, below are some of our suggestions. Each one won’t necessarily cost you much, but they’re highly effective nonetheless.


Add a window lock

Windows are an access point for any burglar, and they should be one of your priorities when improving your property’s security. Replace your standard locks with an upgraded one. Your local hardware store should have an easy-to-install window lock that is also tamper-resistant.

Expert burglars nowadays might have mastered the access to standard window locks, so don’t make it any easier for them. Additionally, make sure you apply the same upgrade to your sliding doors as well.


Add spiky plants around the house

This isn’t anything new. For several years, spiny shrubs and trees have been used as a defensive barrier. Thorny plants scattered around your property perimeter can serve as a deterrent to any thief. Their goal is to go in and out of a house quickly, and seeing spiky plants can discourage them from entering. Moreover, once they enter and get pricked by any of these plants, they might leave their DNA or other evidence that you can use against them.

Decorate your home or office with protective plants such as rose bushes, blackberry bushes, cacti, holly trees, and Globe Centaurea. Besides acting as your defence against break-ins, they can serve as beautiful decor around your space as well.


Add an alarm sign

An alarm system can be pretty expensive, but a sign display that says your office or home is protected by one is fairly cheap. You can ask a neighbour if they have an extra one they don’t need, or you could just print one out yourself. Place it somewhere on your property where it’s visible. It’s a simple and clever way to deter thieves from entering your property.


Get multiple door locks and deadbolts

 A thief won’t break-in unprepared. They would have some idea of how to break open your door, so don’t make the experience simple for them. You can do this by adding multiple locks and deadbolts to your front and back entryways. Additionally, you can supplement these with a more advanced security system such as a keypad lock.


Get a dog 

Burglars don’t want attention. If you have a noisy dog barking every night in your house, then it can surely discourage thieves from breaking in. Besides having a cute security guard, you’d have a loyal playmate to cuddle with.


Add safety and security window films on your windows and glass doors

Another simple way of increasing security in your property is by adding security window films on your window glasses. Window films are not only made to protect your house from the entry of harmful UV rays, but they can also act as a security system on their own in two ways. One, they prevent outsiders from seeing the insides of your office and home. Two, they can turn the fragile glass of your windows and doors into stronger surfaces, making it difficult for intruders to shatter them and get in.

Let’s say a burglar throws a rock at your windows and your window glass is covered with a security film. It might get cracked, but the entire glass will remain intact. However, this will only work if the film is high-quality, so make sure you get your security film tints from trusted suppliers.



Getting security systems for homes and offices is an effective way to protect any property from intrusion. While these systems can sometimes be expensive, the good news is that you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune to give yourself a similar level of security. With the affordable suggestions above, you can give your place enough security to prevent burglars from breaking in.

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Home Improvement – How Can Security Film Protect Your Home

In securing a home, most people rely on heavy-duty entrances and exits as their primary source of security. Using solid doors paired with deadbolts are popular options for homeowners who want to add an extra layer of safety to their properties. Unfortunately, since most of the security attachments are made in these areas, most residential homeowners forget to protect their home’s most vulnerable components.

The conventional way of protecting windows is through the installation of grills to barricade windows. However, this provides an unattractive aesthetic and can prove to be an emergency hazard by preventing you from escaping through the window during emergencies. An alternative solution to this problem is installing security film to your windows.


What is a security film made of?

Security window film is made up of polyester film compressed to laminated layers, ranging from 4 to 14 mils. Each layer is laminated through each other by using special adhesives. The thicker the film is, the higher its strength of break resistance.

For typical residential and business security properties, window security film thickness can range from 8-14mils. That makes for a robust and durable layer of protection that can withstand 400 pounds of force.


Improving your home’s security

Window security film’s primary purpose is to increase a window glass’s shatter resistance and blunt force durability. That makes for an effective countermeasure against burglars and the constant wear and tear of harsh weather conditions. Not only will you make your windows burglar-free, but it will also improve their capacity to handle storms and hurricanes that carry sharp and coarse debris to your windows.

The basic protection that a security film can provide is a standard 7-8 mils thick layer that’s durable enough to handle small scratches. This layer of thickness is effective in treating damages from scratching pets or hurricane debris.

Besides its protection from environmental damage, window security film also keeps your home shatter-resistant. Some security film brands offer solar window film, which adds an extra layer of UV protection from the sun.


Installing security film

Security film is installed to your pre-existing windows by placing clean measurements of the film to your windows’ area. There are two methods to install security film: daylight and anchored.

The Daylight method is the easiest to install as it doesn’t fit directly to your window’s frame, removing the need for precision. It requires leaving a gap between the window frame and the film’s edges which secure your window’s centre, but not the entire structure.

The Anchored method involves attaching to the window frame instead of attaching solely on the glass. The film extends to the metal battens, which allows the opposite layers of film to hug the glass and the frame firmly, providing the extra durability that installing security films offer.

Though you might be willing to buy window film for your home, you should leave it to the professionals when it comes to installation. Doing so will ensure that you won’t run into the issue of having creases and air bubbles due to inexperience in handling the material.



When it comes to your property’s design, you should always explore alternative ways to deal with what it lacks and what it needs. There are plenty of modern solutions in the market that can solve your needs for both aesthetic improvement and enhanced security. Installing security film to your windows is a cost-efficient and long-lasting investment that can increase your home’s security without bankrupting your renovation funds.

If you’re looking to buy Safety and Security films in Melbourne online in Australia, we’re are happy to help, our expert team specialize in window film applications for residential and Commercial clients.

Mirrored Window Film – Here’s Why You Should Choose It for Your Home

Mirrored window film offers a modern sense of security, and adds a sleek look to your home. For years, window film has been used in car windows and commercial buildings for added privacy, and to reduce the harmful effects from the sun and the elements. Why wouldn’t you want this innovative product in your home as well? For this article, we’ll answer questions about mirrored window film and why, out of all the types of window films, mirrored ones should be your top choice.


Proven high-quality privacy for your home

Mirrored film is a quality product that can give your window a magical one-way mirror type finish—the type you see in those police detention centre scenes in movies. From the outside, viewers will only be able to see their own reflections, while you, on the inside, will still be able to enjoy the view outside your home. The privacy film will still allow sunlight to enter your home, so you don’t have to worry about it blocking out natural light. One-way mirror film works by using different layers, namely an external layer that bounces rays of light off of the window, as well as an interior layer that reflects at night or when it is dark. This material is used in vehicle windows as well, as it offers an additional safety measure along with added protection from UV rays.


When is mirrored window film effective?

Mirrored film is usually effective only in daylight, as it works by refracting bright lights to create a reflective effect. During these times, you will be able to see from inside-out, while at night, the effect is the opposite, due to the interior facing side of the film having a reflective effect. This proves to not be too big of an issue for most, as night time is when blinds and curtains are usually drawn in for privacy. Using lights at home at night will allow people to see into the windows, which is why it is best to use curtains for extra safety.

This is best in the day because, since many people spend their daylight hours away from the house, thieves are more likely to break in due to nobody being home. With a mirrored window film, any potential thieves will have no idea what’s inside your home.

To answer the question of whether or not a mirrored film is effective, the answer is yes, but specifically at a certain time. The film works best in daylight, at a 100 per cent reflection rate depending on the type used. However, at night, interior lights will allow people to see inwards.


What other options do you have for privacy window film?

There are many different types of film, with mirrored ones only being a few of the kinds available. There are also products such as Frostbite, which gives a sandblasted appearance to your windows using a glazing technique, blocking the view from both sides of the glass. Solid colour vinyl panels are used for completely blocking light and the view for maximum security, while printed graphics may also be used in place of those.



 Privacy is definitely important in today’s world. The best thing to do to ease any anxiety and stress about a lack of security is to invest in home privacy methods. While these can certainly be expensive, mirrored window films offer an attractive and cost-effective alternative solution.

Looking for commercial or residential window tinting in Melbourne? Get in touch with us to find out more about privacy and security methods for your home or business!

Our Guide to Total Solar Energy Rejected in Window Films

Homeowners and business owners alike invest in ways to enhance the value of their property and improve its functionality. A cost-effective way to optimize the beauty of your space is by investing in window films, which goes beyond being an accessory for your window treatment.

Not only does it add a touch of elegance to your property, but window films provide privacy, security, and ventilation. You can say that it pays for itself through the years as window films also contribute to energy savings as it improves the efficiency of your internal temperature control.


A Deeper Look at the Specifications of a Window Film

Speaking of which, not all window films are made the same. It comes with different specifications that cater to various needs – from controlling visible light transmission to the IR rejection, UV rejection, and finally adjusting the total solar energy rejected (TSER).

If you’re looking for a window film that can help you control the heat that is leaving or entering your property, looking into total solar energy rejection provides the perfect window of opportunity.


What is Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER)?

By definition, TSER describes the total amount of heat from the sun’s solar energy, which is rejected by the window film. The higher the number of the TSER, the more heat is rejected, making it an excellent choice for homes or skyscraper buildings that are always in sunny spots.


What are the Specifications that Make Up Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER)?

When understanding the science behind TSER, it’s easy to confuse infrared (IR) rejection with it. While infrared does contribute to heat, it doesn’t encompass TSER as it only takes up over half of the total solar energy. To consider the TSER, you would need to look at the following:

  • 4 percent of UV Rays (0-380nm)
  • 43 percent of Visible Light (380nm-780nm)
  • 53 Percent of Infrared Rays (780nm-2500nm)

The infrared rays are the primary source of heat, but other factors come into play, such as the UV rays and visible light. In that regard, most markets provide a standard 30 percent to 80 percent TSER.


What Do the Percentages of the Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER) Mean?

As mentioned above, the higher the number of the TSER, the greater the amount of total solar energy is rejected. Visually speaking, a high percentage of TSER means that the window film will be darker, which means less light will penetrate through your windows.

If visible light is important to you, especially in home settings where you would prefer more natural light to illuminate the space, finding the right percentage is crucial.


Choosing the Best Window Film Specifications that Meet Your Needs

Understanding how a TSER works and the different effects of its varying percentages should help you determine the best specifications for your window film.

If you’re looking for a residential or commercial window tinting service in Melbourne to install total solar energy rejected (TSER) for your window treatments, we’re your best option. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

3 Factors to Consider When Installing Films for French Doors – What to Know

Have you seen a traditional-looking set of double windows, where both windows swing open either inwards or outwards? These are called French Doors and Windows, a very visually-pleasing type of window that became popular in the 17th century and continue to exist in many houses up to this day.

If you have French Doors and Windows, chances are you’ve thought about installing window films. However, home window tinting for French windows and Doors can be quite a challenge, as they have elaborate designs and the ability to allow a huge amount of natural lights in.

Fret not, as we’ve got some valuable window tinting tips for you. Here are three factors to consider when installing window films on your French Doors and Windows:

1. Installation cost and time

When looking for films for your French Doors and Windows, you have to factor in the installation itself. And when it comes to this, you have to consider two major things, time and cost:

  • Installation time:

    Installing films or tints on French windows may take time due to the size of the window glass, as compared to regular windows. As you can see, French windows consist of individual panels separating the glass. These require individually cut films to be installed on each glass division, thereby increasing the installation time.


  • Installation cost:

    As installing window tinting onto French windows takes time, the labour cost can increase as well. Know that the longer the installation takes, the higher the installation cost will be. Hence, choose an installer that can deliver on time while charging a reasonable price.



2. Reputation and experience of installer/manufacturer

As mentioned above, home window tinting for French windows can be more complicated than standard windows. You may need an expert to avoid any damages on your French windows and doors. You may also need a professional installer to maintain the aesthetics and functionality of your French windows.

For this reason, it’s best to check the reputation and experience of installers or manufacturers when scouting for professionals. Apart from getting recommendations from friends or family, you have to conduct research and check online reviews. That is to ensure that you hire the right installer/manufacturer for your French window and Doors tinting project.


3. The quality of window films

Lastly—and most importantly, you have to consider the quality of window films that you’re going to invest in for your French Doors and Windows. As you can see, there is a wide range of window films available in the market, and there are many suppliers that can provide you with your window needs.

However, you have to find window tints that suit your French windows and Doors as well, ones that are made of quality materials and that can last for as long as possible. Ultimately, high-quality window film can protect your family and furniture all while enhancing the visual appeal of your home.



The installation of window films for your French windows and doors can be pretty straightforward. However, to make the installation successful, you have to consider the three factors outlined above: installation cost and timeline, the experience of the installer/manufacturer, and the quality of window films. All these can make a great deal of difference in the window tinting of your French windows.

If you are looking for residential window tinting in Melbourne for your French windows, get in touch with us to see how we can help!