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Why Having a Window Graphics Is Good for Your Business

Having a brick-and-mortar store is a great advantage to business owners because they can go heavy on selling their business offerings inside the place. It is also a place wherein they can place different marketing collaterals without restrictions and limitations. If you’re a business owner who owns a physical store, you may think that you have already utilised all areas of your place to market your business. Well, you might be wrong because there’s still the windowpane that is blank and dull. 

Window panes are often overlooked as a medium for promotion because it is not the standard. However, utilising it for marketing is a fresh and innovative way of improving your business’s identity and aesthetics. If you haven’t considered designing your windows with graphics, here are some of the reasons why you should: 


  1. Window Graphics Can Increase Your Brand Awareness

Think of the passersby in front of your store. Would they know that your store is there or know what your business is all about? If not, then a window graphic design would be your perfect solution to tell them about these details. The goal is to establish the name and your business offering to your customers’ minds. 

A window graphic design can help you achieve the goal because it can clearly showcase your business and help the public remember that you offer what they need. 


  1. Window Graphics Can Show Where Your Business Is Located

While signage above your store can help, some people will not recognise it easily because signages are more visible when at a distance. With window graphics, even those that are close can know that your business is there. It can catch their attention because it is easy to notice due to the eye-level approach. 

Window graphics can also serve as an invite since you can customise the design according to what you want for your storefront. Make it interesting so that you can encourage customers to go inside. 


  1. Window Graphics Can Draw Attention to Sales and Promotions

There’s no other way to make your customer flock in front of your store than by having sales and promotions. However, customer influx because of sales and promotions will not be possible if they are not aware of the current deal. To get your customers to enter the door of your store, you must have an enticing invite and using window graphics for this can be an effective way.


  1. Window Graphics Can Help You Save Money on Marketing Expenses

Placing an advertisement on billboards, screens, radio and other advertising spaces is pretty expensive. On the other hand, window graphics can help you save on marketing expenses since you do not have to pay for the space’s fee. You can post the advertisement at your place of business anytime and anywhere you like without restrictions because the site already belongs to you. That means you only have to set your budget for the production fee, unlike other advertising spaces requiring placement and production fees. 


  1. Window Graphics Can Double the Exposure of Your Business

Promoting your business does not stop from the outside of your store; you must think of your current customers to retain them. You can utilise double-sided window clings to cater to both potential customers from the outside and current customers inside, thereby doubling your business exposure simultaneously. 


Final Thoughts

Window graphics can improve your store business’s design and marketing benefits. It is a worthwhile investment for your business because it opens up growth opportunities that can last for a longer time. You can also choose to replace the design whenever you want; you just need to work with an experienced window graphic supplier and installer. 

NuVision Solutions can help you with your business’s window graphics. We are the leading 3M window film supplier and installer in Melbourne, specialising in printed graphics, decorative window films, commercial window tinting and more. Contact us today to get started!

7 Great Ways a Security Window Film Benefits Businesses

Security is crucial for both small and large businesses. As a business owner, it is your role to protect your company and your employees. While it is essential to secure sensitive information and put locks on your doors, investing in secure windows is necessary. 

The quickest and easiest way to protect windows is by investing in security window film. But what are they and what do they do?

1. Keeps Privacy

There are tinted window security film variants that can provide privacy from inside buildings. They reflect light away from windows, making it more difficult for someone outside to look inside. Although they do not offer complete privacy protection, they can still give you peace of mind as it makes employees inside feel protected.

2. Limits the Damage

It’s common for businesses to experience break-ins. You need to ensure that your windows are covered to prevent this. Storefronts or companies with many products for sale need to have a bit of protection from burglars. Installing window films can make windows shatterproof. 

Instead of breaking, the glass simply sticks to the film while preventing it from spreading and eliminating any mess or injuries. Aside from a break-in, it can also protect the glass from natural disasters.

3. Reduces Energy Consumption

Although there is a budget intended for costs and expenses, businesses still need to cut unwanted costs to save money. Adding a security window film is a quick and easy way to do this. Solar films can block out sunlight and help insulate the building. 

It should keep the space cold during the summer, warmer during the winter. Simply having control over the temperature of your building is a great way to save up on expenses.

4. Eliminates Vandalism

In many areas, vandalism on storefronts is a rampant and common occurrence. Even if you haven’t experienced vandalism in the past, it is better to keep things secure before letting them happen. In most cases, graffiti can be wiped off the window film. In cases where this isn’t possible, simply removing the security film should remove all the markings on your property’s glass windows. The film can also prevent scratching since many varieties are scratch-resistant. 

5. Blocks Harmful UV Rays

UV rays penetrate windows and can cause irreversible damage in the long run. With solar protection on your windows, you lower the chances of UV rays penetrating and causing damage. Installing security window films can also prevent furniture from losing its colour, often caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight.

6. Saves Money

Installing window film is a small investment compared to its big pay-off. As it lowers energy bills, it can also save on repairs and prolong the time before replacements. The best thing about it is that you’ll see the savings almost instantly.

7. Provides Variety

Window films come in different variants depending on how you prefer to use them. There is an invisible film for protection and cleanliness and a tinted film for energy savings and UV ray protection. It does not take much effort to find a security film that suits the needs of your business and works within your budget.



Window film used to be only for aesthetic purposes and design. However, many improvements were made to make them more useful. Today, we can feel secure and protected with these installed on glass panels and windows. In businesses, it is a great way to show your employees that you also care about them as well.

For high-quality 3M window film products and Melbourne, NuVision Solutions is the best place to get them. We have been supplying and installing security window film in Australia for 30 years. With that level of experience, we commit to giving only the best. Check out our selection and choose the one to protect your business today.

5 Effective Tips to Keep Your Window Films Clean & Clear

No one wants a dirty window, yet no one wants it scratched and all fogged up at the same time.

So, if you have window films installed, make sure you take care of them. Yes, they will enhance your home or office. However, once they start getting scratched up and loose at the edges, they lose their appeal and functionality. Lucky for you, taking care of solar and decorative window film is quite simple and easy, and all you need are a few tools, and your windows will look as amazing as the first day they were installed!

In this article, we will share five tips to keep your window films clean and clear:


Use Soft Materials

A privacy window film can easily get scratched, so make sure to use the right cleaning materials. It would be best to avoid paper towels or abrasive sponges. Instead, try using a rubber squeegee, a soft sponge, or a clean microfibre cloth. If you do not have these materials, you can simply use the softest cloth that you have available at home. However, try cleaning the corners first and check if it will scratch the film before you start wiping the entire pane.


Stick to Glass Cleaners

Another way of damaging your window film is by using heavy-duty cleaners. When choosing which one to use, avoid those that contain ammonia since this can ruin the window tint. Instead, go for gentle glass cleaners that come in spray bottles. It will not ruin your window film, and it is much easier to use. Another great option is dishwashing liquid soap diluted in water. 

Pro-tip: Do not soak your windows. Just rinse or wipe it off immediately because soap can leave streaks on your film!


Be Mindful of the Edges

When cleaning your windows, make sure to follow the cut lines of the film. Wash horizontally when you are cleaning the top and bottom of the window, and then do it vertically on the sides. This will prevent your window tint film from coming off from the edges. Do this, and your windows will keep on looking good for a long time!


Dry Immediately

Keep in mind that you must not leave your windows soaking wet and let the sun do the drying because there are two things that may happen. One, this may leave water spots and stains on your window. And two, water can easily get underneath the film and cause bubbling. Just get your rubber squeegee or a dry soft cloth and wipe in the same direction as the seams!


Maintain It Properly

Window films are quite low maintenance, but you still need to take some steps to make sure they stay in place. For starters, clean them regularly but do not apply too much pressure to avoid scratching and tearing. It is also best if you don’t use the same towel on both sides. In fact, the towel you use outdoors may collect some dirt, making it gritty, and if you use the same towel indoors, this may cause some scratches. Lastly, do not pop air bubbles. Once there is a hole in the middle of your window film, soap and water can easily enter it!



Cleaning window films may seem like a significant task at first, but it becomes easier once you know the right steps. Just remember to follow the simple do’s and don’ts that we’ve shared above so that you can keep your window film looking clear and clean for years to come!

If you are looking for high-quality products for your home window tinting in Melbourne, NuVision Solutions is the leading supplier and installer of 3M window film. We also specialise in safety and security films, custom window decals, and graphics and signage. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our products!

6 Different Types of Window Films and Where to Use Them

If you’re looking for ways to improve security in your home, window film might be the perfect solution. Window film is suitable for indoor and outdoor installation on glass surfaces. It can be used in automobiles, boats, and buildings.

Made from a thermoplastic polymer resin, it is a clear, tensile, dimensional, and stable plastic material that lasts a long time. It can be dyed, pigmented, metalised, ceramic, or nano, making it a perfect choice for security and protection.

1. Privacy Window Film

From its name, privacy window film is typically used for windows or glass surfaces where privacy is needed. The privacy window film obscures the view of people looking in, like in a bathroom, a bedroom adjacent to the neighbourhood, or an office building. Despite blocking people from peeping, this type of film does not block daylight, unlike blinds or curtains. 

2. Security Window Film

If you want more protection on glass windows or doors, installing security window film is the best solution. Children can run into the clear glass without realising it while sustaining injuries. 

However, with security window film, the glass will not shatter but stay intact. Commonly used on patios or balcony doors, the government also requires the installation of security window film in child care centres, kindergartens, and schools. The same goes for offices, hotels, and retail businesses. Additionally, it can also obscure vision from potential intruders, preventing illegal access.

3. Visual Indicators

Australian building codes require buildings to have visual indicators on glass surfaces to make them clearly visible. Visual indicators should be installed for offices with floor-to-ceiling windows. Many businesses use frosted window film as an inexpensive and durable solution for safety specifications. However, visual indicators don’t have to be a full-length film. You can use company logos or decorative shapes. 

4. Home Window Tinting

Ultraviolet light is harmful to humans. Tints on windows can help eliminate harmful rays from penetrating houses and other structures. Tinted window film is a cheaper alternative to double glazing while still providing the same results. It also makes the internal temperature cooler, allowing you to save on energy costs. During the winter, it can help trap heat and reduce glare.

5. Decorative Window Film

Using decorative window film can add a sense of creativity to residential and commercial windows. They add privacy while complementing existing decor and expressing personality. They come in a range of colours and can be cut into any pattern desired. 

6. Custom Window Decals

Suitable for both residential and commercial spaces, custom window decals are a way to spice up your windows. They are less permanent, easy to install and work like a charm. If you’re over the design, it’s easy to peel off without leaving adhesive marks on the glass. They come in multiple colours and patterns and in any design or style you want.



Whether you’ll be using the window film for security or protection, design, or adherence to requirements, there is a suitable type for your needs. Get your hands on window film and explore its limitless possibilities.

NuVision Solutions is the leading supplier of 3M window film in Melbourne. We take pride in providing our customers with the highest quality of supplies, regardless of their needs. Our focus is to provide personalised service for every project. Since our strength comes from keeping up to date with design trends, we are able to provide up-to-date solutions. Check out our window film and let us know how we can help you.

3 Things to Consider in Choosing Window Decals

Window decals are an easy way to spruce up a dull window pane. Whether you’re putting it on a window at home or a window in a commercial space, they can elevate your aesthetic. But before buying decals, what are the things that you need to consider?


The Type of Decal

Not many people know that the word decal is an umbrella term for designs printed on specialty paper that sticks to surfaces. There are now many decal types that can be used on windows for varied purposes.

  • Sticker

Stickers have a printed image on one side and adhesive on the other. They are the most common type of decal as they are the most readily available in the market. However, a sticker’s downside is that its stickiness has a shelf life. Although it may start strong, its adhesive degrades over time. 

High temperatures usually cause the glue to soften, which leads to a broken bond between the sticker and the surface. Meanwhile, lower temperatures can make the material brittle. Since a sticker’s adhesive is behind the design, it should be placed on the outer side of the window to see it.

  • Cling

Usually made of plastic, cling sticks to surfaces through static. Unlike stickers, it is installed from the inside of the window, which helps protect the material from environmental factors such as sunlight and rain. As a result, the material stays on the surface longer than stickers. 

In addition, cling is easy to remove and place anywhere since it does not leave adhesive residues. They’re also reusable, making them the best decal to use during seasonal occasions, such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Its only downside is that the static does not handle multiple uses very well, making it less durable than other decals.

  • Decal

As we know, decals are made of vinyl, which can be adhesive from either the front or back. Decals can have different strengths, such as semi-permanent, which needs heat for removal and uses a weaker adhesive. 

Therefore, decals are best to use in external settings. However, keep in mind that they are not reusable, making them perfect for one-time deals or brand promotions.


The Transparency Level

Aside from the material and how it sticks to surfaces, it is also essential to consider the transparency of the window decal. In this context, clarity refers to how lights penetrate the material. Some decals block out sunlight, and some can be used to tint a window slightly.

  • Opaque

Opaque decals utilise materials that don’t let much light through. Using this type of decal creates a poster-like effect, leaving the window blocked as long as it is on the surface. Because of this, opaque decals are best to use during summer or hot climates. 

In addition, it can block out the ultraviolet rays from penetrating through your window. However, keep in mind that this decal’s poor application may make a building seem too dark.

  • Clear

If you’re looking for more laid-back, fun, and colourful ways to jazz up your window, clear decals might be what you’re looking for. As they are available in various colours, clear decals have a greater transparency level than opaque decals. Using this promotes good lighting and better control. They can create a welcoming atmosphere that’s good for business.

  • Perforated

If you can’t decide between opaque or transparent decals, why not get both for the price of one? Perforated decals offer versatility to users since they can be half opaque and half transparent. One side can have colourful, bright graphics, and the other can have dark colours. However, the view through a perforated decal is only one-way. Only the people from the opposite side can see through the transparent part, but not the people on the other side.

  • Double-Sided

If you’re planning to install decals with graphics showing on both sides of the window, double-sided decals are perfect. They are versatile as they can be transparent or opaque depending on your needs. But since it requires much more than the standard types, it also involves custom printing and can be pretty expensive. Although you’re looking for something that costs less, you can simply print out two decals with a mirrored-out design to place on each side of the window.


The Cut

The last thing you would need to consider in choosing your decals is their cut. Again, there are two options: contour and halo.

  • Contour

A contour follows the outline of the design with no excess vinyl. In effect, this gives off a more seamless look as if the graphics were printed directly on the glass.

  • Halo

On the other hand, a halo cut leaves a small space between the outline of the graphics and the paper used to create a visible border around the decal. In effect, it seems like the pictures pop out of the window, giving it a more comic appearance.



Although decals are primarily for aesthetic purposes, keep in mind that there are various purposes for the different types of decals. Ensure that you know exactly what you want and need. When it’s time to pick out the best decal, you’ll know exactly what to ask for.

NuVision Solutions is the leading provider of 3M Window Film supplier in Melbourne. We focus on providing a personalised service for every project we do. By keeping up to date with the latest designs and developments, we can deliver the most up-to-date solutions. So if you’re looking for the best supplier for window decals, look no further. Check out our latest custom window decal designs today.

Window Tint & Window Film – Their Benefits and Differences

Have you ever experienced struggling to keep a comfortable temperature during a sunny day? You might keep on having migraines due to the bright glare of the sun’s rays in the window. On top of this uncomfortable situation, you might even be worried about security and privacy. If you’re dealing with all these, it might be time to have a window tint or window film.

However, which of these two will be better to solve the issue?


Window Tint and Window Film: The Difference

Although they are often used interchangeably, it is important to note that window tint and window film are different from each other. Both window tint and window films are installed in the window, whether in residential and commercial properties.

Window tinting is more prevalent in commercial businesses because it blocks the natural light coming into the space where the sun’s glare is a common issue. It adds privacy and can also keep the room cooler.

On the other hand, window film is often preferred to be installed in homes. It is a thin polyester material installed in multiple layers with reflective coatings.

What you choose will ultimately depend on your requirements, preferences and needs. Both are beneficial to properties, and here are reasons why they will be great additions to your space:

1. They help reduce glare

Both can block the sun’s glare and UV rays from passing through the glass window. Therefore, this reduces the risks of you getting migraines and other discomforts at home or in an office.

2. They protect the furnishings

Prolonged exposure of furnishings to the sun’s UV rays can lead to damage. Other items that can be affected include rugs, upholstery and carpets. But with the help of window film and window tint, problems with fading and damage can be avoided.

3. They contribute to energy savings

Both window tint and window film can serve as a window insulator, whether it’s winter or summer. You can save more because they can help reduce the work to be done by your air conditioning and heating system.

4. They can help in improving safety

Accidents can happen where your windows will be broken. This can be dangerous with typical windows. But with the help of safety window films, the glass can be kept in shape and avoid further damage. 

5. They increase privacy

Window films can be installed to add privacy and aesthetic effect. Not only that, but they can also promote the business’s branding or include visual breaks on the glass surfaces.

6. They provide a more affordable alternative instead of replacing the entire window

There are times you might need to replace your windows. But not window films; they can actually extend the existing window’s lifespan. It will also be less expensive to apply window tint or film compared to having a window replacement.

7. They help improve security

Window films and window tints are specifically designed to provide benefits to both commercial and residential properties. One of these benefits is that they provide added support to your current security system.



Both are beneficial to residential and commercial properties. Having the best one for your property depends on your needs and preferences. To ensure that you’ll get the best quality of window tint and film, work with a reliable window tinting company.

If you’re looking for top-notch home window tinting, NuVision Solutions is here to help! We are a leading 3M window film supplier and installer in Melbourne. Contact us today to get started.

3 Common Residential Window Tinting Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Many homeowners and even business owners decide to upgrade their properties with window tints and films for the purpose of reducing energy usage, addressing glaring issues, and more. However, not many realize that these benefits only ever come if the window tints are properly installed. This means that if you are interested in having your home tinted to enjoy the benefits you have heard about the window films, then having professionals do the job is a must.

That being said, here are the common residential window tinting mistakes that can hurt your investment:

  1. Choosing the cheapest quote out there


Window tinting is not exactly the cheapest upgrade you can give your home. Although tinting cvan be much more affordable than other renovations like a full kitchen redesign, tinting still need to be carefully planned to save money.

Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of opting for the cheapest quote to save money. This only leads to bad quality films that barely last, not to mention the poor installation job that further inhibits their ability to be any useful. As such, take the time to research affordable, not cheap, quotes that balance price and quality!

  1. Forgetting to clean the window before tinting it

For those trying to tint the windows by themselves, one of the worst mistakes that can be done is forgetting to clean the window prior to the job. This leads to marks and stains that stay on permanently, some of which can hurt the adhesive’s ability to stick to the actual surface of the window. For that reason, cleaning the window thoroughly at least a night before the tinting job paired with a last-minute check can ensure the window is spotless for high-quality results.

  1. Hiring a tinting company that does not specialize in homes

Although one might assume that tinting companies can just about tint any property, that is not the case. There are different use cases for the tints, and some companies will focus more on automobiles while others on properties.

The big mistake here is to work with a company that does not specialize in tinting homes. For instance, a homeowner may have hired an auto tinting company to tint the house instead of the car thinking that the company can do the job since they are experts in tinting. Unfortunately, this only leads to an ineffective finish.

To make things worse, the homeowner may have to end up paying extra for either an overpriced quote or paying for a new installation because the previous one did not last at all. To avoid this problem, you must look for a company that specializes in residential properties to ensure the highest quality finish!


Simply put, all of the above mistakes are mistakes you want to avoid at all costs. Not only will they lead to a botched installation, but they can end up wasting your time and money. With that in mind, always take the time to hire a tinting company that specializes in residential installations, and make sure to hire professionals to install the tints for you. That way, you do not have to worry about making a mistake that will hurt your investment.

With experts by your side, you can have the job done right in the first go, ensuring your home enjoys all the benefits window tints have to offer for years to come.

NuVision Solutions is a leading 3M window film supplier and installer in Greater Melbourne. If you are looking for and need professional residential window tinting services, contact us today!






Thinking of Tinting Your Windows – Here Are Some FAQs

For the past three decades, Nuvision Solutions has been providing Melbourne homes and businesses with top-quality window tinting products and services. During our time in the industry, we’ve answered many questions people have had about 3M Window Film in Melbourne. 

Our goal is to provide effective information and advice to everyone, from architects to homeowners, when choosing the best home and office window tinting for their specific use. That’s why we’re here today to help answer a few FAQs you probably have if you’re considering this type of window treatment. Let’s get started!


Can I apply window film on any surface?

Yes! Window film is a highly adaptable product with unlimited features. It secures your privacy inside and is tested to be a more feasible solution compared to heavy blinds, fabric curtains, and bulky shutters. Depending on the film you choose, you can ensure natural light is still able to pass through, meaning visibility isn’t compromised while you’re protected from harmful UV rays.

Aside from being economical, home and office window tinting using our 3M Window Film is guaranteed to last longer when installed inside as it is not exposed to harsh elements such as rain, sun, wind, and grime. 


What is the best window film to install in damp areas?

Damp zones at home or in the office, such as bathrooms, are smart areas to apply window film. Throughout the year, windows facing north and west are exposed to UV rays, and as such, our reliable window films continue to perform. Whether applied inside or outside, they are able to filter the light while staying durable even in damp areas. 


What will happen if I apply the window film outside?

Balconies and swimming pools apply our 3M Window Film outside as they offer supreme privacy. When you’re swimming, window tints on glass balustrades can reduce the UV rays penetrating your skin. They are attached to glass pool fences and glass balustrades and are guaranteed to last for a long time. Although exposed outside, our 3M Window Film is specifically made for the challenging Australian climate. It is highly durable and UV resistant. Cleaning is a breeze as water mixed with soap can keep it looking brand new. 


Is it possible to apply window film seamlessly?

The peeling, bubbled window tints you may have seen in the past point to two things: poor quality of product and poor quality of installation. Luckily, with us, you’ll have neither. 3M Window Film is designed to be installed seamlessly. Professional installers know how to get all of the air bubbles out and ensure a close edge so that you don’t sacrifice visual appeal.


How can I attach large window films to wide windows?

Window films are available in a wide range of types and sizes. Larger windows may require multiple sheets of tint specifically cut out to fit them seamlessly. It’s recommended that you work with experts like us when tinting large windows. This is the best way to ensure your windows aren’t marred by sloppy edges and bubbled tint.


What are the other benefits of window film to my home?

There are plenty of reasons window films improve your quality of life at home! It reduces glare and relieves eyestrain, protects your skin from UV rays, and even extends the lifespan of your belongings. 



Tinted windows are an investment that will be with your home for quite some time, so it’s important to make sure you’re making an informed decision. That’s why we want to provide you with all the information we can.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and seek residential window tints, contact Nuvision Solutions for a consultation. We’re based in Melbourne and excited to serve you!

Situations Wherein Having Window Tint Can Be a Lifesaver

The most common way that people use window tint is by way of decoration. Aside from vehicles, it’s also found in both residential spaces and even offices. While enhancing aesthetics is their popular purpose, there are also ways that residential window tinting in Melbourne can quite literally save lives. 


When and how can window tinting make a difference in saving lives?

Automobile Safety

For the most part, people that hijack vehicles or steal from inside them seek convenient targets. That’s why cars and automobiles in general are preferred, since valuables are likely inside. When the windows are the standard type that pretty much render things see-through, the slightest hint of anything valuable is risky. 

Smartphones, tablets, even luxury bags can be a major trigger. If there’s window tint installed on a vehicle, it will help in keeping negative elements and criminal minds from seeing whatever’s inside. That means there will be far less of a proverbial target painted on the automobile.


Most people travel through automobiles on a daily basis. Additionally, people also sit by large windows for long periods of time. What both of those things have in common is long-standing exposure to the sun in some form. When that is overlooked for some time, that means there’s a huge possibility of cancerous cells developing. This is commonly known as melanoma, also referred to as basically skin cancer. 

Ultraviolet (UV) rays can lead to serious problems such as the aforementioned cancer. Window tint will help considerably in the avoidance of any melanoma developing down the line.

Natural Disasters

Disasters such as earthquakes, cyclones and tornadoes can’t really be avoided. Of course, the next best thing is protection, not just while they’re happening but also the aftereffects. Windows have a high tendency of not just breaking but fully shattering. Buildings in disaster-prone areas are particularly at risk. 

Window tint is a great way for helping both residences and commercial spaces not have to deal with glass shards when hit by natural disasters. Broken glass tends to be held together by window tint, so window tint is indeed a worthy investment.


This one may seem a little obvious, especially with home window tinting. It’s still worth mentioning, however. Robberies and burglaries are generally quite prevalent. When the windows of a home are tinted, it helps to keep unpleasant people from looking into your home. Window tint also adds another layer of protection in terms of the window versus intruders. That makes getting it installed not just a good idea, but a downright necessity.



On the surface, most people would assume that window tint does nothing more than highlighting the aesthetic choices in a home, office or car. However, there are actually instances wherein having window tint installed can mean the difference between safety and danger, downright saving lives in the process. This is because it can help prevent melanoma, theft in a home or office, keep shards of glass from scattering when windows break and keep criminal elements from breaking into a vehicle to steal from it.

Need to get residential window tinting in Melbourne? NuVision Solutions has you covered. We are the leading 3M Window film supplier and installer in Greater Melbourne. Contact us today!

Window Tint Films for Child Care Centres – What You Must Know

Running a child care centre means looking after the welfare of kids under your care and their parents’ best interests. However, what is most concerning is most facilities still have breakable glass window panes, which can be a hazard during playtime and other activities. The problem is most would argue that it’s a way for kids to enjoy natural light to boost their mood throughout the day. Therefore, it would be best to have the ideal compromise: having window film tint installed. 

When you think about window tinting, you may often see this as a feature in offices to serve as a shield from harsh UV rays, prevent injuries caused by shattered glass, and ensure privacy while still giving access to the outside world. These are the same intended benefits for tinting in child care centres. The problem is these kinds of insulating material may look too dull or even inappropriate for a kid-friendly setting. To find the right balance between security and decorative window tinting, consider this article as your guide. 


Why Is Security Window Tint Film the Most Preferred for Child Care Centres? 

Despite the look and feel of security or privacy window tinting, it does meet a few standards that ensure children’s safety while ensuring fraudulent individuals cannot spy on kids. The latest standard says any glazed area that is child-accessible in a centre-like setting must use grade A safety glass, especially if required by the Building Code of Australia. 

Particularly, what they are after is at least below one metre about the floor level or 0.75 metres if your centre was approved before the first of June 2014. Thus, the safety and security films would be the most effective because they can prevent glass panes from breaking up into tiny shards, significantly reducing accident risk. Just ensure you find the right measurements and study material for your window to meet the safety standards. You can do so by consulting with a professional commercial window film tint supplier. 


Why Is Decorative Window Tinting and Other Related Solutions Important in a Child Care Setting? 

Aside from access to sunlight, you may not be convinced that your child care centre needs decorative window tinting since it’s purely for aesthetic purposes. You may also think it’s an unnecessary expense that doesn’t really add value to the child care experience. 

In reality, there are some perceived benefits for colourful, visually appealing areas. According to Sciencing, children’s exposure to bright colours can help kids differentiate various elements from one another. Thus, it would be best to find the right compromise with your window tinting. 

The best way to take advantage of window tinting is to go for more customised options that merge the best features of different window tint films for your convenience. Alternatively, you can go for custom window decals with brightly coloured, kid-friendly graphics using custom window decals placed onto your security and safety film to meet all your needs. 



When choosing window tint film for child care centres, you may have to follow a few guidelines and address both the teachers’ and parents’ concerns. Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of the different security and decorative tinting you can have. Meanwhile, if you want to ensure you source the most cost-efficient, high-quality products, consider getting them from a reputable supplier like us.

NuVision Solutions can provide you with the most high-quality 3M window film Melbourne has to offer. We also have custom window decals and various options perfect for your child care centre. Browse through our range of film solutions and contact our team to help you pick out the best one for your needs and preferences.