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2 Basic Types of Window Films for Privacy – What to Know

Every homeowner wants to have some privacy at home. You may be more in particular with the full privacy of your bathrooms and bedrooms. As these parts of your home have windows, you want them to be covered. The most logical course of action is to install window blinds or drapes. While they prevent individuals outside from peeking into your room, you won’t be able to have a view outside and allow the natural light in. There is a better alternative, however—window films.

Here’s what you need to know more about window films and home window tinting.


The reflective properties of window films

What’s great about window tinting is how these films have reflective properties that make attaining privacy possible. These window films can naturally and subtly reflect light. As a bonus, they can also reflect heat to reduce energy consumption and costs at home. Know, however, that the reflective properties of window films vary based on the performance level of your home window tinting. There are varying levels of privacy and a reflective appearance that you can choose from.


Neutral window film for subtle privacy

The first option is the neutral window film type for subtle privacy. Know that even the lightest window films can have a subtle reflection. For this reason, the inside of your room is hardly noticeable from the outside, so you won’t have to worry about the prying eyes of nosy neighbours or burglars. Yet, your windows still allow you to take a look at the outside view. If you’re wondering how these window films work, they aren’t like mirrors or aluminium foils. Modern window films are actually more reflective than just glass. However, other home window tinting options are highly reflective, which are best for one-way mirrored privacy.


Decorative window film for complete privacy

The second option is the decorative window film type for complete privacy. This window film offers a high level of privacy for bathroom windows, closet windows, or entry side windows. Decorative window films are used and installed by professionals and provide complete privacy without compromising the natural light coming in. These decorative films are a better alternative for window coverings and far better, more cost-effective solutions for your home.



Residential window tinting can be your best solution if you want to have some form of privacy at home. These window films can be installed in your bathroom, bedroom, and other parts of your home. Whether it’s a neutral window film or a decorative window film, you can have either a subtle or complete privacy you hope to achieve for your home.

Window films for privacy are worth all the hype in the window department these days. But apart from privacy, there are other benefits that you can get from window tintings, such as energy use reduction, lower energy costs, security, and even aesthetic value.

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4 Benefits of Window Tinting that Make It a Worthy Investment

Window tinting is worth all the hype these days. For the most part, window tints are installed for aesthetic purposes to enhance the beauty of your windows and your home in general. However, there’s more to window tinting than meets the eye.

According to window installers and experts, window tinting can reduce up to 85 per cent of heat from the sun, filter 99 per cent of ultraviolet (UV) rays, and limit 95 per cent of the sun’s glare. Apart from these, homeowners can take advantage of the privacy and security that window tinting can provide.

That said, let’s dig further into the four benefits of installing window tint films for your humble abode.


1. Reduction in energy consumption and cost

 As the sun’s light and heat enter a home, they can affect the home’s temperature significantly. When this happens constantly, you want to make sure that your heating and cooling system works efficiently to provide the entire household with the best possible ambience. What’s good about window tinting is that it can regulate heat and temperature. As a result, you can control the use of your systems at home, which consequently helps reduce energy consumption and your monthly bills.


2. Climate control and room temperature

As much as possible, you want to regulate the atmosphere at home. That means that you ought to control the heat from the sun getting into your room and impacting your room’s temperature. Installing window tint films can block excess heat from penetrating the window, so you can ensure the consistent temperature in your room throughout the day.


3. Sun protection and glare reduction 

Apart from the heat that the sun produces, you would want to protect your home from the harmful rays and the sun’s glare. For one, the sun’s glare can impact your productivity and comfort level, such as when it interferes with your computer and television screen. Two, the UV rays can get into your home and damage your skin. Know that UV radiation is the leading cause of non-melanoma skin cancers and melanoma. By installing window tint films, you can protect yourself and your family from the UV rays and the sun’s glare.


4. Privacy and security

 Window tint films are installed for privacy and security. First off, if you don’t want people to peek at what you do inside your room, the window tints can perform the needful. Second, window tints also add an extra layer of protection to your windows. In the event someone tries to break in through a window, the tint holds the glass in place. When unscrupulous people can’t see what’s inside your room, they’ll be less interested in breaking in.



There are major benefits that you can get out of window tinting for your home, as shown above. Aside from its overall function, it can enhance the look of your house from the outside, and the feel of it from the inside. Window tinting, indeed, is a worthy investment.

We are a leading window film supplier and installer in Greater Melbourne. We are also a part of the largest distribution and installation network in Australia. If you need help with home or office window tinting, get in touch with us today!

A Homeowner’s Guide to Residential Window Tints

If you want to make your home a safer and more comfortable place to live in, you and your family can greatly benefit from installing window tints. Window tinting is an investment that delivers long-term results. Whether to provide an extra layer of security, additional UV protection for your family, or lower energy costs, window tinting is one of the best home upgrades you can make.


What is a window tint?

Also referred to as a window film, a window tint is a thin laminate coating composed of polyester layers. It is placed on the inside of the window using a specific adhesive. It has multiple types, each one offering a unique benefit.


What does a window tint do?

Increased energy efficiency: Having window tints blocks out light, dropping the general temperature inside your home. That means you won’t have to run the air conditioning as often, resulting in less use of electricity and reduced energy bills.

  • Extra privacy: If you’re the type to leave curtains or blinds during the day but don’t want neighbours to see what you’re up to, installing a window tint eliminates their ability to see the inside of your home. You will then get an added sense of privacy and make you less vulnerable to intruders.
  • Sun damage protection: Window tinting can protect your carpet and wood furniture from prolonged exposure to the sun, helping maintain their tip-top condition.
  • Temperature control: Window tints also prevents the sun from making your house feel like an oven, keeping the interior temperature at a much more comfortable level.
  • Glare reduction: Glare inside your home is caused by sunlight that comes through your windows. During the day time, the glare affects your ability to enjoy anything with a screen, including your television, smartphone, and computer monitor. Window tinting is akin to installing a pair of sunglasses for your windows, getting rid of the need to close the curtains in the day or relocate your equipment.


What are the types of window tints?

  • Solar film: This particular type of tint reflects UV rays away from your home. It keeps the heat out of your house, thereby improving energy efficiency.
  • Security film: A much thicker type of tint than solar film, this one doesn’t do a lot to reflect UV rays, but it prevents glass from shattering in the event that something or someone hits the window. If you live in an area where there are frequent storms or have a high crime rate, you may want to install this tint.
  • Decorative film: This type of film is strictly for aesthetic purposes only. It turns plain windows into beautiful and textured windows.


What to know before installing window tints

  • It might void your warranty on your windows, so it’s best to wait until the warranty expires before you install tinting.
  • It’s not recommended for homes or apartments that are rented unless you’re willing to pay for window replacements when you move.
  • It’s not advisable to install window tints on your own. It’s a tricky job, and small mistakes can result in bubbles, wrinkles, or rips in the film.

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4 Ways Commercial Buildings Can Benefit from Window Tints – What to Know

While there are many great investments to make when it comes to upgrading your commercial building, one of the best things to do at an affordable price point would be to install commercial window tints. Just like the window tints you find installed on car windows, commercial window tints help do a myriad of things, not only for the building itself but also for the people that are inside the structure.

“What are the benefits of such a simple installation?”, you may ask. Here are four ways commercial buildings can benefit from window tints:


1. Minimises Glare

 For the employees that work near windows, window tints are the answer they’ve been looking for when it comes to addressing glare. As you know, glare can be a hindrance on one’s productivity, being a strain on the eyes of any office worker trying to get his or her job done on the computer.

With the reduction of glare, not only can the employee enjoy a more relaxing environment where the eyes don’t have to strain so much, but they can enjoy improved productivity and better workflow as well.


2. Enhances Security

Just like having a hundred dollars lying around on your car seat, having expensive items visible through your commercial building’s window puts you at risk of theft.

The easiest way to address this problem is to utilise window tints to stop anyone from peeking inside. Not to mention, if someone does decide to break in, the window tints will act as a glue that holds the glass together. This is also extra useful in places with stormy weather, where the tints add integrity to the window and keep the glass from shattering into a million bits if something does break.


3. Reduces Energy Use

This is perhaps the most significant factor when it comes to installing window tints. As a business, you’re probably always looking for ways to cut costs here and there. One of the biggest and simplest ways you can do that is by installing window tints! Thanks to its insulation properties, window tints have the ability to reduce the need for HVAC systems and the like.

In other words, it’s going to help you save money by keeping your commercial building warm in the winters and cool in the summers. Window tints will eventually pay itself off through how much you’ll save on electricity costs.


4. Improves Aesthetics

As you well know, an excellent first impression matters, so when you’re out there trying to compete with other businesses, any advantage is a good advantage. A great way to attract clients and customers into doing business with you is to look good for them, and that’s precisely what window tints help do for your company.

Window tints also increase your commercial building’s value. While that might not mean much to you currently, when the time comes to sell the building as you move locations to grow, the value of your commercial building comes into play. Installing window tints will allow you to sell the building for more, making it an excellent investment in the long run.



With the benefits we’ve listed above, there should be no reason for you to not install commercial window tints on your building. Who wouldn’t want to reduce their electricity bills or enhance employee productivity? Window tints are the perfect addition to your commercial building, and even your home if you don’t already have tints installed there. With all that said, we leave you with one important tip: hire a professional to install the window tints for you!

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What are the main benefits of a window tint – What to Know

Window tints are known as a popular accessory for cars, so many would be surprised to learn that window tint film can also be used in residential and commercial buildings as well. Especially since modern architecture features big windows to let the sun in and reduce the use of indoor lighting, having window tint film installed in your home or building has several important and practical benefits.

Here are some reasons why you’ll need window tints to protect you in your home:

Benefits of Home Window Tinting

1 – It extends the lifespan of your furniture

Window films lessen the discolouration of your furniture by reducing the percentage of UV rays that enter your home. These are especially convenient, as you can save your precious furniture from sun exposure without having to use a curtain or a window blind, thus still enjoying the light provided by the sun without suffering from its negative effects.

2 – It keeps harmful UV rays away from your skin

Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of sunlight in their homes? Unfortunately, the very sunshine that provides us with essential vitamin D can also cause some harmful effects on our health, from signs of premature aging to skin cancer. As window tints block the UV rays that enter your home, having your windows tinted will help protect you from these negative effects.

3 – It reduces your home’s energy usage

You do not need to change your windows or have it treated to have an energy-efficient home. When our homes have high-quality window films, it can also help you save on utility bills. When properly installed, home window tinting will regulate the temperature. What this means is that window tints can repel heat during the summer and help preserve the heat during the winter, providing your HVAC with an opportunity to rest and saving you on electricity and gas costs.

4 – It increases the physical protection your windows provide

Accidents happen when we least expect it. Fortunately, window film tint provides your windows with an additional layer of protection. They make your windows less susceptible to shattering and prevent any broken glass from making their way inside your home. Not only does this minimize the risk of potential injuries, but it also augments the strength of glass doors and windows, making it harder to break in or tamper with.

5 – It reduces the intensity of the sun’s glare

With movie watching, video game playing, or even karaoke singing, window films will prevent the sun’s glare, providing you the perfect glare-free interior for all your entertainment activities.

6 – It adds to your home’s aesthetic value

Decorative window films have become a more cost-effective option for many homeowners. It’s much more affordable than having stained glass windows with a mosaic design installed. It’s also a cheaper alternative to etched privacy glass windows. Not to mention how it also provides style and an elegant aesthetic to your windows.

A Cost-Effective Option

If you’re planning to make your home more private, stylish, and energy-efficient, a window replacement is definitely not the only choice. Have your windows tinted and we guarantee that it will provide the same results all without breaking the bank.

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3 Reasons to Use Window Films vs Traditional Shades

While the sun does much good by providing you with light and warmth, it also has some nasty consequences to go along with it. For example, though the sunlight might be great at keeping your home warm, it might get a little too hot during the summer instead. Because of this, you might be wondering how you can limit how much sunlight is entering your home. Generally, there are two ways you can go about this: window film or shades.

Window Films Vs. Shades

If you must choose between films and shades, know that films are generally the better choice, although there are times when you cannot use window films. Here are the scenarios when you cannot use it:

  • When your window’s warranty will be voided if you install window films
  • When your windows weren’t designed to absorb extra heat
  • When you don’t have ownership over the windows, let alone the home

If you are in any of the circumstances listed above, you should avoid adding window films. Other than that, window tints are generally the better choice here, thanks to the myriad of other benefits they provide.

In this article, we will give you three reasons you should be using window films over traditional shades:

1. For Enhanced Privacy

While shades do an excellent job of stopping anyone from peeking inside your home, it also prevents you from looking outside. This is one of the main reasons window films are a better solution. Not only do they keep prying eyes out, but they allow you to see your home’s surroundings from the inside as well.

2. For Improved Home Security

If you opt for window films that are built for security, you’ll find that they’re much thicker than the typical films you might be used to. While they won’t do much in terms of keeping your home cool, it does strengthen the glass it is applied to.

If someone ever decided to smash in your windows, the film will keep the window as intact as possible, ensuring that the glass doesn’t shatter into a million pieces. This also means that during certain weather conditions, your windows will be able to withstand debris and even strong winds, keeping your belongings and yourself inside the home safe and secure.

3. For Reduced Energy Bills

During the summer, your home might get so hot that you may leave the air conditioner running all day and night. In the winter, you might have the heater running instead. Over time, this can accumulate into a high energy bill, something that no homeowner wants to deal with.

Although a window film is a hefty investment, it pays back its cost quickly in terms of how much energy it helps to save. During the summer, the film will ensure that heat is stopped at the windows, keeping your home cool and negating the need to turn on the AC. In winter, the films will act as insulation, keeping the heat inside the house and the cold air out, meaning that you can leave the heater off for extended periods.

Final words

Window films are excellent at keeping reducing the amount of light entering your home, especially the UV rays that can harm you. They provide various benefits as well, such as enhanced security, privacy, and reduced energy bills. Window films are also a great way to redesign your windows, changing their style to give your home a fresher look.

Before you go ahead and start applying window tints, however, ensure that the windows can withstand the heat. Contact the window manufacturers about your plans and find out whether your project is feasible. Also, hire professionals to install the films for you. They’ll make sure that the films are installed correctly, meaning that they’ll be much more effective and will last for as long as possible.

NuVision Solutions is a leading 3M Window Film supplier and installer that has a wide range of stylish and opaque window films. Get in touch with us today!

3 Security Benefits of Residential Window Tinting – What to Know

Installing window tint films to the windows at home does not only magnify the look of the house, but it also enhances the security for the family. Window tinting is better recognized for its added protection from the harmful rays of the sun. What many people still don’t know is that the tinted film keeps the family safe from theft, destruction, and it increases the privacy of the people inside a home.

If you want to know more about window tints, here are three benefits that it offers to a home:

It protects the family from the harmful effects of the sun

The family needs protection from the sun, not only from its harmful rays but also from its dangerous, intense heat. The sun emits ultraviolet rays that need more than the usual sunblock to protect the skin from its rays. It typically emits three kinds of UV rays, namely UVA, UVB, and UVC. Their rays are known to cause skin damages, such as skin discolouration, sunburn, or eczema and can also cause a more severe condition, such as skin cancer.

This is why you need to find quality window tinting that can withstand the harmful rays of the sun. NuVision Solutions offers window tint films that help reduce the heat coming through the windows by up to 80%. These tints also reduce the temperature in direct sunlight by as much as 12°C. This feature significantly reduces heat gain during the hot summer days and provides added protection against heat loss throughout winter.

It increases privacy and reduces the risk of theft

One of the best features of window tint films is its one-way daytime privacy. This feature allows sunlight to come in and, at the same time, prevents people from looking in from the outside. This is an effective way to stop prying eyes to disrupt the peace of the home. By hiding the interior from the view of outsiders, it effectively decreases the risk of theft.

There are many ways to give the house an elegant design while protecting it from the dangers outside. NuVision Solutions offers an innovative film that decoratively prioritizes privacy. The best part is that tinting films with this feature is not limited to window application and can also be applied to front doors, bathroom partitions, or even cabinet doors.

It reduces the risk of shattering or breaking

Window tinting increases the durability of glass while reducing its risk of shattering or breaking. Although the window glass itself may break, the layers of film remarkably hold the piece of glass together, which keeps it from scattering to unwanted areas and injuring and passersby. This feature is extra helpful in cases of accidents or emergencies that cause the glass to shatter easily, especially in extreme weather conditions, such as a typhoon or hailstorm. It also reduces the incidence of thieves entering the residence by breaking the window glass.


When it comes to using window tinting, many customers initially think that it’s only useful for commercial establishments. Window tinting, however, is also necessary for protecting the safety of the family.

Choose only the best window tinting installer that uses the highest quality window tint products from reputable manufacturers. NuVision Solutions provides window tinting solutions that are ideal for improving the security of one’s home.

If you’re looking for window tinting in Melbourne, get in touch with us to see how we can help.

How Window Films Can Maximise a Small Space

If maximising the space of a small room is a struggle, installing window films can help increase space for your furniture arrangements and decorations. However, aside from making the most out of your room’s area, these removable films deflect heat and reduce glare once they are attached to the glass. Because window films come in various colours, they can add to your room’s aesthetics as well.

Window films also strengthen your glass to withstand strong winds or impact from thrown objects. However, even if it gets broken, the window is easier to clean because the glass shards won’t scatter around the area. It also lessens the probability of incurring an accident after stepping on these shards accidentally.

In the long run, this undetectable tint regulates room temperature, which reduces energy consumption and protects your fitments from fading. More importantly, these films upgrade your security and privacy from nosy neighbours or intruders. Likewise, it protects you from getting exposed to ultraviolet rays, which can cause skin cancer.

Ditch the drapes and curtains

While hanging curtains are beautiful, they clutter the room and block sunlight from entering your space. Windows films filter out unnecessary light to provide the right exposure to sunlight, which is good for your skin. Likewise, these tints don’t make you feel disconnected from the world, as you can keep an eye on your exterior while watching TV or reading a book.

These attachable films can also brighten up your room, which gives you the feeling of having more space. A gaze outside your window makes you think that you have more room to work with. As it allows natural light to pass through, window tints reduce glare, which enables you to place your furniture wherever you want. You can spend less time figuring out where you want to put your television or computer screens to avoid sunlight.

Spacious rooms will look appealing to your guests and potential home buyers. That feeling of having more space makes your house cozier, and window films add to its appeal by keeping the interior well lit. Meanwhile, the regulated temperature inside your home means that you can reduce the use of your heating or air conditioning systems, which saves you money on utility bills. You then can use that saved money to buy more furniture to add charm to your residence.

Types of window films

There is a dyed window tint that absorbs heat but does not guarantee shatterproof protection. Meanwhile, ceramic shades are durable and effective in blocking ultraviolet rays. However, this window film is not for those on a tight budget. Finally, metal window films block sunlight through compressing particles while adding glow in the enclosed space.

Find quality window films here

NuVision Solutions provides and installs 3M Window Films in Greater Melbourne. The company is also part of the Group 4 Architectural Finishes Group that focuses on high-quality graphic designs that you can etch onto the window tints. Aside from decorative films, they also install tints that increase the durability of your home or office windows. Their 30 years of industry experience is a guarantee of their top-notch work regardless of your needs.

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4 Factors to Consider for Window Tinting French Windows & Doors

When it comes to your home features, French windows and doors are excellent options to incorporate to enhance its looks. Introduced back in the 17th century, Renaissance architects and homeowners loved French windows and doors for their symmetry and proportionality. Even up to this day, they continue to dominate many homes in Australia, as far as doors and windows are concerned.

For your home window tinting, it can be quite a challenge to perform a film installation for your French windows and doors, given their elaborate designs. Fret not, as we’ll provide you with some tips on how to perform window tinting for your French windows and doors. Here’s what you need to consider for your window tints:

1. Time

How long the installation of your window tinting will take depends on several factors. Consider the size of the glass to be covered and the type of film to be used. Installing film onto French windows or doors, however, can take quite some time, unlike standard windows and doors. This is because French windows and doors have individual panels that separate the glass. Because of this, you have to make sure that you have flexibility and provision for a possible extended installation time.

2. Cost

The next thing to consider is the installation cost. Installing window films onto French windows and doors can be more costly than the regular glass doors or windows. As mentioned, it can take more time to install window tint on French glasses than regular ones, which is why it will be more expensive than usual. That said, make sure that you set an appointment early on for the installation service. Ask for clarity on the process and fees that come with the installation as well so that you can set aside an appropriate budget for the process.

3. Film quality

The film quality is another crucial factor to consider for your French door or window tinting. There’s a wide range of options to choose from in terms of style, design, and quality. While it’s crucial to opt for styles and designs that best suit your home, you have to consider the quality of the materials to be installed. This is an essential consideration because you will want a film that can replace your old window or door glasses and can last for as long as possible. Strike a balance between both the aesthetic and functional values.

4. Experience

Remember that you have to consider the experience of the company or the person who will perform the installation. Know that installing window film onto French windows and doors is a complex process. Because of this, you will want to hire a service provider that can install window tints perfectly onto your French windows and doors. When hiring one, your priority should be to select a service provider that has a positive track record of experience.

When having a window tinting for your French doors and windows, consider the four factors outlined above – installation time, cost, film quality, and experience. Look for a service company that offers a wide range of window installation services and has professional, experienced window film technicians. Your French windows and doors should make a difference in the overall look and appearance of your home.

If you are looking for professional residential window tinting services in Melbourne, get in touch with us to see how we can help.

Why Window Films Are An Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Solution for Your Home

These days, people are making a conscious and timely shift toward being environmentally conscious and efficient. For homeowners, this means using eco-friendly products. Not only will it help Mother Earth, but it also allows them to save on energy bills.

One practical way to cut down on monthly utility expenses is to install films as a window treatment. If your house is in a particularly cold or warm environment, you will need an efficient heating and cooling system. Your bills could skyrocket during the peaks of winter and summer. In this post, we’ll discuss what window films can do for your home and how you can help the environment by simply installing them.

Window Films: Uses and Benefits

Window films are a thin layer of material glued to the windows or glass doors either by adhesive or static cling. They can be cut in different shapes and sizes to fit your glass panels. Depending on your taste and needs, they also come in various shades, patterns, and thicknesses.

Much like the tints on your car’s windows, films provide many benefits for your home. They are useful in blocking the sun’s harsh rays so you can keep your precious furniture and paintings safe from UV damage. They also help to regulate the heat inside your house, keeping warm air in during cold days and out during summer.

Curtains add a certain appeal to a home, but for houses that are sleek and modern, curtains may look out of place. Window films do not interfere with your interior’s design aesthetics, but they work well to reduce the glare and sunlight that gets into your house. Additionally, they provide privacy and security against vandals and burglars.

Houses with window films fare better in the real estate market. It’s a great way to increase your home value in case you want to sell your property in the future. Many home buyers love the idea of having extra protection while keeping the design sleek and modern.

For the Environmentally-Conscious Homeowner

We’re living in a glorious age when people are getting more aware of our impact on the environment. With the current “less-waste” trend, are window films truly eco-friendly? Here’s the real deal: most window films are made of vinyl. This is a type of PVC or a form of plastic that does not easily break down. Before you dismiss it to being a pollutant, there are other things to consider aside from the material.

Firstly, polyethylene is considered a safer kind of plastic in the sense that it’s recyclable. Secondly, think about the number of years you will use a window film. It’s not a one-time, single-use item. With proper maintenance, window films can last up to 20 to 30 years.

Lastly, consider its energy efficiency. Never mind the savings you’ll make on your electric bills—the earth benefits when we consume less energy and not overextending our carbon footprint.

When you count all these factors and benefits, you could say that window films are an eco-friendly solution for your home. This is why many responsible homeowners are using them as an effective and affordable window treatment to provide privacy, sun protection, and overall design enhancement.

If you’re looking for a residential window tinting service, NuVision Solutions is your best option. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.