Cleaning Tips to Make Your Window Film Last Longer
Cleaning Tips to Make Your Window Film Last Longer

Cleaning Tips to Make Your Window Film Last Longer

Decorative window films have become a popular way to provide privacy in a way that has more personality. You can use a variety of designs to fit in with the rest of your interiors and potentially add UV protection.

While window film is relatively low-maintenance, you still need to clean it. It’s good to note that it doesn’t require quite as much cleaning as regular windows, but the right methods can actually help you extend the lifespan of your film.


Wait Thirty Days Before Your First Cleaning

You don’t want to clean your window film too soon after installation, as this can actually strip away protective layers and weaken the adhesive. You also shouldn’t try to pop any air bubbles that form, as this will just compromise the entire film and allow water to seep in.

You should wait anywhere from two weeks to a month after your installation before cleaning your film! This is typically the amount of time it takes to fully cure.

Though it should ideally be done curing in a couple of weeks, weather conditions and the like can affect this and slow down the process. To be safe, just wait thirty days.


Use Ammonia-Free Cleaners

Cleaning your window film is much like cleaning your windows themselves. That said, you want to avoid any harsh chemicals and abrasive materials that can ruin the adhesive of your film. For this reason, you’ll want to stick to ammonia-free window cleaners. Don’t mix them with other things like baking soda, as that makes the solution abrasive.

A lot of people get nervous about using dish soap or the like because of the worry that it will ruin the film. However, it can be a handy cleaning solution if you need it in a jiffy as long it is ammonia-free.


Stick to Soft Microfibre Cloths When Cleaning

Using a microfibre cloth is the best way to keep your window film clean. It is very soft yet effective at getting the liquids off and capturing any stray debris. It is better than using paper towels as those can easily scratch the surface of your film.

You’ll want to wipe down the cleaning solution with your soft cloth to avoid damaging your window over time. You should also make sure to wipe the edges of the window to avoid letting water seep in through the sides of the film.


Follow the Grain

When you are cleaning, you want to make sure you are going with the grain of your window. Not only is this a more efficient technique, but it also ensures that you don’t cause any bubbles and scratches along the way.


Dry the Windows Right Away

After you’ve just cleaned your window film, you want to dry it out immediately. If it stays wet for too long, the moisture will make its way through the film and ruin it. This rings true for exterior film application that is exposed to rain as well. Whip out that microfibre cloth and simply go over the wet surface to make sure it is dry.



With these tips, you can ensure that your decorative window film will look good and do the job for a long time. With the right care, your film can last you decades!

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