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Window Tinting Melbourne

Common Window Tinting Misconceptions

A lot of people dont to realize that almost half of UV rays penetrate regular window glass, making its way to your furniture, your carpets, and your skin. One of the most cost-effective ways to protect your assets and yourself from the dangers of UV rays is with window film. You can enjoy up to 99.9% protection from UV rays just by applying tints to your windows.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of window tint misconceptions going around that cause homeowners to hold back before investing in window tint simply because they don’t completely understand the benefits that it is able to offer. Before you rule the idea out, however, it’s best for you to set things straight.


They can’t protect your assets from sun damage

More than half of respondents to a survey reported that they believe that the sun can damage drapes, carpeting, and other furnishings inside a home. However, not as many believe that window tints are able to do quite a bit to protect your furniture and keep them looking pristine. Even if they did nothing else, the extended lifespan of your assets would be well-worth the cost of installing window tint.

You’re safe from UV rays while you’re indoors

Two out of three adults think that they’re safe from UV rays while they’re indoors. Although that would certainly be great, it unfortunately isn’t true. The sun that penetrates your windows and doors can damage your skin and even lead to some major health conditions – skin cancer, for example. When you install window tints, however, you can keep most of the harmful rays out so you can enjoy the beautiful natural sunlight without fearing for your health.

There’s too much maintenance involved in owning window tints

The amount and effort you spend maintaining your window tints is certainly subjective. However, window tints actually aren’t a maintenance-heavy investment. In fact, there is a lot less maintenance involved in window tints than there are with other methods of keeping the sun out. All you have to do is choose a tint-friendly window cleaner and you’re good to go! Other than that, window tint maintenance is virtually nonexistent.

They won’t save any money on your energy bills

Probably the biggest misconception of window film is that they won’t save you any money. However, this is also probably the biggest selling point of professional window tint. Not only do they safeguard your assets and protect your health but they keep your home cooler and reduce the workload of your cooling and heating systems. It’s just like enjoying shade all throughout the day!

There are tons of incredible benefits that window film can offer. It’s important for you to understand them if you are to make a sound judgment on whether or not you should make the investment.

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