Home Improvement - How Can Security Film Protect Your Home
Home Improvement - How Can Security Film Protect Your Home

Home Improvement – How Can Security Film Protect Your Home

In securing a home, most people rely on heavy-duty entrances and exits as their primary source of security. Using solid doors paired with deadbolts are popular options for homeowners who want to add an extra layer of safety to their properties. Unfortunately, since most of the security attachments are made in these areas, most residential homeowners forget to protect their home’s most vulnerable components.

The conventional way of protecting windows is through the installation of grills to barricade windows. However, this provides an unattractive aesthetic and can prove to be an emergency hazard by preventing you from escaping through the window during emergencies. An alternative solution to this problem is installing security film to your windows.


What is a security film made of?

Security window film is made up of polyester film compressed to laminated layers, ranging from 4 to 14 mils. Each layer is laminated through each other by using special adhesives. The thicker the film is, the higher its strength of break resistance.

For typical residential and business security properties, window security film thickness can range from 8-14mils. That makes for a robust and durable layer of protection that can withstand 400 pounds of force.


Improving your home’s security

Window security film’s primary purpose is to increase a window glass’s shatter resistance and blunt force durability. That makes for an effective countermeasure against burglars and the constant wear and tear of harsh weather conditions. Not only will you make your windows burglar-free, but it will also improve their capacity to handle storms and hurricanes that carry sharp and coarse debris to your windows.

The basic protection that a security film can provide is a standard 7-8 mils thick layer that’s durable enough to handle small scratches. This layer of thickness is effective in treating damages from scratching pets or hurricane debris.

Besides its protection from environmental damage, window security film also keeps your home shatter-resistant. Some security film brands offer solar window film, which adds an extra layer of UV protection from the sun.


Installing security film

Security film is installed to your pre-existing windows by placing clean measurements of the film to your windows’ area. There are two methods to install security film: daylight and anchored.

The Daylight method is the easiest to install as it doesn’t fit directly to your window’s frame, removing the need for precision. It requires leaving a gap between the window frame and the film’s edges which secure your window’s centre, but not the entire structure.

The Anchored method involves attaching to the window frame instead of attaching solely on the glass. The film extends to the metal battens, which allows the opposite layers of film to hug the glass and the frame firmly, providing the extra durability that installing security films offer.

Though you might be willing to buy window film for your home, you should leave it to the professionals when it comes to installation. Doing so will ensure that you won’t run into the issue of having creases and air bubbles due to inexperience in handling the material.



When it comes to your property’s design, you should always explore alternative ways to deal with what it lacks and what it needs. There are plenty of modern solutions in the market that can solve your needs for both aesthetic improvement and enhanced security. Installing security film to your windows is a cost-efficient and long-lasting investment that can increase your home’s security without bankrupting your renovation funds.

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