How to Choose the Right Commercial Window Film

Every day, more companies choose to outfit their office windows with window film. There are so many benefits to take advantage of that business owners just can’t deny. Some of the reasons that businesses choose to apply film to their windows are because it’s cost-effective, it makes the workplace more comfortable, it enhances safety and security, and it extends the lifespan of furniture and equipment inside.

There are so many good things that commercial window tint can do for your workplace. You will be able to enjoy bright natural sunlight without having to worry about annoying glare and dangerous UV rays. The temperature of your office will be more pleasant and your windows will look amazing from the outside. You will even save money on energy bills!

There are several film colors, darkness, and styles that you can choose from. The options you have will depend on your purpose to install the film. Let’s look at a couple different types of window tint and what type of businesses they would be good for.


Is there a lot of sun in your area? If so, you probably know that the large windows that allow so much beautiful sunlight in also makes the desks nearby incredibly hot. A lot of people also experience glare in their workspaces. Because employees aren’t comfortable, they won’t be working as efficiently.

This is where solar window film comes in. This type of window tint allows that great natural light to come in, while making sure your employees aren’t bothered by glare and dangerous UV rays. They can enjoy a beautiful environment while still being comfortable in a corporate office.


This type of window film is made to keep high amounts of heat from penetrating your glass and making the interior hot. If your business requires a work environment at a cooler temperature but still wants to enjoy natural light, this is the film for you. It’s also great for companies that need to control the temperature indoors or businesses that prioritize a cool, comfortable environment.


If you’re a creative company, decorative window film is the one for you. Your company is based on aesthetics and creativity, and what better way to give off that impression than to have a stylish office building? It’s a good way to make a statement while still enjoying the practical benefits of window film. It will filter the light coming in through your windows while keeping you trendy and fresh.


This type of window film is great for companies that sell valuable goods. If you are a bank, a gallery, a jewelry store, or anything of the like, this may be the one for you. If you choose, you can get a transparent protective window film so that people can still clearly see inside the glass. However, the glass won’t break very easily and even if it does, it often won’t shatter.

This is a great way to add a level of security to your goods. It reinforces breakable windows and glass cases while still allowing great visibility. Additionally, it will keep UV rays out so the goods inside are not damaged.


Some businesses may not want to be seen at all. If that is your case, then opt for reflective window film. It keeps the temperature comfortable and the UV rays out while making sure people cannot peer inside. It also makes your windows look a lot more expensive and classy.

This is a great option for, say, a bakery that is concealing the baking process. Instead of having your employees work in a closed off dark room, allow them to enjoy natural light while still keeping operations hidden.

Whatever your purpose for getting window tint, there is sure to be one to fit your needs. You can enjoy an aesthetic, comfort, and security upgrade in a lot less than it would take to completely replace your windows. Want to know what the best option for your business would be? Contact Nuvision Solutions today!