How to Protect Your School With Window Film

When it comes to schools, safety is of the utmost importance. Despite trying their best to keep their students safe, school administers still have to deal with a tight budget. This means that they may not be able to access the most recent security upgrades. That being said, there are ways to improve the school security without breaking the bank, one of which is to install safety and security window film. The installation process is quick, and the film can provide a level of security to the school building that will turn its weaknesses into strengths. This article will discuss how safety and security window film can help to enhance school safety.

1. Lower the Risk of Injuries From Broken Glass

Safety and security window film is specifically designed to prevent hazards from glass that has shattered. When broken, glass breaks apart very easily and can scatter all over the place. Needless to say, this is extremely dangerous for students and school staff. With safety and security film, however, the glass will not break apart after it has been shattered as it remains intact, not flying rapidly through the air or dispersing on the ground.

2. Secure Weak Points From Intruders

It is vitally important to note that window and glass doors are normally the weakest points of a building. To put it simply, they are the entry points for intruders. Safety and security film can prevent the glass from shattering by holding the glass together, making it more difficult for intruders to enter the property as well as discouraging them from trying again.

3. Have More Response Time

Since safety and security films are hard to break, intruders are going to need more time to break in. This allows more time for response teams to get ready and come to the location. Moreover, they are also more likely to apprehend the intruder before they get inside the building. With the enhanced security from the windows and glass doors, the school staff is given more time to execute any safety protocols to keep everyone inside the school safe.

4. Save More Money

As mentioned, security upgrades to improve school safety are often costly, and not every school can afford these systems. Therefore, it is imperative that schools find effective solutions to invest in so that the students and school staff can be kept safe from outside threats. While schools can install tempered glass windows or other solutions, safety and security window film is still a much cheaper option that also provides the same benefit. When used together with sun control film, schools can reap even more benefits as they can get to save a considerable amount of money on energy consumption.


In conclusion, safety and security window film can be a perfect solution for schools that want to enhance their school security on a budget. By going for safety and security window film, you get to give a higher level of safety for the students and everyone inside the school without overspending and the hassle of construction.

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