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Melbourne Safety and Security Films

Safety and Security Window Film – How Safe is it?

A crime is not something anyone wants to encounter. There’s always a risk of vandalism, break-ins, weapon-related cases and other crimes that could happen to your home. The most vulnerable part of a building is usually the windows and this where security glass can help when it comes to your safety.

Cars, homes, and offices are generally the prime targets for crimes to occur. Luckily, with the advancements in plastic technology, you can flip the weakest point of your properties into a structurally sound spot that can protect you from unexpected events. The 3M’s security window film is what will achieve the level of security that you need in case of an emergency. Here’s how plastic does this.

Security glasses and films

As glass became one of the most used material in vehicles and buildings, the increasing number of glass-related injuries have become the most pressing concerns for glass manufacturers. They started investing heavily in the material’s structural integrity and molecular bondings. This resulted in the rapid advancement of safety glass. From bulletproof glass to impact and shatterproof glass, the technology has always been evolving to provide people with the most security possible. However, there are still concerns about the price and difficulties in the installment process.

This is where 3M comes in. They invented a security film that can be applied to a glass surface that holds it together, providing a frame that holds the broken glass shards from flying into people and objects behind the glass. On top of this, the glass pane acts as a container for glass shards, allowing for easy cleanup and replacements with minimal risk of injury. This will upgrade your home and business’ windows to the 16 CFR and ANSI Z97 level of federal safety code. 3M doesn’t stop there. They have incorporated micro-layer construction technology which ensures that the film is tear resistant. This ensures that the glass can withstand repeated impacts, and even make the glass pane as strong as a ballistic security door. Additionally, the 3M also provides security films for cars, as well as tinted films.

Variety to fit your needs

You can choose from a large variety of strengths for the film that will serve your needs. For example, the Ultra series is a clear film that appears almost invisible, is perfect for a shop display window. The film is 6.6 – 8.5ml which and filtrates up to 97% of UV radiation. This will ensure that your display remains crisp for longer. You can also customize your tint density and adhesives, for example, a 50% density light film which provides both obscurity, safety and thermal control and bond the film to your window frame. 3M provides a limited lifetime warranty for its products to ensure that your film will best serve you for many years to come.If you’re interested in a 3M product but isn’t sure about which one you might need, feel free to consult with our experts for free advice and quotations. We can work with any size project; from car, windows to house windows and veranda doors, or even large offices, we are equipped for any type of job.

Security films are designed to protect you and your properties without fail. If safety is on top of your priorities, getting security window film is perfect for you, NuVision Solutions specialises in window tilt & window film that is effective for security & health purposes – get in touch today to see how we can help.