Safety & Security Window Films - All You Need to Know
Safety & Security Window Films - All You Need to Know

Safety & Security Window Films – All You Need to Know

Regular windows serve many purposes for a property, such as protecting those indoors from the outdoor elements, among others. However, if you have ever encountered unwanted attacks in your property, you might look for a more robust option compared to regular fixtures. This is where safety and security window films come into the picture. Furthermore, this type of window film isn’t only for those who have experienced violence at their properties, but they can also serve as prevention and protection against attacks. 


How It Works

A safety and security window film is a polyester film applied to glass that secures it, if it were to break. If someone swings a bat or throws a rock at it, you can guarantee that the glass will not shatter into pieces. Although a bullet or hammer can do some damage to the fixture, rest assured that it will not be able to make a hole big enough for a person to climb through. 

As mentioned, this window film isn’t only to protect against intruders but also to protect against natural disasters, such as earthquakes. When your glass window is protected by this film, the fewer chances the glass will shatter because broken glass causes more damage. 

With all of that said, a safety and security window film is designed to keep the glass together. This is similar to the binding agent used in automotive glass. Yet, the difference here is that a safety and security window film can be applied after window installation. It is barely noticeable, which also means you can still preserve the aesthetic appeal of your property. 


Installation Of Safety And Security Window Film

Keep in mind that you will need to hire professionals to ensure a thorough and proper installation. When it comes to the time involved, this will depend on the number of windows you have. For this reason, the installation can take a day up to four days to finish. 


Other Functions Of This Film

Aside from preventing break-ins, the film can change the way your windows look. You can even have them frosted if you want to control the amount of light coming in. Likewise, you can choose it to be one-way, in which people within the property are the only ones who can see through the windows to the outside. With this feature, you can guarantee to have more privacy from prying eyes. 


It’s Not Like Other Films

Applying window films to properties isn’t a new solution. However, security and safety windows have more intensive purposes than regular options. This film is mainly for security, and it is designed to reinforce and protect the window, as well as the things inside. With this, you can count on many functions that will help you stay protected at all times. 

It is also ideal for homeowners who are in a high-crime-rate neighbourhood, have experienced a break-in, want more privacy, or who want increased protection in their home. On top of that, there is a wide spectrum of styles you can choose from in today’s market, meaning that you will surely find something that will suit the theme of your home! 



At this point, you now have a broader idea of safety and security window films and their uses and benefits. Seeing that there are many suppliers in the market, you must choose a reliable one to ensure that you get the highest quality of window film for your property. For this reason, be sure to do your homework and find prospective companies that have a positive reputation in the community as well.

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