Safety & Security Films
Unfortunately the world we live in is changing, with an increased threat to our properties from home invasions, smash and grabs, burglary’s and acts of terrorism. Glass is often seen as an easy means to gain entry.

Home Invasions
In the event of a home invasion; Installing a security film can add minutes to a perpetrator trying to gain entry, giving you valuable time to prepare and act. Often the noise associated with repetitive impacts on breaking glass means the perpetrator will soon move on.  

Are you a building owner or organisation that is considered a high risk of such event? A large percentage of people servilely injured or killed in the event of a bomb blast is due to flying shards of glass. Our technical consultants not only have a full understanding of security films but also glass. Understanding the characteristics of glass, how it breaks and the force required to do so means we can tailor a solution to meet your needs.

 Spontaneous Glass Breakage
Whether it be nickel sulfide inclusion, structural movement, or vandalism, spontaneous glass breakage can be a legal night mare. Replacing the glass can be expensive and may not always address the problem. NuVison solutions are industry leaders when it comes to offering film solutions to fix Spontaneous Glass Breakage. By understanding how Toughened Glass breaks with a film applied we have the knowledge to implement the toughest of fixings systems. Glass breaking and falling from height is dangerous but avoidable.

Accidental Impact

Safety Glass is not always found in homes or environments where standards now require it to do so. The application of some safety and security films will bring non-compliant glass up to meet such standards. By having a full understanding of these standards our technical consultants have the ability to provide expert advice for such applications.


We use only the highest quality 3M Films, 3M are world leaders in the window film industry for  Solar Films, Safety Films, Security Films, Anti-Grafitti and Decorative Films,