Window Tinting Melbourne
Window Tinting Melbourne

The Cost of Commercial Window Tinting

The price of tinting the windows of your office building can differ, depending on a few things.

Down below, we will go over the basics so you can ensure that you aren’t being grossly overcharged for this service. If you want to cut costs even further by installing the film yourself, look to the internet to see which film is right for you.

Type of Film

 The most obvious factor that plays a part in the price of your commercial window tints is the type of film that you have chosen. Basic solar film often installed at a flat rate. This type of film is very easy to find, and it should cost anywhere from 5 to 7 dollars for a square foot. Seasoned installers may charge a little bit more, but their quality of work will definitely surpass the cheaper installers. Make sure that you inquire about a warranty. The majority of high quality films will come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Oftentimes, a residential window tint warranty will be much longer than a commercial one. Additionally, it usually only considers interior films – exterior ones are more subject to other factors like weather. If they do have a warranty, it will be significantly shorter.

Size of Windows

 Even a small office building usually has quite a bit more glass to tint compared to your home. You will have to pay more. If it is too pricey for you to handle, you could opt to install it yourself. Purchasing your own film should cost no more than 3 dollars per square foot, so you’d be saving around half of what you would be spending if a professional were installing it.

Location of Windows

If installing tints on your windows involves tall ladders, too much cleaning, or anything more than what a normal install should involve, you will probably get charged an additional fee. If you are hiring for just a few windows, inquire whether there is a minimum trip charge. At times, it is not worth it for installers to come for small jobs, so you may want to consider adding a couple more windows or asking your office neighbours whether they’d be interested in tinting their windows too.

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