The Differences Between Regular & Ceramic Window Tint
The Differences Between Regular & Ceramic Window Tint

The Differences Between Regular & Ceramic Window Tint

Window tinting has evolved throughout the years. While a majority of products used to be dyed or metallised, newer tinting products have been introduced that have drastically changed the market. But does newer always mean better? 

To answer this question, we’ll be breaking down the differences between regular tint and ceramic window tint. To get a better understanding of these products, we’ll also be comparing their advantages and disadvantages. If this is something that you want to know more about, read on as we discuss the differences between regular and ceramic window tint!


Regular Window Tint

Regular window tinting is mostly used to protect a space from the sun and hide the interiors of that given space. The window tint film is dyed to specific graduations to make them darker. These usually come in shades of browns, greys, and sometimes even black. However, it is possible to add more colour to them if that’s what the customer wants. One important thing to note here is that while this type provides some form of protection from the sun, UV rays will still be able to penetrate it and cause the space’s interior temperatures to rise.

This type of tinting also comes with a scratch-resistant coating. It is added to protect the window film from damage. While it is effective for most settings, the coating is quite susceptible to hard or sharp objects that make contact with the window. 

Regular window tint is by far the more affordable option between the two. But the trade-off here is that it won’t be as sturdy as the ceramic window tint (more on this later). You may also have to have it re-tinted in case the coating gets scratched over time. 


Ceramic Window Tint

Ceramic window tinting is considered to be one of the best options for window tinting. What’s surprising about this is that it makes use of the same material as the regular window tint. Yet, it possesses one key difference: the coating. Ceramic options are coated with ceramic particles made possible through the use of nano-ceramic technology. 

When it comes to privacy, this is very similar to regular window tint. In fact, where ceramic window tint sets itself apart is how well it can protect your interiors from the sun. Instead of just blocking the sun, these tints reflect the sun and the heat. And while metallic window tint can do this, that type tends to interfere with cellular and Wi-Fi reception.

The ceramic coating also makes this option incredibly resistant to scratches. These tints even make the windows sturdier, which offer a huge advantage for all types of buildings. While it might initially be more expensive, it’s far less likely to break and need replacement than the regular window tint. 



Ceramic window tint does have clear advantages over regular options, but it won’t always be the best option. The best product will depend on your needs and available resources. While ceramic ones might be better for commercial and office spaces, it might be more practical to go with regular window tint for residential spaces. Hopefully, this brief discussion will help you make an informed decision about which window tint to go with!

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