The Different Types of Window Tinting for Your Commercial Space
The Different Types of Window Tinting for Your Commercial Space

The Different Types of Window Tinting for Your Commercial Space

Working in an office is great. It provides you with the opportunity to have your own space where you can move freely and accomplish your tasks on the dot. But if you’re faced with problems that provide some discomfort, liking being situated next to a window that doesn’t filter the sun enough to shield it, it may cause problems that could affect your productivity.

What’s more, turning to temporary ways that will only cause you more trouble like high electricity bills isn’t exactly a sustainable solution. But with the help of commercial window tinting, you don’t have to worry about these things anymore.

There are many kinds of window tinting available in the market. Read on further below to know about them.


Safety-Focused Films

Commercial window tinting should highlight not only its energy-efficiency and design properties, but should also be used as a form of protection against property damage, accidents, and break-ins.

The 3 kinds of film that safeguards your well-being is the solar safety and security films which features energy conservation effects and protection against potential damages, the anti-graffiti film which is great against vandalism since you only have to peel the film off and replace it, and the exterior safety and security film which is a kind of window tint that works great against natural calamities, burglars, and unwanted incidents.

Commercial window tints that emphasise your protection in every situation is a great idea because they’re built using strong material that can resist scratches. You also don’t have to make any additional renovations because they fit most windows perfectly and don’t stress too much over the interior of your workspace.


Decorative Films

Decorative films are meant to provide your space with a well-designed finish, focusing on the aesthetic look of your office. They highlight colours, patterns, and textures, and provide appropriate privacy. They also serve as a shield against obstructions and unwanted views.

The 4 kinds of decorative film are textured frost, a smooth design that imitates high-quality glass and promotes better privacy, pattern design, for those who want a minimal and modern look to their spaces, textile design, for those who prefer a delicate yet refined touch, coloured film, for those who want something lively to brighten up the room, and gradient film, for those who aren’t too concerned about privacy and just want something new.


Solar Films

This type of commercial window tinting is used to shield you against the harmful rays of the sun while still making sure you’re receiving enough light to reduce your use of indoor light. Solar films focus on still being able to provide you with natural views outside your building.

There are 3 kinds of solar films. A reflective window film provides you with additional protection, perfect for those who want more privacy as well. A neutral window film lacks the appearance of a mirrored look but still produces the benefits of a solar film. Meanwhile, a Low-E window film is built for heavier climates, retains the heat or cold depending on the situation, and decreases your energy costs.



With an array of commercial window tinting options to choose from, it’s only a matter of time before you choose what’s best for you. If you care about your protection more than anything, go for a safety-focused window film or solar film. Meanwhile, if you want to add some design to your simple space, the decorative film works great.

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