Top Reasons to Tint Your Windows
Top Reasons to Tint Your Windows

Top Reasons to Tint Your Windows

Glass windows are a great asset to any commercial space. They are visually stunning and functional, as well. Offices, shops, and industrial spaces with large windows create vibrant places for people to work. They also allow maximum use of natural light which can boost your employees’ productivity and put them in a positive mood. 

When you have large glass facades, you don’t need to spend time and money retouching or repainting your interior and exterior walls. You can also avoid having to replace damaged cladding or siding material on the outer surfaces, which can be very costly. Glass can be relatively easy to maintain if it is properly treated. 

Having glass windows isn’t without its challenges. While the natural light can bring warmth and airiness to the indoor environment, too much of it can cause problems. High levels of sun exposure can damage your interiors and be harmful to the building’s occupants. If you want to enjoy the full benefits of your glass facade, you should consider commercial window tint.

Tinting your windows can block out the harmful effects of the sun while still allowing you to enjoy the view. Here are several reasons window tint can benefit your commercial operations:

1. They absorb harmful UV rays

The light from the sun consists of ultraviolet (UV) rays which humans need to help the metabolic processes. Too much exposure to UV rays, however, can have harmful effects on people. They can cause severe sunburn, premature aging, and even skin cancer. Your staff might be inadvertently put in danger by merely working next to a bare window. Many office window tints can block as much as 98% of UV rays without preventing light or blocking out the view. 

2. They deflect sunlight

Natural light makes for excellent working conditions; however, when the sun is too bright, it can make it difficult to see. The glare can also interfere with viewing information on computer or mobile device screens. Custom window tint can regulate the ideal amount of light you want in your offices with a little less brilliance from the sun.

3. They prevent damage to your upholstery

Repeated exposure to light can also cause your upholstery to fade. Carpets, sofa covers, chair cushions, and even curtains will fall victim to discolouration. Damage isn’t limited to fabric. The sun can leave unsightly patches on your desks, wooden cabinets, and any merchandise you might have on display.

4. They can help you reduce utility costs

The more glass windows you have, the hotter your interiors become. Depending on the quality of the glass, it can act as a magnifying glass, increasing the strength of the heat as it enters your space. The heat can make it difficult for your cooling system to maintain cool temperatures inside. Your HVAC units may kick into overdrive, working harder to pump cold air into your space. The harder your system works, the more electricity it will consume, causing your utility bills to soar. Overworked AC systems will also be prone to damage and frequent breakdowns, which means you may need to spend more on repair work and replacement of parts.

5. They protect people from injury

Glass panels are prone to occasional breakage due to thermal stress. This may occur when the material expands from exposure to too much heat. As the pane expands, it can bend at its centre, where it is weakest, causing the glass to shatter. Glass may break from thermal stress damage or forceful contact with an object or debris, and the shards of glass can fall on unsuspecting individuals below. Commercial window tint can provide a protective layer holding the shattered pane in place. This makes it easier to remove and replace damaged panes without hurting anyone.


Protect yourself and your business spaces with commercial window tint. Glass windows are beautiful architectural features that can provide a lot of comfort and functionality for everyone inside your workspace. With high-quality tint, you can continue to enjoy the view without the sun’s harmful effects.

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