Window Film Fading – The Causes and Ways to Prevent Them

Window films block damaging UV rays, protect your eyes and skin, help your property retain a cooler temperature, boost your comfort, reduce your energy costs, and increase your privacy. With their wide range of benefits, more and more homeowners and business professionals decide to seek top-notch window tinting services from trusted companies to get these films installed on their houses and places of businesses. However, over time, their colours may fade.

While not all window films will turn purple in colour, this concern is quite common. To learn more about what causes them to face this fate, read the details below.

Why Do Some Window Films Get Discoloured?

Window films are dyed to achieve your desired level of darkness. Some unestablished companies opt to use low-quality dyes to cut down their expenses. As a result, they produce products with dyes that can break down and bleed over time.

Cheaper window films usually turn purple. At present, there is no concrete evidence why this happens, but many experts believe that inferior manufacturing processes and UV rays can most likely cause the colour to fade. Also, this can occur when the dyes were applied after using the UV coating.

Why Is Purple the Most Common Color for Window Film Discolouration?

According to some experts, many window films commonly get discoloured and turn people because red and blue dyes are stronger in colour as opposed to yellow and green. Therefore, these dyes last longer than other colours, so over time, the dye bleeds through and forms a purple discolouration.

How Do I Prevent My Window Films from Fading?

As mentioned, the production of low-quality window films can cause them to turn purple. To avoid this, make sure to purchase only from a reliable company that offers window films with high-quality dyes and coatings. This way, you are assured that your residential or commercial property has films with the highest quality. You can also have peace of mind knowing they can last for a long time.

Many established companies provide a warranty, so you can keep your window films repaired or maintain their tip-top condition in case a natural disaster or accident occurs that damages them. You can also ensure that these were manufactured with utmost care according to the highest standards, making them unlikely to turn purple or get damaged quickly.

It can be tempting to settle for just any random company that sells the cheapest window films for your office or home window tinting. However, this may cause you unnecessary expenses in the long run if you need to keep replacing them due to damage or discolouration. A more practical and economical option is to hire experts who use high-quality materials. They can assure you that they can get the job done right the first time.


Installing window films in your home or commercial establishment works wonders to your privacy, comfort, health, safety, energy costs, and property’s aesthetic appeal. To ensure that these are long-lasting, trust only a reputable window film supplier and installer.

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