3 Benefits of Installing Solar Control Window Films at Home

Need a way to save on energy costs at home? Why not install solar control window films on your windows? Not only do they do precisely what you’re looking for, but they provide other benefits too!

These films were built initially to control UV radiation from penetrating into your home and affecting your health. They were also made to reduce the glare, or the light reflecting on the surfaces of your home. Plus, they act as a sort of insulation, maintaining your room temperature in both cold and warm weather.

Here are three benefits that you will get to enjoy if you install solar control window films at home:

1 – Saving on Energy Bills

A simple application of this film onto your windows can save you lots of money. This is because they reflect the sun rays away from your home, preventing the “greenhouse effect.” This, in turn, reduces the heat in your home, providing a more comfortable environment to live in. At the same time, your air conditioner will have to work much less to cool your room.

This will allow you to save up to 30% on your bill! Over many years, this can add up to large amounts of cash. In fact, this is one of the primary reasons why solar window films have become so popular among homeowners.

For most, their investments will be covered in just over two years. If you’re trying to live green, solar windows are a great opportunity as they will help to reduce your carbon footprint.

2 – Protecting Your Furniture and Reducing Glare

This film can protect you and your furniture from UV light that can cause your skin to age and your furniture to fade. Just like art galleries and museums, if your house has any expensive furniture, decorations, or artworks, install solar control window films. This is incredibly important because in doing so, you are preventing any potential damages that are caused by the sun’s harmful rays.

The window film also helps reduce glare by up to 90%. This especially useful for any south-facing homes. It will improve your family’s comfort by reflecting the sun rays away to reduce glare. If you watch a lot of television or like to work near a window, it is recommended that you apply the film to the living room windows to minimize the glare on the screen.

3 – Helping Preventing Break-ins and Improving Safety

Adding a film on your windows acts as an extra layer of security. Manufacturers offer window films at varying thicknesses that provide different degrees of protection. At up to 350 microns thick, the extra width improves on your windows’ resistance to breaking. However, if you solely want to just add more security to your home, it is recommended that you install security fixtures meant for that purpose.

Now, there you have it! Solar control window films are a great addition to any home. Whether you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint, save money, increase your security, or improve your home’s overall ‘comfiness,’ window tints are perfect. If you don’t have any installed in your home, consider doing so. You know the benefits.

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