6 Reasons Why You Should Have Window Tint in Your Office

Office managers, workers, and business owners in Melbourne know how windows can become a source of inconvenience for everyone. Glare and heat are the most common problems that office workers experience from their windows. Instead of using curtains that are a hassle to adjust and clean, try window tinting. Window tinting technology is cost-effective and convenient for many reasons, and you can even use it for marketing purposes as well. The following are the benefits of window tinting for your office:

1. Window tinting helps maintain comfortable indoor temperatures

During the day, your office building absorbs heat through its roofs, concrete walls, and windows. While insulation foam could fend off excess heat from your walls and ceiling, you can’t wrap your windows with insulation foam. Instead, you can use window films or window tinting as your window insulator. During colder months, window tinting would also reduce heat loss from within your office.

2. Window tinting blocks glare and cancerous UV radiation from sunlight

Your building’s orientation and the position of the sun for a given month could result in excess light entering your office space. Sunlight glare is not only a nuisance but could impact occupational safety as well. Employees can experience eye strain and headaches caused by the glare that affects their sense of contrast. Frequent, direct exposure to glare could also lead to blindness, especially if the sunlight strikes shiny surfaces in your office often, such as your floors, screens, glass, and tabletops. UV radiation can also increase the risk of skin cancer among workers. With window tinting, you make your office a safer place to work.

3. Window tinting saves on energy bills and increases workers’ productivity

Window tinting reduces heat loss and heat absorption during winter and summer, respectively. Because your HVAC system would exert less effort to keep temperatures in your office cosy, you can save as much as 30% on your monthly energy bills. Since office window tinting dramatically reduces glare, your workers would feel more comfortable doing their job, improving their productivity as well. The additional productivity and reduced energy bills could translate to a faster return of investment, in as little as three years.

4. Window tinting protects your furniture from fading

UV rays from the sun enter your window and react with the surfaces of your floor, furniture, curtains, and artwork. The chemical reaction caused by UV can cause fading in the surfaces of these objects, making them look less pleasing. Window tinting for your office can help reduce the amount of UV rays that enter your room by as much as 98%. It can do this even without reducing natural light into your room.

5. Window tinting boosts the appearance of your office exterior

Today’s window tinting technology also allows you to decorate your office exterior. You can give your office a sleek, uniform, professional look from the outside even if your office rooms use different types of curtains or drapes. You can also customize your window tinting design for advertising purposes.

6. Window tinting lets window glass break safely

Projectiles and accidents can cause your glass to break into sharp shards that could wound your workers. Safety films, a type of window tinting, keep your window shards intact even as its surface has been shattered, preventing injuries.

Want to have window tinting for your office?

More and more businesses are now using window tinting because of the array of benefits it offers. However, you have to know what type of tint would best suit your office’s needs and budget.

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