5 Reasons to Tint you Home This Summer
5 Reasons to Tint you Home This Summer

5 Reasons to get a Window Tint this Summer

Summer is a great time for your family. Your kids are out of school so all of you can take a trip to the beach and camping together! However, you need to be aware of the risk of excessive exposure to invisible UV rays. That’s why you use sunscreens, but what about when you’re at home? If your home windows aren’t tinted yet, then this summer might be a good time for it. Let’s see why.

Help Prevent Cancer

Excessive sun exposure can result in the development of skin cancer in family members of all ages. The most dangerous thing about it is that you might not even know that it’s happening, as you’re just enjoying the warmth. Window films can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays that come through the window, drastically reducing the risk of skin cancer and other skin diseases from sun exposure.

 Reduce Glare

 Summertime is the time that families gather together to enjoy their favourite TV shows during the day, but the fun can’t be had if the only thing on screen is the huge, bright sun. Not only that it’s not enjoyable to watch, but intense screen glare can also be harmful to the eyesight, especially for young children. Window films can reduce the amount of light that enters and gets reflected on glassy and shiny surfaces in your home. You can enjoy your time together as a family without having to worry about ruining your eyesight!

 Protect Furniture and Flooring from Fading

 Furniture needs protection from the sun too. Materials like leather, wood, and plastic can be prone to light and heat damage, as they can become warped, discoloured, faded, or cracked. You could close your curtains to block out the sun, but if your curtain is too thick, then your room might become too dark. It’s already a chore to take care of your home appliance, you don’t need more of it. Tinting your windows can help you to keep your furniture looking neat and clean without requiring extra care.

Reduce Energy Consumption and Costs 

The windows are where the heat from the outside comes in from, and they don’t leave. Your AC will need to work extra hard during these months to get rid of this heat and replace it with cool air. If you’ve ever had to pay a large electric bill during the summer months, then you know that it’s painful to spend your money like that. Window films help block out the heat reducing the workload of your AC, as well as your spendings.

 Enjoy Additional Privacy 

If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable from the prying eyes of the passersby, then you might want to consider getting your windows tinted. Window films block out the outside-in vision to a large degree, making it very difficult for people to see what’s on the other side of the window. This increases both the privacy and safety of your home, as you will deter the burglars from targeting your home. Thieves know that they are at risk when they are out at night, and they want reassurance that their risk will be rewarded. An obscure view of what’s inside the window is the opposite of a reassurance.

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