Window films are a type of window treatment to reduce the amount of solar heat transmitted through the glass and windows. It has multiple benefits to homes and businesses. However, plant moms and dads often have a different take on window films. 

Most plants require plenty of sunlight to thrive. In an effort to keep our house plants healthy and happy, we may try to place them under the best light conditions. While window treatments help to make our homes more comfortable for us, we may not think it does the same for our plants. There’s good news, here. A lot of the myths we may have believed are actually false, and window tints actually can make for healthy and happy plants!

Read on to find out about five window tinting myths that plant parents should keep in mind.


Myth 1. Window films will darken your homes and office 

One of the most common concerns of owners and businesses is the amount of light passing through the window. Some people believe that window films will reduce the amount of light passing through, causing the room to be too dark. However, you have to understand that high-quality window films are designed to block UV rays from the run, so only the healthy sunlight can come in. 

Installing window films doesn’t necessarily mean that your home or office will be dark. If you choose the appropriate treatment, the film will simply block the harmful rays. Hence, you can get all the benefits of daylighting and help you reduce on electricity bills. At the same time, your plants will still get the light they need!


Myth 2. Your houseplants won’t get enough sunlight from window films

This is true for cheap and DIY window tinting. Poor quality films can dim the sunlight, but don’t block the unhealthy ones. This is not the case for professional films. 

Window films block UV rays, but they allow the red and blue light spectrums to come through. These spectrums are used by plants to grow. In fact, window films save plants from wilting as a result of overexposure to UV rays. Since most indoor plants prefer filtered light, you are cultivating the same landscape for them. If you’re still worried about the health of your plants, speak to your local nursery. 


Myth 3. Window films can break your windows  

Before installing window films, installers come to your home or office to check your product manufacturer and specification. With this, they can match your window film products to avoid cracks, breaks or damages to your windows. It’s always smart to work with a professional window installer to ensure that you are given nothing but the best. 


Myth 4. You won’t be able to clean your windows after installing a window film

Windows can be cleaned after they are covered with window film. While they may require some time to set after application, you shouldn’t have a problem cleaning them once the film has cured. The constant advances in the industry means that better and more durable window treatments are being produced all the time, and you shouldn’t have a problem locating a high-quality option for your home. 

Do take note that you must not use abrasive cloths and cleaners when cleaning your windows. Your window film installers will give you instructions on how to properly clean your windows. With the right products and cleaning method, you won’t have to worry about damages or cracks. Regular cleaning will ensure that your windows remain in good condition and your plants are able to receive all the light they need!


Myth 5. Window films deteriorate quickly 

All window treatments depreciate over time, but quality products that are professionally installed can last over a decade. Cheap window films and unprofessional installation will result in cracked and bubbled windows. Professional installation makes all the difference. When purchasing window film, look for a provider that can offer both the product and installation services. This ensures your window treatments are installed professionally and will last for a long time.



Window treatments are an excellent way to upgrade your home. However, some houseplant owners experience some concern over how films will affect the lighting situation and whether it will complicate cleaning processes. Fortunately, many of these myths are simply untrue. Tints and films can add value to your home without taking away from the delightful afternoon light you want to enjoy. Simply make sure you choose the right treatment and work with professional providers!

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