Window Tint Films for Child Care Centres - What You Must Know
Window Tint Films for Child Care Centres - What You Must Know

Window Tint Films for Child Care Centres – What You Must Know

Running a child care centre means looking after the welfare of kids under your care and their parents’ best interests. However, what is most concerning is most facilities still have breakable glass window panes, which can be a hazard during playtime and other activities. The problem is most would argue that it’s a way for kids to enjoy natural light to boost their mood throughout the day. Therefore, it would be best to have the ideal compromise: having window film tint installed. 

When you think about window tinting, you may often see this as a feature in offices to serve as a shield from harsh UV rays, prevent injuries caused by shattered glass, and ensure privacy while still giving access to the outside world. These are the same intended benefits for tinting in child care centres. The problem is these kinds of insulating material may look too dull or even inappropriate for a kid-friendly setting. To find the right balance between security and decorative window tinting, consider this article as your guide. 


Why Is Security Window Tint Film the Most Preferred for Child Care Centres? 

Despite the look and feel of security or privacy window tinting, it does meet a few standards that ensure children’s safety while ensuring fraudulent individuals cannot spy on kids. The latest standard says any glazed area that is child-accessible in a centre-like setting must use grade A safety glass, especially if required by the Building Code of Australia. 

Particularly, what they are after is at least below one metre about the floor level or 0.75 metres if your centre was approved before the first of June 2014. Thus, the safety and security films would be the most effective because they can prevent glass panes from breaking up into tiny shards, significantly reducing accident risk. Just ensure you find the right measurements and study material for your window to meet the safety standards. You can do so by consulting with a professional commercial window film tint supplier. 


Why Is Decorative Window Tinting and Other Related Solutions Important in a Child Care Setting? 

Aside from access to sunlight, you may not be convinced that your child care centre needs decorative window tinting since it’s purely for aesthetic purposes. You may also think it’s an unnecessary expense that doesn’t really add value to the child care experience. 

In reality, there are some perceived benefits for colourful, visually appealing areas. According to Sciencing, children’s exposure to bright colours can help kids differentiate various elements from one another. Thus, it would be best to find the right compromise with your window tinting. 

The best way to take advantage of window tinting is to go for more customised options that merge the best features of different window tint films for your convenience. Alternatively, you can go for custom window decals with brightly coloured, kid-friendly graphics using custom window decals placed onto your security and safety film to meet all your needs. 



When choosing window tint film for child care centres, you may have to follow a few guidelines and address both the teachers’ and parents’ concerns. Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of the different security and decorative tinting you can have. Meanwhile, if you want to ensure you source the most cost-efficient, high-quality products, consider getting them from a reputable supplier like us.

NuVision Solutions can provide you with the most high-quality 3M window film Melbourne has to offer. We also have custom window decals and various options perfect for your child care centre. Browse through our range of film solutions and contact our team to help you pick out the best one for your needs and preferences.