Anti-graffiti Window Films - Benefits and Installation
Anti-graffiti Window Films - Benefits and Installation

Anti-graffiti Window Films – Benefits and Installation

If you’re a business owner, you likely own or lease a brick-and-mortar establishment. Even if it’s only for warehousing, it’s a space that you’re responsible for. You’re tasked with cleaning and maintenance, along with replacements, should the need arise. Unfortunately, most brick and mortar stores suffer from an inevitable attack from local troublemakers—graffiti. Stores in high foot traffic areas, particularly those outfitted with a ton of glass window displays, are particularly vulnerable to vandalism.

Thankfully, new changes come with advancements, and the need to deter graffiti vandalism has given rise to the anti-graffiti film. It is a window film designed to protect your glass from the troublemakers, ensuring that your establishment is well protected. 

It may sound new to your ears, so keep reading to learn more about it: 


How Does Anti-graffiti Film Work?

These films are transparent, which is why your customers will not be able to tell them apart from the glass and windows. You can still enjoy total views of the outside and vice versa, as well as invite ample sunshine in. This ensures that any display you wish customers to see remains unobstructed, but your glass will now stay safe and sound from any form of vandalism—including scratching and graffiti. 

They are also effortless to install, as they are cut to fit your windows down to the last pane. They come with an adhesive side that directly falls onto the glass, to be then wiped down to ensure that everything adheres to the surface. It can be likened to signs and decals, but this time it’s a window accessory designed to protect. 


The Benefits of Anti-graffiti Film

1 – You Save on Costs 

Local troublemakers likely use permanent markers and spray paint to make graffiti, which can only be removed through hazardous chemical solvents and blades. Unfortunately, the use of these tools can be laborious at best and damaging at worst. For this reason, they can be costly, especially once they begin damaging your glass. 

With the help of anti-graffiti film, you can effectively protect your expensive window glass—as you only need to peel off the peel for replacement should any form of vandalism occur. 


2 – You Protect Your Glass 

As previously mentioned, anti-graffiti films ensure that your glass remains safe—and not just from markets and paint. You also ensure that any form of scarring or scratches do not happen to your glass surfaces, as the film will absorb any discolouration, etching, and even gouging. You’re sure to extend the lifespan of your window displays!


3 – You Prevent Troublemakers from Doing More Damage 

Your business is likely safe from vandals, but who’s to say they won’t strike again? Thankfully, the presence of an anti-graffiti film can deter them from targeting your store. If they see that you can quickly bounce back from the damage, they’ll leave you alone. 

Subsequently, deter other vandals from doing the same. In most cases, vandals empower each other, and without the presence of graffiti in the neighbourhood, they’ll likely feel powerless.



Your establishment is your bread and butter, which is why it’s essential to keep every corner of it safe—especially the delicate window displays. While vandals run amok the town, ensuring that you are protected with the anti-graffiti film is worth your money. 

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