Myths about Home Window Tinting You Shouldn’t Believe
Myths about Home Window Tinting You Shouldn’t Believe

Myths about Home Window Tinting You Shouldn’t Believe

Tinted windows are one of the most popular solutions to block harmful heat and sunlight from entering the house’s interiors. But, even with its popularity and advantages, window tinting still has this poor image, resulting in various myths. These misconceptions are precisely why homeowners are still sceptical about considering tints for their windows. 

If you are planning to have a tinted window for your home, here are some of the myths you shouldn’t believe:


Myth #1: The Interior Will Look Dark with Window Tinting

While this myth is true if we are looking a few years back, window tinting has already evolved, and there’s now an advancement on how it will reflect in the interiors. Today, window tinting films can control the wavelength of the sunlight, preventing the interiors from going completely dark and depressing. 

Homeowners can now have a dark window from the outside but still reflects some light on the inside. However, the heat from the sunlight will be reduced, making window tinting a perfect solution for keeping the interiors cool while having some natural light inside. 


Myth #2: Window Tinting Is Only Ideal for Summer or Warm Climates

This statement is another misconception about window tinting because window tinting is the best insulator for glass in general. It does not just shield your interiors from the heat, but it can also keep some heat inside your home during the cold season. Window tinting can also improve energy efficiency every season because it can slow down the transfer of heat energy in and out of your home. Therefore, window tinting is not just for summer; it is ideal for every season.


Myth #3: Window Tinting Is an Ideal Protection against Burglary

While this myth is such a great benefit, not all window tinting is burglar-proof. It’s not a guarantee that it can dismiss burglars, especially that it is usually made of glass. However, there are commercial-grade films with a unique feature of making the glass challenging to break. Window tinting’s adhesive can also prevent the glass from breaking suddenly, so if there’s a threat, burglars cannot break your windows quickly. 

Again, it’s important to remember that window tinting will not make your window strong and unbreakable. Their primary purpose is to provide you with privacy and protection from direct heat and sunlight. 


Myth #4: The Window with Tints Will Be Hard to Clean

Cleaning a tinted window is just similar to cleaning a normal window. There’s no significant difference in how you will clean your tinted windows, but it is advisable not to clean them for at least one month after the installation. However, it’s still best to seek a professional’s help to avoid damaging your tinted windows during the cleaning process. 



Generally, window tinting is an excellent choice if you want privacy and protection from harmful heat and sunlight. You should not believe these false notions because you will miss out on the benefits of window tinting if you try to get these in your mind. Just ensure to work with a professional installer so that your windows will have high-quality films that can last you for a long time. 

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