5 Benefits of Using Commercial Window Tinting – What to Know

In the past, window tinting for commercial property was a form of luxury. However, there are now several advantages that building owners and their employees can benefit from the use of window tinting, and it’s not only for enhancing the beauty of commercial windows.

If you’re considering an upgrade for your commercial windows, here are five advantages of using window tinting. Keep on reading to find out more.

1. They enhance aesthetics

One good reason to have window tints for commercial windows is to enhance the aesthetics of the building. Not only will window tinting treatment make your building look professional, but it will also create an impact as to how people perceive your business from the outside. There are many ways to augment your commercial windows and improve the overall appearance of your building. You can create a welcoming, refreshing escape from the summer heat, or provide a cozy and professional ambience within.

2. They reduce cleaning and maintenance

Another good reason to use commercial window tinting is that they reduce the amount of cleaning and maintenance needed. Cleaning and maintaining your commercial windows can be quite tedious as a task. Because of this, you need to ensure that the windows are spick and span as these can create an impression of your business. Commercial window tinting can conceal the apparent effects of dirt and streaks on the glass. Having such window treatments can make your building more presentable for as long as possible.

3. They increase comfort and productivity

There are many ways that window tinting can ensure comfort and productivity inside the office. First, employees will be less distracted by the glare from the sun. Second, they won’t have to struggle with the fluctuating temperatures with the room. As a result, they will be more comfortable inside the office, which improves their productivity in doing their job. It’s amazing how a simple window tinting can make a significant difference in the office.

4. They reduce glare and damage

One of the undeniable reasons for building owners to install window tints is for glare reduction. Chances are, the sun’s glare can get through the commercial windows. Aside from distracting the employees working inside, the sun’s glare can also cause a significant amount of damage to furniture, carpets, and textiles. With window tintings, they will protect these items from sun damage and keep their colours and finishes. This can extend the life of the many items inside and prevent potential repairs or replacements.

5. They reduce energy consumption and costs

Lastly, window tinting can reduce energy consumption and the cost that goes along with it. The use of window tints regulates temperature control by preventing the heat from getting through during summer or the coldness during winter. Commercial window tinting keeps the interior air temperature more consistent and regulated.

Today, many building owners are incorporating the use of window tinting for their commercial windows. The five advantages mentioned above are enough reasons to convince you to install window tints. These advantages go to show that they are a feasible yet highly effective option to meet your needs.

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4 Benefits of a High-Quality Window Tinting solution.

High-quality window tinting can make a significant difference in your home or office. Window tints provide privacy, sun’s rays protection, and temperature control. Not only are they highly functional and energy-efficient, but they are also aesthetically appealing.

On the other hand, it’s easy to fall trap to cheap window tinting when trying to save costs. Mediocre products and shoddy tint jobs will lead to streaks and bubbles on your residential or commercial window tinting. Unfortunately, peeling and bubbling window tints with gaps at the edges will give any property an unsightly appearance. Installing cheap products will defeat the purpose of having window tinting for privacy, sun protection, and heat control.

The question is, what makes a high-quality window tinting? Keep on reading to find out more.

1. High Functionality and Energy-Efficiency

A high-quality window tinting is reflected in its overall performance. It may not always be apparent, but you’ll see how its functions can make a difference. First, its high functionality can be seen in the way it provides privacy, reduces sun glare, and controls heat and temperature in your room. Second, window tinting can improve the energy-efficiency of your home or office. You can benefit from window tinting in two practical ways: (1) it increases insulation to retain heat in the winter, and (2) it reduces hot spots during summer.

2. Privacy and Security

A high-quality window tint can be installed to improve the privacy of any space. Such window tint reduces visibility during daylight hours with direct sunlight and night time with interior lighting. On the other hand, window tinting increases the security of your home or business. Window tinting controls visibility from the outside and prevents shattering from a burglary attempt or vandalism. It also offers added security from extreme weather conditions and flying debris.

3. UVA Protection and Sun Glare Reduction

A high-quality window tinting protects your room from the harmful elements of the sun. First, it protects against damaging UVA rays. Protection from sun damage also extends to furnishings and flooring of your home or office. Second, professional window tinting also reduces sun glare and improves visibility. This helps to improve your viewing experience whether you’re watching TV or using a computer at home or work.

4. Aesthetics

Another good reason to install a high-quality window tinting is its curb appeal. At a glimpse, window tints can be flawless and add to any property’s curb appeal. There’s a variety of textured films where you can display your logo and increase company branding for your business. Also, tinted windows with a streamlined appearance can augment the look and appearance of your home without losing natural light.

To that end, you now know the factors that make up a high-quality window tinting. If you’re considering window tinting in Melbourne for your home or office, it helps to spot high-quality ones. You will have to do some research and get in touch with a reliable window film installation company. Doing so will help you get the right window tints and avoid the hassle of removing and reapplying, which might include additional costs.

If you’re looking for a professional window tinting service in Melbourne, NuVision Solutions have been operating for over 30 years, chat to one of our team today to find out how we can help.

Our Guide to Maintaining Tinted Windows

Getting your windows tinted is an excellent way to enhance your residential home, commercial building, as well as vehicles. Beyond creating a sleek look, the window tints offer an array of benefits including privacy, protection from the sun’s UV rays, heat absorption, and reflection to help with insulation.

To that end, window tints also require proper caring. The procedures are not complicated and can be quickly done, but ensuring that it is executed correctly is crucial if you want to maximize the life of your window tint. Generally, its lifespan can stretch between 10 to 15 years, along with a 5-year warranty from most film manufacturers. To help it maintain its tip-top shape and performance, our tips below should help you care for your windows properly.

How to Properly Clean Tinted Windows

Step One: Let the Window Tint Cure

When the window tint has just been installed, it’s essential to let it cure between 7 to 30 days. The range is varied as the curing process largely depends on the climate, wherein mild temperatures and low humidity levels are the best climate that helps tints to adhere to windows properly.

Step Two: Clean and Wipe

Once the window tints are cured, it’s time to clean the windows. Use a rubber squeegee or a cotton cloth dipped in warm, soapy water. Be sure to avoid harsh cleaning chemicals, especially the ones that contain high amounts of ammonia. Once it is cleaned, dry it by wiping the windows using a soft microfiber cloth. The strokes should move horizontally from top to bottom and rub the towel after every stroke. Keep in mind that it’s best to clean windows when there is no direct sunlight hitting the surface.

Step Three: Wipe off Residue

If there is any residue remaining, wipe it clean by using a cotton cloth dabbed with acetone. This will not damage the film and can quickly remove the adhesive. After removing any residual glue, wipe it until it is thoroughly clean and dry.

Best Cleaning Solutions and Products for Window Tints

It’s crucial to be on the lookout for cleaning products or equipment that can damage the tint when washing your windows. To that end, the best cleaning solution merely is mixing soap with warm water. It is a mild yet highly effective product that will do its job well without the risk of damaging your tint in any way. Meanwhile, steer clear of the following products:

  • Products containing ammonia – Ammonia (NH3) can cause the film material to become more brittle, which ultimately shortens its lifespan and leads it to crack through time. Additionally, it also has a tendency to lighten the colour of the tint.
  • Abrasive equipment like paper towels, newspapers, and scourers – Avoid using any cleaning equipment that has rough surfaces as it can leave behind scratches, which can widen in time and ultimately lead to the demise of your window tint.
  • Never use knives for popping air bubbles – It goes without saying that knives have a high chance of making a tear on the tint, though many people still use it for popping air bubbles. For a safer and more effective alternative, opt to use credit cards instead and use the short side of the card to push the bubbles to the edge of the window.

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Why Ceramic window tint performs so well compared with other types of window tints.

You may have decided to tint your windows and are now doing your research on the different types of window films. In short, window films can be made with different materials, all with their advantages and disadvantages. This article will focus on carbon and ceramic window tints.

The Different Types of Tints

Here are the different types of window tints, all ranked either good, better, or best.

Dyed Window Tints

Good –  This type of window tint is usually the cheapest of the bunch. It blocks light and absorbs heat. This is the obvious choice for those who want to maintain privacy but don’t worry much about keeping out the UV or infrared light.

Metalized Window Tint

Better – This type of window tint contains metallic particles which help reflect heat away from spaces. As a slight upgrade from the dyed window tints, these films make your windows look quite reflective. The main disadvantage of using this type of film is that the metal interferes with GPS and phone signals.

Carbon Window Tint

Better – Instead of using metal particles like the previous window tint, carbon windows, as the name implies, uses carbon particles. This film rejects much more heat than its metal counterpart, provides a matte look, and doesn’t interfere with your phone signal!

Ceramic Window Tint

Best – This is the best among the rest. Ceramic particles are applied onto the film which rejects heat, reduces sun glare, and protects you and your home interior from UV rays. It offers the best of every world without losing out on visibility.

Ceramic Window Tint – the Best of the Best

Ceramic window tints are one of the latest types of films that have been introduced in the market. With the latest technology, these films can outperform other types of films in regards to UV and infrared light rejection, glare reduction, and visibility. At the same time, it gives your windows structural integrity, making them less prone to shattering.

Carbon Films Vs. Ceramic Films

If you’re looking to save money, you should opt for carbon or metalized window films instead. That being said, the cost between these two and the ceramic films is a few hundred dollars. Though you may be paying more, the benefits you receive from a ceramic film is well worth the cost.

Vehicle and Home Use

All of these films can be applied to your home and vehicles. For the most part, people tend to think of cars when talking about tinting. In reality, if you tint your vehicle, why not tint your home? You receive the benefits previously mentioned in both places. In your car, less harmful radiation enters, and you don’t have to deal with a hot car either. At home, you save on energy bills, keep your furniture from fading away, and protect everyone from harmful ultraviolet light!

If you’re looking for a window tinting service in Melbourne NuVision Solutions are experts in residential and commercial applications fo window films, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

3 Benefits of Installing Solar Control Window Films at Home

Need a way to save on energy costs at home? Why not install solar control window films on your windows? Not only do they do precisely what you’re looking for, but they provide other benefits too!

These films were built initially to control UV radiation from penetrating into your home and affecting your health. They were also made to reduce the glare, or the light reflecting on the surfaces of your home. Plus, they act as a sort of insulation, maintaining your room temperature in both cold and warm weather.

Here are three benefits that you will get to enjoy if you install solar control window films at home:

1 – Saving on Energy Bills

A simple application of this film onto your windows can save you lots of money. This is because they reflect the sun rays away from your home, preventing the “greenhouse effect.” This, in turn, reduces the heat in your home, providing a more comfortable environment to live in. At the same time, your air conditioner will have to work much less to cool your room.

This will allow you to save up to 30% on your bill! Over many years, this can add up to large amounts of cash. In fact, this is one of the primary reasons why solar window films have become so popular among homeowners.

For most, their investments will be covered in just over two years. If you’re trying to live green, solar windows are a great opportunity as they will help to reduce your carbon footprint.

2 – Protecting Your Furniture and Reducing Glare

This film can protect you and your furniture from UV light that can cause your skin to age and your furniture to fade. Just like art galleries and museums, if your house has any expensive furniture, decorations, or artworks, install solar control window films. This is incredibly important because in doing so, you are preventing any potential damages that are caused by the sun’s harmful rays.

The window film also helps reduce glare by up to 90%. This especially useful for any south-facing homes. It will improve your family’s comfort by reflecting the sun rays away to reduce glare. If you watch a lot of television or like to work near a window, it is recommended that you apply the film to the living room windows to minimize the glare on the screen.

3 – Helping Preventing Break-ins and Improving Safety

Adding a film on your windows acts as an extra layer of security. Manufacturers offer window films at varying thicknesses that provide different degrees of protection. At up to 350 microns thick, the extra width improves on your windows’ resistance to breaking. However, if you solely want to just add more security to your home, it is recommended that you install security fixtures meant for that purpose.

Now, there you have it! Solar control window films are a great addition to any home. Whether you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint, save money, increase your security, or improve your home’s overall ‘comfiness,’ window tints are perfect. If you don’t have any installed in your home, consider doing so. You know the benefits.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Have Window Tint in Your Office

Office managers, workers, and business owners in Melbourne know how windows can become a source of inconvenience for everyone. Glare and heat are the most common problems that office workers experience from their windows. Instead of using curtains that are a hassle to adjust and clean, try window tinting. Window tinting technology is cost-effective and convenient for many reasons, and you can even use it for marketing purposes as well. The following are the benefits of window tinting for your office:

1. Window tinting helps maintain comfortable indoor temperatures

During the day, your office building absorbs heat through its roofs, concrete walls, and windows. While insulation foam could fend off excess heat from your walls and ceiling, you can’t wrap your windows with insulation foam. Instead, you can use window films or window tinting as your window insulator. During colder months, window tinting would also reduce heat loss from within your office.

2. Window tinting blocks glare and cancerous UV radiation from sunlight

Your building’s orientation and the position of the sun for a given month could result in excess light entering your office space. Sunlight glare is not only a nuisance but could impact occupational safety as well. Employees can experience eye strain and headaches caused by the glare that affects their sense of contrast. Frequent, direct exposure to glare could also lead to blindness, especially if the sunlight strikes shiny surfaces in your office often, such as your floors, screens, glass, and tabletops. UV radiation can also increase the risk of skin cancer among workers. With window tinting, you make your office a safer place to work.

3. Window tinting saves on energy bills and increases workers’ productivity

Window tinting reduces heat loss and heat absorption during winter and summer, respectively. Because your HVAC system would exert less effort to keep temperatures in your office cosy, you can save as much as 30% on your monthly energy bills. Since office window tinting dramatically reduces glare, your workers would feel more comfortable doing their job, improving their productivity as well. The additional productivity and reduced energy bills could translate to a faster return of investment, in as little as three years.

4. Window tinting protects your furniture from fading

UV rays from the sun enter your window and react with the surfaces of your floor, furniture, curtains, and artwork. The chemical reaction caused by UV can cause fading in the surfaces of these objects, making them look less pleasing. Window tinting for your office can help reduce the amount of UV rays that enter your room by as much as 98%. It can do this even without reducing natural light into your room.

5. Window tinting boosts the appearance of your office exterior

Today’s window tinting technology also allows you to decorate your office exterior. You can give your office a sleek, uniform, professional look from the outside even if your office rooms use different types of curtains or drapes. You can also customize your window tinting design for advertising purposes.

6. Window tinting lets window glass break safely

Projectiles and accidents can cause your glass to break into sharp shards that could wound your workers. Safety films, a type of window tinting, keep your window shards intact even as its surface has been shattered, preventing injuries.

Want to have window tinting for your office?

More and more businesses are now using window tinting because of the array of benefits it offers. However, you have to know what type of tint would best suit your office’s needs and budget.

If you’re looking for a professional window tinting service in Melbourne, NuVision Solutions have been providing high-quality professional window tinting services for over 30 years. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

A few things to Consider Before Getting Window Films For Your Home

Many homeowners believe that window tints are typically associated with vehicles or commercial buildings, while residential window tints are perceived to influence the aesthetic features of a home. While it does boost the exterior and interior look of your living space, window tints also provide an array of benefits that may help you reduce your energy bills and even prolong the life of your furniture.

Consider the demand of natural light in most modern homes, it’s not a surprise to see window films being used more and more by home-buyers as it is an essential feature allows dwellers to enjoy the appeal of sunlit rooms, as well as have a view without compromising privacy. To that end, here are some benefits this window treatment option can offer to your house:

To maintain privacy in most residential homes, blinds are typically the go-to for homeowners. However, it limits the use of natural light and prevents you from enjoying a good view of the neighbourhood, especially during mornings or afternoons where you’re in the mood to allow some light to cast a warm, wakeful glow in your living space.

In that regard, installing window films solves this problem by shielding the interior of your home from unwanted, prying eyes without blocking your view of the great outdoors.

Benefit #1: Improve Privacy

With privacy comes an increase in security as window tints keep the insides of your home obstructed from an outsider’s perspective, which prevents it from being vulnerable to potential intruders or smash-and-grab scenarios.

Not only that, but window tints are also made durable and shatter-resistant, which deters criminals from breaking your windows or keeps any shards from exploding due to natural disasters like hurricanes or storms as any small crack in the glass remains in place, preventing any shards from causing any further damage.

Benefit #2: Increased Heat Absorption

Windows are not made to insulate your home, however, adding tints can keep the heat from entering your home while preventing heat loss during the colder season. In that regard, window tints are effective in regulating the temperature of your home, which allows rooms to stay hot or cold as needed. Without putting any more stress to your heater or cooler systems, you can reduce energy and save on your monthly electricity bills, making it a cost-efficient investment to any homeowners.

Benefit #3: Increased UV Protection

The sun’s ultraviolet rays are known to be harmful to skin, especially when exposed under long periods. In that regard, the detrimental effects can be just as toxic even with a glass window in between, which means that lounging next to a window to relax can lead to unexpected and unfavourable consequences like sunburn or even skin cancer in the worst-case scenarios. To that end, window tints prevent approximately 90% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, protecting your skin and even your furniture, drapes, or any surfaces from taking any damage.

Benefit #4: Reduced Glare

Sometimes the sunlight’s glare can block your view when watching from your television, laptop, or mobile phones as the reflection tends to bounce back from the screen. On that note, window tints prevent the glare from sunlight, car headlamps, or even street lights from entering your home, allowing you to enjoy your time off and relaxing hour without any disruptions.

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4 Reasons to Get Your Windows Tinted This Year

When looking to add some aesthetic value and functionality to their homes, many people think about purchasing new appliances and reupholstering their furniture. While this is a great way to freshen up the look of your living space, it doesn’t offer much in terms of added comfort and energy efficiency. In fact, the more appliances you have in your home, the more you are going to be spending every year. Therefore, it’s best that you go with another option that can help to keep your home cool and comfortable without driving up your energy bill.

If that’s what you’re looking for, window tinting may be the best option available. It can help to cut down the heat gain in your home, allowing you to enjoy a breezy and dimmed-down home even in the hottest months of the year.

With that said, here are four reasons why you should have your windows tinted this year:

1. Increased Energy Efficiency

As mentioned, window films help to make your home more energy-efficient. How do you ask? The simple answer is that they simply allow less heat into your home by preventing the passage of UV rays, the invisible light that brings heat along with it.

While you may think that you can just put up some curtains or blinds and achieve the same effect, you also have to take into account that those options will make your home significantly darker. In fact, you may have to turn the lights around your home on during the day, which is not an ideal option for when you’re trying to cut down your energy spendings.

Additionally, when the home isn’t as hot, the HVAC system won’t have to work as hard to keep the temperature regulated. This will help to further reduce your energy costs and extend the longevity of the unit by years.

2. Beneficial During the Winter Months

Not only are window films beneficial for the summer, but they’re a great option for the colder months as well. Untinted glass is a great conductor of heat, which means that it allows heat to pass through it without any resistance. Window films help to prevent heat exchange from occurring, keeping the heat indoors when it’s cold outside. This will help your home to stay warm and comfortable even in a snowstorm.

3. Protecting Your Family from Skin Cancer

Another great benefit of window films is that they can help to protect you and your family from sun damage, as they help to reduce UV exposure in your home. This can help to reduce the risk of skin cancer and other sun-related diseases, which can help you to stay healthy even when the sun is at its strongest.

4. Extensive Warranty

When you purchase window films from a reputable and licensed installer, they will typically come with a conclusive and extensive warranty to ensure that you can enjoy the best products possible. Dependent on the brand and tier of product you purchase you can see warranties vary from 2, 5 to 15 years, which is great peace of mind if by chance the product does fail at all.

If you’re looking for a professional window film service in Melbourne, our team at NuVision Solutions have been window tinting and frosting for over 20 years. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

Our Top Four Reasons Why You Should Tint Your Home Windows

When you’re thinking about making your home feel more comfortable and energy-efficient, window tinting should 100% be on the list, due to its range of benefits. If you’re not sure whether you should get your home windows tinted or not, here are five reasons why we say you should:

1. Window Tints Provide More Privacy for Your Home

When you come home after a long day’s work, all you want to do is rest and relax. The problem is that you can’t always enjoy your time alone when you have to worry about pedestrians looking through your windows. If this is the problem you’re having, window films will completely eliminate that problem for you.

Window films help to block out the light transmission from outside, which will obscure the vision from the outside looking in while simultaneously allowing you to enjoy all the privacy you need.

2. Window Tints Reduce Energy Consumption

If you feel like your home is too warm during the summer and too cold during the winter, the problem may arise from your untinted windows. Glass has very little to no insulative properties, meaning that it allows heat to travel through its surface without resistance. This means that the heat from the outside can come in during the summer and your AC will have to work harder to compensate for the increased temperature.

The opposite is true during the winter, as the heater will have to push itself to keep your home warm. When you tint your windows, you are helping to reduce the magnitude of this problem by preventing heat from passing through the window, saving you a considerable amount of money every year.

3. Window Tints Provide UV Protection for Your Furniture

Not only do UV rays harm your skin and increase the risk of skin cancer, but they damage your furniture as well. Materials such as plastic, leather, and wood are susceptible to discolouration, warping, and cracking when left exposed to UV rays for an extended period. Some window films can help to block up to 99% of these UV rays, allowing your furniture to remain in the best conditions for longer.

4. Window Tints Add a Shatter Resistance to Your Windows

Despite the usefulness of glass, we have to accept the fact that it’s also one of the most fragile construction materials out there, especially when it comes to blunt force damage. This is a prominent problem in case of a storm and you don’t want to see yourself or your family get injured when a window is shattered by a storm.

Security window films can help to provide more security to your window, as it will act as a frame to trap the shattered glass shards inside. This allows you to easily clean up after a storm without having to worry about hurting yourself by stepping on glass shards in the process.

If you’re looking for a professional window film and tinting service in Melbourne, NuVision is your best option. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

How to Protect Your School With Window Film

When it comes to schools, safety is of the utmost importance. Despite trying their best to keep their students safe, school administers still have to deal with a tight budget. This means that they may not be able to access the most recent security upgrades. That being said, there are ways to improve the school security without breaking the bank, one of which is to install safety and security window film. The installation process is quick, and the film can provide a level of security to the school building that will turn its weaknesses into strengths. This article will discuss how safety and security window film can help to enhance school safety.

1. Lower the Risk of Injuries From Broken Glass

Safety and security window film is specifically designed to prevent hazards from glass that has shattered. When broken, glass breaks apart very easily and can scatter all over the place. Needless to say, this is extremely dangerous for students and school staff. With safety and security film, however, the glass will not break apart after it has been shattered as it remains intact, not flying rapidly through the air or dispersing on the ground.

2. Secure Weak Points From Intruders

It is vitally important to note that window and glass doors are normally the weakest points of a building. To put it simply, they are the entry points for intruders. Safety and security film can prevent the glass from shattering by holding the glass together, making it more difficult for intruders to enter the property as well as discouraging them from trying again.

3. Have More Response Time

Since safety and security films are hard to break, intruders are going to need more time to break in. This allows more time for response teams to get ready and come to the location. Moreover, they are also more likely to apprehend the intruder before they get inside the building. With the enhanced security from the windows and glass doors, the school staff is given more time to execute any safety protocols to keep everyone inside the school safe.

4. Save More Money

As mentioned, security upgrades to improve school safety are often costly, and not every school can afford these systems. Therefore, it is imperative that schools find effective solutions to invest in so that the students and school staff can be kept safe from outside threats. While schools can install tempered glass windows or other solutions, safety and security window film is still a much cheaper option that also provides the same benefit. When used together with sun control film, schools can reap even more benefits as they can get to save a considerable amount of money on energy consumption.


In conclusion, safety and security window film can be a perfect solution for schools that want to enhance their school security on a budget. By going for safety and security window film, you get to give a higher level of safety for the students and everyone inside the school without overspending and the hassle of construction.

If you’re looking for a professional window film service, NuVision Solutions is your best option. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.