UV Window Films – What You Need to Know About Them

Homeowners are constantly on the lookout for ways to save money on their bills. This can come in the form of energy savings, water savings, and so on. Regardless, having savings lets homeowners have more money to work with and helps them live a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle. That said, one of the most effective ways to save, particularly from cooling costs, is to install window films on your home. 

Is this your first time hearing about window films? If so, here is all that you need to know to fully understand why window films are an excellent upgrade for your home.


The types of window films 

Window films, also known as window tints, are designed for various purposes. Some are specifically made for cooling, but there are many other types. Some can be built for security and others for aesthetic purposes. However, we will focus on the two main types of window films: UV window films and security window films.

 When it comes to UV window films, these types of films are responsible for keeping up to 99 per cent of UV rays outside your home. They help cool down your home significantly because UV from the sun, while invisible to the naked eye, carries a lot of energy that can easily heat your home. Do note that UV window films do not necessarily have to be dark like a pair of sunglasses. They can be crystal clear and still protect your home from UV light. 

On the other hand, security films are designed to be heavy-duty. Their job is to add more strength to your windows. However, this does not make them impervious to smashing. If your windows get damaged, these films keep the window as intact as possible, reducing the spread of shattered glass that can cause injuries.


The benefits of window films 

If you are looking to cool your home with window films, then UV window films are the way to go. They reflect UV, keeping heat out and your home cool.

Other than that, window films come with a lot more benefits. First, a window film can reduce glare in your home. This means if you have a computer or a TV next to a window, you do not have to squint your eyes trying to see what is on the screen. Second, because it reflects U away, a window film can keep your belongings safe. That is because UV light can damage your furniture, causing them to fade and deteriorate.



 Now that you know all of that, we hope you will take the time to look at all possible window film solutions for your home. Understand that this is still quite an investment, but it is affordable and extremely effective.

That said, we recommend that you have professionals apply your window films for you. That is because applying window films is a lot trickier than you might realize, and any mistakes will get in the way of the film’s performance and possibly cost you more than necessary. A lousy installation can also cause the film to deteriorate quicker, something you do not want to deal with. For that reason, always work with a professional when installing window films, and if you do not know which film is best for you, ask for their expert opinion.

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3 Ways Window Film Contributes to an Energy-Saving Home

Windows play a pivotal role in the look and feel of any home, but it can do more than just let people enjoy the view of the great outdoors. The window treatment you choose can contribute to your home’s temperature control, which can impact your comfort and energy consumption in more ways than one. 

Poor insulation can add 25 percent to your total cooling and heating costs, but adding window tints can address this problem by boosting your insulation. Seeing as window tints can do more than enhance your home’s curb appeal, here’s how it can benefit your home and cut back your utility costs down the line: 


Benefit #1: Window Tint Keeps the Heat During Winter 

Boilers in every neighbourhood are working harder during the colder months as heat escapes, which can drive your home’s energy consumption by a whopping 25 to 30 percent. This means you’ll be greeting the new year with a spike in your energy bills, so why not give yourself the gift of lowering your monthly expenses? 

Applying window tints can help trap heat indoors by limiting cold transmission through the glass, allowing your living space to stay toasty and comfortable throughout the holiday season. 


Benefit #2: Window Tint Keeps the Heat Out During Summer 

Window tints can maintain the warmth indoors when it’s a winter wonderland outside, but it can also keep your space cool when the sun is out all summer. These films can block 99 percent of harmful UV rays, along with the heat that comes along with the solar light. 

This means you don’t need to rely on the air conditioner to beat the heat, allowing you to reduce your energy consumption, extend your AC unit’s lifespan, and save money for more vacation trips during summer break!


Benefit #3: Window Tints Protect your Carpet and Furnishing from Fading 

People know that sunbathing under clear skies can eventually lead to sunburns when done for long periods, and your furniture can receive the same damaging effects when it’s left exposed under the sun. 

The combination of visible light and heat can wreak havoc on your furnishing, resulting in discolouration. Instead of covering up your carpet and furniture, you can provide a higher level of protection by installing window films. 


The Bottom Line: Exploring the Benefits of Window Film and How it can Add Value to your Home

Window tints are a money-saving investment that can increase your home’s form and function. Seeing as it can block 99 percent of UV radiation, it can improve your home’s temperature control, insulation, and protect your furniture without having to block your view. 


Explore Our Custom Window Decals at NuVision Solutions 

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3 Benefits of Investing in Window Tinting

When it comes to the home, a careful blend of aesthetics and functionality is always necessary. For this reason, homeowners often resort to curtains and blinds, in the hopes of reducing the harsh glare and sunlight during peak hours. Such accessories also add an extra level of privacy into the home, especially when it comes to intimate areas like the bedroom. 

Unfortunately, these items can end up costing a lot and will need replacements and maintenance after time passes. For a more flexible alternative, countless homeowners are now considering a better alternative—window films.

Once commonly used by cars, window films have now become a versatile product, providing a modern and affordable solution to countless home concerns. It can block the sun’s harmful UV rays without sacrificing the enjoyable sunlight, which can undeniably brighten up any home. 

Window films can also offer a variety of benefits, and knowing them can help solidify your decision-making process. Without further ado, here are the top four benefits you can enjoy from these tints: 


Benefit #1: You’ll be saving on your energy costs 

Although curtains and blinds can uphold the promise of blocking the sun, they can’t do much when it comes to the heat inside your home. With the help of high-quality window films, however, your windows will be able to keep the heat either in and out depending on the season. 

In other words, you’ll be enjoying a warmer winter and a cooler summer season. By curing these temperature imbalances in your home, you’ll resort less on your AC units. As a result, you reduce your heating and cooling costs, allowing you to save more in the long run.


Benefit #2: You’ll protect your family from harmful ultraviolet rays 

Although you may have been religiously applying sunscreen before going out into the world, keep in mind that those harmful UV rays can also affect you at home. It may sound terrifying, but those sun rays that enter your unprotected windows can cause sunspots, premature wrinkling, and with too much exposure, skin cancer. 

Fortunately, a window tinting is capable of blocking these harmful rays from entering your spaces, ensuring that your entire family stays safe. As a bonus, you’ll also be able to bask in the sunlight without the fear of sacrificing your skin—your morning cup of coffee facing the window will never be more enjoyable. 


Benefit #3: You’ll enjoy a more comfortable environment 

The modern home is characterised by large windows, which allows natural sunlight to grace your spaces. It’s a trend that’s undeniably charming, especially if your home faces the early morning sun. You’ll also have unobstructed views of the world outside, leaving you with gorgeous views of the neighbourhood, city, or simply your garden, wherever you may be. 

Unfortunately, these large windows also end up causing glare. Disruptions can quickly arise, especially when it comes to indoor activities like working on your computer, exercising, and even watching TV. As a result, you end up straining your eyes. With a window film, however, you’ll have a more relaxing environment, guaranteed to be glare-free. 


Invest In The Best Residential Window Tinting In Melbourne 

It may perhaps be an unconventional choice, but window film offers you an easy and inexpensive way to blend both aesthetic and functionality together. You’ll have the means to customise your tint, as you can choose the level of tint darkness you wish for your home to have.  It’s also easy to maintain, and will last you for years—and on top of that, you’ll have all the benefits listed above to enjoy.

If you’re on the hunt for residential window tinting in Melbourne, NuVision Solutions is the place to go. We are a premier supplier and installer of the best window tinting products, serving a large pool of loyal customers for over 30 years. Allow us to offer you not just quality products, but personalised service. Reach out to us today to learn more. 


Safety & Security Window Films – All You Need to Know

Regular windows serve many purposes for a property, such as protecting those indoors from the outdoor elements, among others. However, if you have ever encountered unwanted attacks in your property, you might look for a more robust option compared to regular fixtures. This is where safety and security window films come into the picture. Furthermore, this type of window film isn’t only for those who have experienced violence at their properties, but they can also serve as prevention and protection against attacks. 


How It Works

A safety and security window film is a polyester film applied to glass that secures it, if it were to break. If someone swings a bat or throws a rock at it, you can guarantee that the glass will not shatter into pieces. Although a bullet or hammer can do some damage to the fixture, rest assured that it will not be able to make a hole big enough for a person to climb through. 

As mentioned, this window film isn’t only to protect against intruders but also to protect against natural disasters, such as earthquakes. When your glass window is protected by this film, the fewer chances the glass will shatter because broken glass causes more damage. 

With all of that said, a safety and security window film is designed to keep the glass together. This is similar to the binding agent used in automotive glass. Yet, the difference here is that a safety and security window film can be applied after window installation. It is barely noticeable, which also means you can still preserve the aesthetic appeal of your property. 


Installation Of Safety And Security Window Film

Keep in mind that you will need to hire professionals to ensure a thorough and proper installation. When it comes to the time involved, this will depend on the number of windows you have. For this reason, the installation can take a day up to four days to finish. 


Other Functions Of This Film

Aside from preventing break-ins, the film can change the way your windows look. You can even have them frosted if you want to control the amount of light coming in. Likewise, you can choose it to be one-way, in which people within the property are the only ones who can see through the windows to the outside. With this feature, you can guarantee to have more privacy from prying eyes. 


It’s Not Like Other Films

Applying window films to properties isn’t a new solution. However, security and safety windows have more intensive purposes than regular options. This film is mainly for security, and it is designed to reinforce and protect the window, as well as the things inside. With this, you can count on many functions that will help you stay protected at all times. 

It is also ideal for homeowners who are in a high-crime-rate neighbourhood, have experienced a break-in, want more privacy, or who want increased protection in their home. On top of that, there is a wide spectrum of styles you can choose from in today’s market, meaning that you will surely find something that will suit the theme of your home! 



At this point, you now have a broader idea of safety and security window films and their uses and benefits. Seeing that there are many suppliers in the market, you must choose a reliable one to ensure that you get the highest quality of window film for your property. For this reason, be sure to do your homework and find prospective companies that have a positive reputation in the community as well.

If you are looking for high-quality window films in Melbourne, then you have come to the right place! At NuVision Solutions, we are the leading 3M window film supplier and installer in the area, and we only offer products that keep your property safe. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

Going Green – How to Maintain an Energy-Efficient Home

The steady growth of living expenses will only keep going higher as the earth’s resources become fewer and fewer. For this reason, many brands and consumers are opting for renewable business practices and sustainable products. This shift in manufacturing attitudes is shaping the new priorities of the consumer market.

Modern homeowners want to ensure that their living spaces can optimise energy efficiency as much as possible. The growth of utility costs points to a need for greener applications and systems that can conserve and even store energy. These attachments are some of the hottest purchases for people buying their first homes.


Creating an energy-efficient home

Optimising your home for energy efficiency isn’t just a matter of cutting down on your appliance usage; it will also mean the installation of energy-proofing attachments. The combination of energy conservation habits and new-age home improvement products will be the key to a greener home. These adjustments will lead to lower utility bill expenses in the long term.

If you want to invest in an energy-efficient home, here are three home improvement mindsets you should focus on:

1. Monitoring minor damages and leaks

People commonly associate leaks with plumbing problems, but it can also mean structural damages in your interiors. These can create air leaks that will create an overall lack of efficiency in your insulation and HVAC systems. For this reason, it’s necessary to ensure that your indoors are free of any potential air leaks, from window cracks to doorways.

Besides observing your home from the inside, you should also consider the state of your exteriors. Assessing your porches and roofing installations will be an advantage, especially when you’re anticipating harsh weather seasons. Undermining the buildup of blockages or signs of damages to these areas can pierce through your home.

2. Staying up-to-date with modern appliances

Being frugal about your appliance usage properly is an excellent way to cut down on your utility bills. However, that doesn’t mean that you should revert to using old technology for less energy. In fact, you’ll end up saving more electricity by buying the latest appliances in the market.

For example, smart HVAC systems that have automated climate control features will ensure that you’re using significantly less energy indoors. Its sensors adapt to outdoor temperatures so that you won’t use too little or too much by overshooting your heating and cooling levels. Other appliances like refrigerators and washing machines are also developing similar energy-efficient settings to ensure that they use as little electricity as possible.

3. Installing energy-efficient home fixtures

Structural modifications are necessary if you want to make your home energy-efficient. Similar to modern appliances, contemporary designs of typical home fixtures like doors and windows can play a huge role in your energy-saving goals. For example, different window film products have numerous benefits to add to your home’s energy efficiency.

Some premium brands have reinforced films that can absorb and reduce UV rays that are entering your indoors. This creates less interference to your indoor temperatures while still providing ample natural lighting. Other window film products can also offer increased protection and sustainability, like scratch-resistant film against weathering and heavily tinted film for better indoor privacy.



The world is in a more volatile predicament with climate change and the volatile state of the energy economy. Nevertheless, we consumers need to reprioritise our buying habits to ensure that our home improvements will add to a greener and more sustainable living environment.

At NuVision Solutions, we offer top-quality residential window tinting in Melbourne to restructure your home for energy efficiency. Our products are a mix of both functional and decorative models that will fit with any home. Contact us today to receive professional installation of our products for your windows! 

6 Benefits of Decorative Window Films for Commercial Properties

Most of the commercial properties these days feature huge glass windows. This is no surprise because glass has become a significant design trend for a good reason. Glass windows allow for more high amounts of natural light to come through, which reduces the dependency of artificial lights and helps cut down energy costs. 

Indeed, glass has many benefits, but it has its downsides as well. These typically include a lack of privacy and too much heat from the sun that could cause significant damage to furniture pieces and affect the people within the property. For that reason, there’s a solution to this issue that doesn’t involve curtains or blinds, but instead, decorative window films. 

Decorative window films work well with glass windows because of the enhanced appeal that they offer. However, more than that, these films also offer the following benefits: 


Increases Privacy

With a decorative window film, you get that much-needed privacy without totally blocking out natural light. You can choose from tinted, frosted, or coloured window films that come in various opacity levels so that you can get the right amount of privacy your commercial space needs. 


Saves More On Energy

Glass windows can save you more money when it comes to energy bills, but you also get to save even more with decorative window films. They can conserve the heat to be used during the cold season, while it can also be repelled during the summer. With that, it will give your HVAC system a break and help you save more money on utility expenses!


Increases Your Protection From UV Rays

Natural light is good, but the rays of the sun don’t offer the same benefits. Did you know that UV rays are damaging to one’s health and also the items inside your commercial space? With a decorative window film, you get to protect the people in your property and at the same time, your valuables. This is because the layers can reduce the transmission of light through the glass that will also reduce glares. With that, you will feel more comfortable inside the space. 


Boosts Your Aesthetics

There are plenty of choices when it comes to decorative window films in today’s market, and you’ll likely find something that can boost your commercial space’s aesthetics. You can choose from different prints, designs, and patterns, as well as styles. Moreover, they are durable and easy to clean. Another good thing about this type of layering is that it’s easy to apply and remove, which means you can replace it at any time with a new design!


Adds Colour To Your Windows

If you want to add a splash of colour on your windows, do it easily with decorative window films. You can choose from vibrant colours that will make your commercial space stand out. In fact, this will be a great way to strengthen your brand recognition and growth. 


Incorporates Logos & Images

Speaking of branding, you can also establish it more through decorative window tints. This is because you can incorporate your logos and images on it, which can help you define your company’s mission, work, and values. On top of that, it’s a great way to promote your products or services. 



Decorative window films bring many benefits to commercial spaces. By considering the six benefits mentioned above, you now have all the reason to opt for this window solution. If you’re looking for a way to boost your brand and make your space comfortable at the same time, get your windows tinted by a reputable supplier today. 

If you’re looking for a reliable commercial window tinting in Melbourne, NuVision Solutions has got you covered. We are the leading 3M window film supplier and installer in the area, and we are focused on providing our clients with personalised service. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

4 Main Benefits of Window Film Installations for Buildings

There’s a popular saying that says “all the little details matter”, and the same can be said for window tinting for your building. Window film tints concern a tiny portion of your building but can provide you with plenty of benefits. This includes your building’s daily operation costs, resale value and the well-being of your tenants. But what exactly can you expect from a thin, almost invisible window film tint for your building? 

This article enumerates the four key benefits that window tinting can provide your building. The main goal is to help you re-assess the condition of your building and find legitimate solutions that can help you preserve your property and your good reputation among your tenants. 

1. UV protection 

Your building is exposed daily to harmful UV rays that can damage its longevity. Heat, for instance, can get trapped inside the walls and affect your building’s form. UV rays that permeate building windows can also affect your tenants’ health, exposing them to skin cancer and blindness. 

The best solutions against UV rays is commercial window tinting. There are highly effective window film tints that keep sunlight and heat away. This means you can protect your building, your tenants, the furnishings that are vulnerable to heat and other valuables. UV protection also ensures your tenants that you are a reputable building owner that looks after everyone’s welfare. 


2. Energy-efficiency and temperature control 

Your building is installed with a heating and cooling system, but these can become costly to run and ineffective if you have no window film tints. Your unprotected windows are easily exposed to harmful sunlight and extreme frost, which affects the performance of your HVAC system. You and your tenants will have to pay more just to keep everyone comfortable. 

By installing window film tints, your HVAC system can perform at its best, and you can expect convenient and effective temperature control. You can also expect a decrease in your electricity bill since you don’t have to turn up your HVAC system to higher or lower. Through window tints, you can run an efficient and tenant-friendly space. 


3. State-of-the-art privacy 

Buildings are often vulnerable to many security threats because there are ways to see through the structure. For example, anyone can easily install professional telescopes from a distance to spy on your tenants. These security concerns can affect the marketability and approval rating of your building in the tenant market. 

But with privacy window films installed, you can protect your tenants from criminals. From the outside, you cannot see anything inside your building. And tenants can easily spot security threats from the inside because the window film tints don’t affect visibility inside. You can also refer to our page on security window films at NuVision Solutions for more information. 


4. Raised aesthetic value

Your building can use a few aesthetical touches to refresh its design and appeal among tenants. Fortunately, there are custom window decals and other decorative window film tint solutions that you can use. 

Our team at NuVision Solutions also partners with Group 4 Architectural Finishes Group to provide you with the best creative design solutions for your window tinting. You can also visit our page on decorative films for more information. 



There are many kinds of window tint film solutions that you can use for your building, and it bolsters the overall value of your property. You just need to find the best window tinting provider to execute everything properly. Remember all the previously mentioned benefits and work a commercial window tinting expert today. 

NuVision Solutions provides you with the best solutions for commercial window tinting in Melbourne. We have over 30 years of experience in the window tinting industry and have a full range of protective and aesthetically pleasing window films for your convenience. Contact us today to get your building tinted.

3 Benefits of Getting Professionally Installed Window Film

Window film is a wonderful product in the market that provides plenty of benefits to any property, from stronger protection against sunlight to better privacy through security tinting. With plenty of brands and product lines to choose from, homeowners can pick what will work best for their needs. Unfortunately, the invitation to use window film for their home can be a cause for disaster. Trying to create a DIY project out of your window film can lead to unlikely results.


The continuous struggle of professional trade services vs DIY projects

The Internet’s accessibility to different forms of information is one of the many reasons why people are invested in their digital devices. With a swipe of your screen, you can learn anything, from gardening tips to the location of the nearest hardware store. This leads to many informational and DIY homebuilders to rely on information online for various home projects.

Sometimes, it’s best to let professionals address more complex home problems. For example, it’s best to let a licensed plumber handle your sewer line problems. Doing so will prevent you from making major and costly mistakes of doing it on your own. This also applies to professionally installed window film. Although the product may look easy to use, there are severe consequences if you fail to apply care and precision to your installations.

In this article, we will share three benefits of getting professionally installed window film.

1. Get the best value for your money.

Many people tend to confuse price with value. Although they technically have the same meaning, they have subtle differences. For example, spending the amount of money for a window film’s retail price is cheaper than hiring a professional window film installer. However, doing so prevents you from receiving expert installation services.

Installing window film on standard dual pane insulated glass requires precision to avoid errors like noticeable gaps, uneven lines, or wrinkles. These are the signs of amateur work and can reduce the longevity and efficiency of your product. A professional won’t commit mistakes and ensure that you have a warranty for their services.

2. Observe proper tinting law

Before you think about creating a building project, it’s necessary to understand if you need to file for permits or observe construction guidelines. For example, balustrades need to observe BCA regulations that determine its railings’ height and gaps’ widths. 

Window film installations need to follow tinting regulations, similar to other building code policies. A professional window tinting service provider knows the rules they must observe to ensure that your purchase won’t violate local building code policies on privacy and security.

3. Opens your perspectives on better alternatives

The best part of hiring professionals is that you can consult with them about your decisions. Getting a second opinion on your material options before you purchase them is an excellent way to avoid going back and forth to the hardware store. Sometimes, they can even recommend a better product that suits your needs better than your initial idea.



There’s no harm in expanding your general knowledge about specific housekeeping topics, like basic plumbing and electrical wiring jobs. However, that doesn’t mean you should go ahead and do projects that a professional should handle. Getting a professionally installed window film for your home ensures that you have the right people for the job.

Our professional staff at NuVision Solutions can give you top-quality residential window tinting in Melbourne. We have plenty of brands for you to choose from, ranging from decorative windows to security films. Contact us today to get a professional installation of our products for your windows!

Home Improvement – Debunking 3 Rumours About Window Film

Installing window film in your building is an excellent way to improve your overall safety, security and energy usage. However, not many people are entirely sure about what it does. This leads to many outlandish rumours on its effects that make people reluctant to try the revolutionary product.


Realising the potential of modern window film’s benefits

Window film generally comes from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) materials, with premium brands using other ingredients like ceramic to improve its effects. It helps protect and coat different glass surfaces, from home window panes to car windshields.

Most people compare window film with the prototype of the dark purple material on tinted cars in the 70s. Modern window film products now come with stronger and more versatile applications, which often come with a handful of rumours that contest its effects. These theories prevent people from realising the truth about the product before even getting the chance to try it themselves.

In this article, we will debunk three rumours about window film to help you be a better buyer.

1. “Window film is weak and temporary”

The rumour that window film has a short lifespan comes from its comparison to older iterations of car window film. These are thin and weak tinting products that bubble up and peel off over time, especially under exposure from extreme heat. In contrast, modern window films are much more durable for commercial applications. Many film providers have a warranty of 15 years or more, even for standard window film products. If installed and maintained properly, premium security film can last longer.

2. “Window film is an all-in-one solution against strong storms”

Many people who overestimate the durability of window film often think that it’s too good to be true. If the claims are that it can make your windows impenetrable, then it’s definitely not its true effects. Window film can’t protect your home’s windows on its own. They can still break and leave your home vulnerable to harsh weather conditions. 

However, it does reinforce a window’s shatter-resistant properties and prevents any damages from small to medium scratches. If you’re bracing your home for an incoming storm, it’s best to install shutters instead of relying solely on window film.

3. “Window film doesn’t affect your energy costs”

Most people typically don’t understand how window film can affect a home’s energy usage. Home development projects need each component to help each other to provide a better living situation. For example, strategic window placement can reduce a home’s need for light sources during the daytime. This promotes better energy use and incorporates natural light as part of the home’s design.

Window film helps you reduce your energy costs in various ways, from lowering your air conditioning expenses to reducing solar heat in your rooms. During warmer seasons, specialised UV-filter window film can protect your indoors from being too warm. This prevents you from overusing your cooling systems throughout the day. Repeat the same environmental scenario in a span of a few months, and you’ll see a significant decrease in your energy costs.



The confusion on window films’ effects is probably due to the different brands and varieties available. This is why some buyers feel that people’s claims on its features are too good to be true. Learning about the strategic benefit you’re looking for will help you choose the right window film solution.

NuVision Solutions offers top-quality residential window tinting in Melbourne. We have a wide selection of brands for your needs, ranging from decorative windows to security films. Contact us today to find the right window film solution for you!

4 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value Without Breaking the Bank

If you’re planning to put your house on the market within the next few months or years, you’ll want to ensure you can sell it at the highest price possible. That means you’ll have to come up with ways to increase its value, which often includes making significant investments to make the home more valuable and attractive. Some people drive their property’s value by renovating it beforehand, although this tends to be costly. 

Fortunately, there are ways to boost your home’s worth without breaking the bank. By tweaking a few aspects of your property, you’ll have bumped up its price by a few hundred dollars. Here are four ways to do just that:

1. Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Most prospective home buyers nowadays prioritise energy efficiency in a property as a way to cut back on energy bills while being environmentally friendly. Even if you don’t plan to let go of your home any time soon, increasing your home’s energy efficiency can help you save money. 

Consider the ways you can save energy in your home, such as upgrading your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system or opting for more water-efficient appliances. Not only will these increase your quality of life, but they’ll help you save money and improve the worth of your property!

2. Use Window Tinting

A practical yet cost-effective way to bump your property’s selling price is by investing in window tint. Home window tinting reduces the harmful effects of the sun, which keeps your home cooler. A cooler home means your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to make temperatures comfortable, especially in the summer. Simply tinting windows will offer significant savings in your energy bills.

Window tinting is also useful for preserving the interior of your home, especially furniture and decor that is susceptible to UV damage. You won’t have to replace faded armchairs, rugs, or sun-damaged objects, helping you save even more money in making your home look presentable. 

3. Refresh Your Walls With Paint

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way with preparing a house for sale. It makes the property look new, which will immediately increase its value. Ensure that you choose a neutral shade like white, light grey, or beige so that it appeals to a broader range of potential buyers. 

Repainting your house is a quick and effective way to resolve any issues in the walls, such as stains. Your home will look even more attractive without undergoing significant renovations!

4. Request a Home Inspection

Dealing with deteriorating roofs or mould growth is often prohibitively expensive. They are also issues that are quick to sink a home’s selling price, making them essential to treat. To avoid any undetected problems from worsening, reach out to a home inspection agency to survey your home. They have the skills and knowledge to identify an issue that will take thousands of dollars to fix if left untreated.

Resolving all the issues in your house is crucial to selling your property. Few homebuyers are willing to pay a premium for a place that has cracked walls or rotten wood, and your goal is to make the most profit possible. Avoid this scenario entirely by having your home inspected so that you can take care of all issues immediately.  



Preparing your home for the market involves a list of activities that are often expensive. However, if you want to maximise your profits from selling your home, these four strategies are inexpensive ways to help you do just that. With a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can make a killing out of selling your property.

If you’re looking for residential window tinting in Melbourne, NuVision Solutions has exactly what you need. We are the leading 3M window film supplier and installer in Greater Melbourne and have been in the window tinting business for 30 years. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you with your tinting needs!