How to Make Your Sunroom Less Hot and More Enjoyable
How to Make Your Sunroom Less Hot and More Enjoyable

How to Make Your Sunroom Less Hot and More Enjoyable

Having natural light in your home is important. When you live in a space devoid of sunlight, it can often feel quite depressing. So, it’s really best to find ways to open up your home and allow natural light to stream in. 

If you’re lucky, your home may come with a sunroom that is essentially a place in your house that gets the most sunlight. However, the problem with sunrooms is that they can often get too hot. 

While you’re getting the natural light you need, it can be quite uncomfortable to stay in the sunroom due to the heat. So, how do you achieve the right balance of sunlight and comfort?


Put Up Curtains or Blinds

One of the easiest solutions to this sunroom problem is to get curtains or blinds for your windows. Now, since you still want some sunlight to enter your sunroom, blackout curtains are probably not ideal. Instead, you can go with lighter fabrics, such as sheer, since they can block some sunlight while still letting some through. This way, your sunroom can still be bright and open.

If curtains aren’t really your thing, blinds are also an option. With blinds, you can choose the amount of light you want to enter the room. However, the problem with blinds is that they can block the view from your windows.


Plant Trees Outside

Now, this one is more of a permanent solution and can be quite a commitment. However, if you’re already into gardening, this can be a fun solution to your sunroom problem. The catch, however, is that your sunroom needs to be facing your garden or yard for this to work.

When you have a tree in front of your sunroom, you can get some much-needed shade. Trees and other shade-producing vegetation can block the direct sunlight and limit the amount of heat and UV rays passing through your window. So, your sunroom won’t feel like an oven, and you can still enjoy the view of your garden.


Install Window Films

Another simple solution to the sunroom problem is to install window films. Window films are designed to block the heat from the sunlight while still allowing natural light to enter through your windows. They also have the added bonus of giving you the privacy you need.


Replace Old Windows

If you’ve moved into an old house, the problem may lie in the windows themselves. Older windows tend to have minimal insulation, resulting in a very hot sunroom. So, your best course of action may be to replace those old windows with ones with better insulation. This may seem costly at first, but you will find that this upgrade is indeed worth the price. Plus, older windows may not be as secure, so it also gives you an opportunity to upgrade your security.


Final Thoughts

Having a sunroom in your home can allow you to enjoy the view from your windows and take in some much-needed sunlight. However, sunrooms tend to get pretty hot. To reduce the heat in your sunroom and enjoy it fully, you can try a number of solutions, from putting up curtains to installing window film.

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