How Sun Control Window Film can Make Summer More Enjoyable at Home
How Sun Control Window Film can Make Summer More Enjoyable at Home

How Sun Control Window Film can Make Summer More Enjoyable at Home

When summer finally hits the season and beats down on your roof, the hot days can make anyone want to stay inside at home to cool down from the afternoon glare. On days where you won’t be embracing a sun-kissed look by the pool or beach, you don’t need to turn up your air conditioner and keep the blinds shut to help you beat the heat. 

Improving your windows by installing sun control window film can reduce the hot, outdoor temperature from penetrating your interior space, allowing you to relax indoors and enjoy the bright view without feeling like you’re getting a tan just by hanging by your window. If you want to make the most of your summer in the comfort of your home, then it’s worth considering sun control window films to mitigate the oppressive heat and humidity bombarding your abode. 


What is Sun Control Window Film?

Different types of window films can boost your window treatment’s functionality in more ways than one. In particular, sun control window films are designed to prevent the outside heat from passing through your windows without covering your view. This makes it the perfect choice for allowing the sun to brighten your home without its hot, glaring side effects. 

How exactly can a sun control window film help you make the most of your summer indoors? 


Breaking Down the Benefits of a Sun Control Window Film

Benefit #1: Regulate and Enhance Indoor Temperature Control

The excess heat during summer can put pressure on your air conditioning system as it works hard to regulate your indoor temperature, but installing 3M sun control window films to your windows can block up to 97 percent of the sun’s infrared light. This means you can prevent 60 percent of the heat from going through the windows, allowing you to conserve your electricity bills as it helps keep your home cool without blocking your views. 


Benefit #2: Reduce Glare 

When you hang by large windows in your bedroom, living room, and other bright spaces, it can be difficult to browse devices due to the sun’s glare. Instead of squinting and working your way around the sun’s bright light as it enters your space, 3M sun control window films can reduce up to 76 percent of the glare. With lower interior and exterior reflectivity, you can enjoy a sun-kissed home without the frustration of dealing with the sun reflecting on your screens. 


Benefit #3: Protect Interior Furnishings and Your Skin from UV Rays 

You know that it’s important to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays when spending the day outside, but did you know that you can still feel the effects of the sun from the safety of your home? 

The UV rays can penetrate through the windows and impact your skin, but they can also deal lasting damage to any furnishing exposed to the harsh afternoon light. With that in mind, sun control window films can cut out 99.9 percent of the sun’s UV rays, allowing you to welcome brightness into your home, all while preserving your furnishing from the effects of sun damage. 


The Bottom Line: The Wonders of a Sun Control Window Film for Your Home

Windows play an important role in improving the mood, aesthetic appeal, and even safety of your home as the light basks your interior spaces in a warm and welcoming environment. While large windows are becoming a perennial favorite in homes, they can also invite more heat to enter your space. To that end, adding sun control window films can make it easier to enjoy summer in comfort. 


Do You Need to Improve Your Window Treatment? 

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