Mirrored Window Film - Here’s Why You Should Choose It for Your Home
Mirrored Window Film - Here’s Why You Should Choose It for Your Home

Mirrored Window Film – Here’s Why You Should Choose It for Your Home

Mirrored window film offers a modern sense of security, and adds a sleek look to your home. For years, window film has been used in car windows and commercial buildings for added privacy, and to reduce the harmful effects from the sun and the elements. Why wouldn’t you want this innovative product in your home as well? For this article, we’ll answer questions about mirrored window film and why, out of all the types of window films, mirrored ones should be your top choice.


Proven high-quality privacy for your home

Mirrored film is a quality product that can give your window a magical one-way mirror type finish—the type you see in those police detention centre scenes in movies. From the outside, viewers will only be able to see their own reflections, while you, on the inside, will still be able to enjoy the view outside your home. The privacy film will still allow sunlight to enter your home, so you don’t have to worry about it blocking out natural light. One-way mirror film works by using different layers, namely an external layer that bounces rays of light off of the window, as well as an interior layer that reflects at night or when it is dark. This material is used in vehicle windows as well, as it offers an additional safety measure along with added protection from UV rays.


When is mirrored window film effective?

Mirrored film is usually effective only in daylight, as it works by refracting bright lights to create a reflective effect. During these times, you will be able to see from inside-out, while at night, the effect is the opposite, due to the interior facing side of the film having a reflective effect. This proves to not be too big of an issue for most, as night time is when blinds and curtains are usually drawn in for privacy. Using lights at home at night will allow people to see into the windows, which is why it is best to use curtains for extra safety.

This is best in the day because, since many people spend their daylight hours away from the house, thieves are more likely to break in due to nobody being home. With a mirrored window film, any potential thieves will have no idea what’s inside your home.

To answer the question of whether or not a mirrored film is effective, the answer is yes, but specifically at a certain time. The film works best in daylight, at a 100 per cent reflection rate depending on the type used. However, at night, interior lights will allow people to see inwards.


What other options do you have for privacy window film?

There are many different types of film, with mirrored ones only being a few of the kinds available. There are also products such as Frostbite, which gives a sandblasted appearance to your windows using a glazing technique, blocking the view from both sides of the glass. Solid colour vinyl panels are used for completely blocking light and the view for maximum security, while printed graphics may also be used in place of those.



 Privacy is definitely important in today’s world. The best thing to do to ease any anxiety and stress about a lack of security is to invest in home privacy methods. While these can certainly be expensive, mirrored window films offer an attractive and cost-effective alternative solution.

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