Why Should You Get Decorative Window Tint Films Installed
Why Should You Get Decorative Window Tint Films Installed

Why Should You Get Decorative Window Tint Films Installed

Are you looking for an affordable way to brighten up your space with diffuse, ambient lighting? You may want to consider home window tinting. 

Window tint films are thin sheets of vinyl added to your window that come in a variety of colours and styles. These are perfect whether you’re simply looking for a way to diffuse the natural light coming from your window or if you’re aiming to transform your plain old window glass into something more eye-catching.


Why Go For Decorative Films on Your Windows?

A decorative window film is often installed for reasons beyond decoration. You may want to install window tints if you would like to add privacy to your space. There are window films that allow you to see into the outside without letting people outside see in. This is great for adding privacy without changing much of the functionality of the window. 

You can also add frosted window films to enjoy the privacy of frosted glass at a fraction of the price. There are versions of these with moisture resistance which makes them perfect for bathroom windows.

There are also decorative window tints that diffuse the natural light that enters the room. You get to enjoy the natural light during the day without as much heat and glare.


How Are Decorative Window Tinting Films Installed?

In most cases, the installation of window tinting films is quite straightforward. Most of these films are manufactured to stick to the glass without the need for a separate adhesive. Here are the usual steps for window tinting film installations:

  1. The surface is cleaned with soapy water
  2. The installers thoroughly wash their hands to prevent natural oil imprints on the film
  3. The film is peeled from its backing and carefully applied to the still moist glass
  4. As the film can be easier to position while the glass is wet, a spray bottle with soapy water may be used to re-moisten the surface.
  5. The surface is smoothed out with a squeegee or a squeezing product


What Tinting Film Styles Are Available?

There are various types of tinting film designs in the market, but the most prominent ones are those that mimic actual decorative glass. These usually have the appearance of etched or stained glass, perfect for classic and conventional aesthetics. Unlike expensive etching or stained glass, you can decide to change this film after two or three years to update the look of your window.

There are also films designed like paintings or murals for those hoping for a more artistic flair. If you want a simple textured look, you can also go for textured tinting film varieties. Some of these have the feel and look of block glass.



Whether you are looking to add some privacy to a room, to diffuse the ambient light coming in, or to add some flare to your boring window glass, window tint films are a great way to upgrade your regular glass windows. 

You can choose from a wide range of styles and designs you would like to get installed. This is way less costly compared to getting a permanent decorative glass installation. You can also easily get another one installed if you get tired of the current design you have.

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