Window Security Film - What Is It and Does It Really Work
Window Security Film - What Is It and Does It Really Work

Window Security Film – What Is It and Does It Really Work

Protecting your property is a priority for anyone, be it for business or the home. There are various security additions that can be done to fortify your property from unwanted intruders, accidents, and peering eyes. 

People often forget their windows because grills don’t always look aesthetically pleasing. This is where house tinting and the application of window security film comes in. 


What is a Window Security Film?

Window film is applied to the interior or exterior part of your windows. They go firmly on the surface and are just thin enough that it doesn’t bulk up the entire sheet. It is designed to improve your window’s fortitude and can even be decorative. 

You commonly see window decals for business as they not only protect the glass but provide visual value. Many decals have designs that are frosted, formal, or more decorative and fun. There are also plain security films that just have a tint.  


Benefits of Window Security Film

– Impact Resistance

Security film is designed to withstand some impact. This means the glass will be harder than usual to break. This is useful for deterring break-ins and strengthening your windows against debris and thrown objects. Because of its resistance, even if a force strong enough to break it comes through, the glass doesn’t shatter as intensely.

– Weather Protection

When your window has this, it is essentially protected from the winds and debris that come with bad weather. The strength of the film not only gives it a layer of protection against breakage but also makes the entire surface less prone to shaking. The overall fortitude of each window pane increases because of it.

– Increased Privacy

Whether you pick a decal with a design on it or a simple tinted film, this increases your privacy from outsiders. Unwanted eyes won’t be able to look inside your home. It increases your comfort and safety by ensuring that you are not exposed.

– Better Home Care

Window film protects your interiors from sun damage as well. Because the film carries UV protection, rays can stream in natural light without causing the same level of drying and fading. On top of that, any glass breakage is tempered so that the glass doesn’t shatter as violently.

This layer of UV protection also increases the level of comfort in the home, as it blocks out some of the heat that comes from the sun. Any areas within the range of the window would now enjoy lower temperatures. 

– Anti-Vandalism

Simply having the film on your window is a good visual deterrent against vandals. That said, it also makes it easier to clean up in the event that you suffer from vandalism anyway. Graffiti and the like are difficult to clean off glass, but you can just peel off any heavily vandalised sheet of window security film.



Taking all of these into account, it’s clear that window film really works as a good security feature. Adding window security film to your property is a good investment, and it doesn’t even cost that much. If you have a lot of glass to cover or you want a firmer installation with no air pockets and bubbles, it’s easy to get a professional installer to apply the film to all your windows. 

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